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Sonik Coin Price Prediction – SONIK Price Potential in 2023

Memecoins have taken over the cryptocurrency world in 2023. Even though these projects don’t offer much functionality, many of them make up for it by creating a lot of excitement and building up a community. That is exactly what’s happening with the Sonik Coin project, one of the newest memecoins to enter the space.

In this Sonik Coin price prediction, we assess the potential future price of the SONIK token based on its strengths, USPs and current market trends.

Sonik Coin Price Prediction

The cryptocurrency landscape is constantly changing, which means that investors need to stay in touch with the industry if they wish to profit in both the short and long terms. Sonik Coin is a project that has been launched at a point where memecoins are in great demand.

Being firmly in that niche suggests that the outlook for SONIK token in terms of price could be positive – in fact Sonic-themed meme tokens like $BITCOIN hit a $200 million market cap just this month, in August 2023.


While Sonik Coin has yet to be listed on exchanges, it has already caught the attention of prominent influencers such as Michael Wrubel who has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, and others. Further gains in terms of its social outreach could translate into a strong performance once listed on Uniswap, where its IDO will take place.

Another pivotal catalyst in its growth potential lies in the prospect of multiple exchange listings post-presale. Presently priced at $0.000014 as a presale project, this figure might ascend to around $0.00006, fueled by the anticipated fervour surrounding fresh project developments post-launch.


To thrive in 2024, Sonik Coin must sustain the popularity it gained in 2023. Given the ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it will be up to the developers to introduce captivating updates capable of propelling price levels to new heights. This could be in the form of community events, incentives to investors in the form of airdrops etc. The integration of utility could also serve as a trigger for price escalation; in the absence of this, prices could stagnate or dwindle.

In the scenario of a favourable market, the trajectory observed since 2023 is projected to continue for SONIK, helping us predict an approximate value of $0.00011 by the end of 2024.


The trajectory of SONIK’s price in 2025 is deeply intertwined with its community. Despite the absence of a distinct utility, there’s no certainty that its value would decline solely on this basis. The example of Dogecoin, which thrived despite its lack of inherent use cases, serves as an illustrative precedent.

Similarly, if SONIK becomes more popular and its community keeps growing, there’s a good chance its price could rise significantly in 2025. However, this hinges on the broader market sentiment toward cryptocurrencies. In the context of favourable market conditions, we predict SONIK to be priced at around $0.0005 by the end of 2025.

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SONIK Stages During Presale

Newly launched cryptocurrency projects often incorporate extensive presale stages that conclude at specific price levels. However, the Sonik Coin presale diverges from this trend. Its ongoing presale is set to continue until the allocated tokens are sold out.

SONIK is an ERC-20 token, boasting a total supply of 299,792,458,000, a figure inspired by the reported top speed of the character Sonik – the speed of light. Within this allocation, the project has dedicated 149,896,229,000 tokens for the presale, constituting 50% of the overall supply.


The remaining tokens have been distributed, with 40% allocated to Staking and 10% to DEX liquidity. As the token is valued at $0.000014 during the presale, an investment of $1 yields approximately 70,000 tokens.

What is Sonik Coin?

The recent surge in memecoins has led to the emergence of various projects that draw inspiration from popular TV shows or movies, shaping their themes accordingly. Sonik Coin is no exception to this trend. A quick glance at the website or even just the name suggests that the project centres around the renowned character Sonic, hailing from a Japanese video game series and media franchise. Sonic, an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, is the protagonist who combats the malevolent Doctor Eggman, a deranged scientist. The franchise has extended to movies and animated shows, cultivating a vast global fan base.


Sonik Coin aims to tap into this fan base, envisioning a robust community that, as per the website’s claim, could propel the token’s market cap to $100 million swiftly. However, the project explicitly declares on its homepage that it holds no affiliation with the original Sonic franchise; it stands as an entirely distinct entity.

At present, the project positions itself as a memecoin designed to yield profits for investors while fostering a community of enthusiasts and crypto supporters. Notably, it presents a roadmap divided into three phases, each delineating an array of forthcoming developments expected in the coming months.

What Drives the Price of SONIK?

Naturally, if you’re inclined to explore the token more deeply before considering an investment, you’d want to understand the key drivers behind the growth of the SONIK token. In light of the previously discussed price prediction, several factors make the project a compelling addition to your portfolio. Some of these factors comprise:


The concept of utility often takes precedence when evaluating various cryptocurrencies. While the SONIK token may not currently exhibit this utility aspect, it does offer an enticing feature for potential investors – staking. Within this framework, investors are provided with an opportunity to generate yields on their investments at regular intervals.

This mechanism enables them to generate passive income by merely holding the SONIK token. In fact, if the token’s price rises in the future, this will only result in an augmentation of the potential passive income one can anticipate receiving, making the project an even more exciting investment prospect.

Sonik Coin Theme

As noted earlier, Sonik’s theme revolves around Sonic, a character that has achieved considerable success through both cartoons and movies. The success of the Sonic video game further reinforces the potential for the project to attain substantial price levels. The game’s impressive record includes more than 1.5 billion units sold globally, encompassing over 240 million software units and exceeding 1 billion free-to-play downloads. Evidently, it stands as one of the highest-grossing franchises.


