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Poodl Inu Price Prediction – POODL Price Potential in 2024

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meme coins within the Doge ecosystem have shown remarkable performance over the past year, with this trend persisting even during periods when the crypto industry wasn’t consistently bullish. Poodl Inu emerges as the latest popular addition, featuring a Poodle as its project mascot.

Launching amidst a resurgence in Bitcoin and other altcoin prices, Poodl Inu may be poised for significant gains, as evidenced by the fervor surrounding its ongoing presale. However, the trajectory of its price in the coming months remains uncertain. This Poodl Inu price prediction aims to shed light on potential outcomes.

Poodl Inu Price Prediction – Quick Overview

Given that Poodl Inu has yet to be launched, any predictions about its growth are inherently speculative, relying on the popularity and interest it has garnered thus far. A more precise forecast would require historical data on the token’s movement, which is unavailable since the token has not yet been traded. Nonetheless, we can estimate potential price ranges by assessing community support and observing the trajectories of similar projects within the space.


Currently, in its presale phase, we predict a major pump for the Poodl Inu project from its current price point, which could bring it up by over 10X or even more. However, keeping in mind current trends and interest around similar but top meme coins, we expect POODL to close 2024 within the $0.0009 level. While a higher price level may potentially be achieved, we believe that a correction may follow, bringing it down to the aforementioned price range.


While Poodl Inu is likely to have experienced a massive price increase in 2024, it may be unlikely for the crypto to experience a similar jump in 2025. This is because the project may need some time to correct and a span of time for accumulation again before potentially aiming for a higher price point. Unless there is a euphoric price increase across the industry, we speculate the price of Poodl Inu to be around $0.002 by the end of 2025.

2026 and Beyond

Partnerships with other companies or crypto projects, integration of utility elements, and continued community support may be able to help the Poodl Inu project gain momentum in the later years. Without these factors, it is likely that the project may see a slump in prices.

Naturally, Poodl Inu is expected to sustain the growing interest around it. By doing so, it may be able to reach a comparatively high price range in 2026 and in the upcoming years. Based on similar projects’ trajectories, while also taking into consideration the saturation factor of meme coins in the space already, we speculate the POODL token to be worth about $0.0055 by the end of 2026.

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Poodl Inu Presale Analysis

The Poodl Inu presale is already being considered one of the most successful ones in the space, with over $165k raised within less than 24 hours. Out of its total supply of 6.9 billion tokens, created with a meme reference itself, the ERC-20 initiative aims to distribute 50% in the presale itself, with 30% for staking and the rest for listings and marketing efforts. This means that over 3.45 billion tokens are currently available for investors to stock up on at nominal price ranges. At the time of writing, the project’s price stands at $0.000214.

What is Poodl Inu?

Among the increasing number of doge-themed memecoins in the space, few manage to make a mark individually while also gaining the popularity of being a part of the doge ecosystem. Calling itself the “dopest dog since doge,” it’s clear that this meme coin can rise to the top of the niche in a very short span of time. The $165k raised in presale within less than 24 hours is an excellent indicator of this level of growth.

Poodl Inu

As for what it offers, Poodl Inu combines great staking rewards, a strong community focus, and a distinct design in its bid to become a good meme coin in the current market conditions. The project’s theme gives Poodl Inu a “don’t care” attitude as its central vibe, which seems to be consistent throughout every element of the project.

Surprisingly, this attitude has been widely embraced by the audience, resulting in increased interest not only in the form of raised funds but also in the form of a growing social media community. After purchasing tokens from the presale, POODL holders immediately start earning by staking their tokens. This allows them to quickly utilize the asset to earn rewards while also using their position to help grow the community and buzz around the POODL token and project.

While the APY started off at an extremely high rate of about 12,000%, it is currently still available for holders at an impressive 3,091%. Needless to say, many have been taking advantage of the staking functionality, which is why 93% of the POODL tokens, amounting to over 66.9 million tokens, have already been staked.

Poodl Inu Staking

Naturally, one may seek to understand why the project, despite not boasting any major utility, may likely see such an increase in value over time, as per our prediction. There are certain factors that we think may be responsible for this, making it a great investment option for many. They are:

Early Stage Project

Early-stage cryptocurrencies, most times, end up being profitable investments for many since their market caps are significantly low in the beginning