Given the substantial and established fanbase, the primary challenge for the token lies in effectively marketing and connecting with its audience. The developers appear to be addressing this challenge through the utilization of memes and active engagement across multiple social media platforms.

Being Launched at the Right Time

It’s clear from recent years that timing plays a significant role in the success of various projects. The surge of Defi in 2021 led to substantial value spikes for multiple Defi cryptocurrencies. Likewise, the recent buzz around AI spurred the inception and triumph of several AI projects. In a similar vein, the launch of SONIK coincides with a period in which investors actively seek promising memecoins that exhibit potential for significant gains in the near future. Moreover, the anticipation of SONIK’s launch and potential exchange listings will also be a reason which may compel more investors to park their funds into the token.

You can check out this video to learn why many believe that it can potentially be the next 10x memecoin.

Sonik Coin Profit Potential – A Case Study

One method to project the price of a new cryptocurrency is to draw comparisons with another project that shares similar concepts or characteristics. In the case of SONIK, an apt project for comparison is PEPE, a recently launched memecoin.

PEPE enjoyed an immensely successful launch, followed by listings on numerous exchanges, including prominent ones like Binance. Despite originating as a simple project inspired by a social media meme, PEPE has become one of the major memecoins.

According to CoinMarketCap, PEPE’s launch price was approximately $0.0000002. Soon after, its popularity soared on social media, resulting in a substantial price surge. Listing on various centralized exchanges further boosted its value, leading to a rapid climb to $0.000003 within a fortnight.


While there was a correction afterwards, the price has consistently remained above the $0.000001 mark, reflecting a remarkable price escalation. Given their comparable nature, a similar price trajectory on the charts could be anticipated for SONIK, especially since both projects were launched around the same time, with PEPE launching in April of the current year.

At present, PEPE boasts a market capitalization exceeding $437 million. Conversely, the projected market capitalization for SONIK post-launch would be around $2,098,547. Even if SONIK manages to achieve just 20% of PEPE’s market cap, it would result in a substantial price surge. With analogous fundamentals, there’s even a potential for SONIK to reach a comparable level. This scenario implies that a presale investor could potentially realize over a 20,000% return on their invested amount.

What Advantage Does Sonik Coin Hold Over Its Competition?

Attracting the appropriate audience for a theme-based concept presents challenges within the cryptocurrency realm. This complexity intensifies when the token’s recognition is confined to a specific group. However, Sonic enjoys global popularity, rendering the project relatable to investors worldwide.

Furthermore, launching after similar themed projects provides SONIK with a unique advantage. A significant portion of potential investors may already be actively seeking such projects, positioning SONIK to seize their attention at the right moment. This strategic timing could consequently stimulate demand for SONIK, contributing to a surge in its value.

The developers have also employed a distinctive artistic approach. Given the project’s lack of affiliation with the original Sonic character, this choice aligns well with the meme-centric nature. This artistic direction bolsters the project’s distinctiveness.

Collectively, these elements set the project apart from the majority of contenders, enhancing its potential for substantial growth in the upcoming months.

Sonik Coin Social Media Channels

Interestingly, Sonik Coin has taken a more focused approach when it comes to establishing its presence on social media platforms. Unlike many other recently launched memecoin projects, Sonik has chosen to concentrate its efforts on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Telegram.


This strategy seems logical, as these two platforms are notably effective and where crypto enthusiasts typically seek out and evaluate investment opportunities. Currently, Sonik has been utilizing these channels to enhance its project’s visibility and to communicate its progress in an organized manner.

On, the project has displayed consistency in sharing updates and has actively engaged with the broader cryptocurrency community, encouraging them to take notice of the project. This approach has already captured the attention of a significant portion of memecoin investors via the platform.

Turning to Telegram, the project has opted to establish direct communication with its investors. This platform serves as a central hub where users can not only share memes but also engage in discussions about potential developments within the project. This interaction contributes to building momentum for the presale and beyond, fostering a sense of community among the participants.


Memecoins have firmly established themselves as compelling investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency industry. SONIK’s launch timing is particularly advantageous, aligning with a period when memecoins are already positioned favourably.

Capitalizing on a captivating theme, potential developments, and a growing surge in popularity, SONIK holds the promise of experiencing price appreciation over the forthcoming years, consistent with the forecast we previously outlined. While it’s difficult to make a Sonik Coin price prediction, it has a similar feel to recently successful meme coins, and the added bonus of staking.

Also see our guide on how to buy SONIK, or find the project’s whitepaper at the link below.

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What franchise is the inspiration for Sonik Coin?

The Sonik Coin is inspired by SEGA’s famous Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

How many SONIK tokens are in circulation?

All the available tokens have been allocated to the ongoing presale, which is currently set to distribute 149,896,229,000 tokens.

How much is a SONIK token worth?

At the time of writing, the project is still in its presale phase, where one SONIK token is being sold for $0.000014 throughout the presale.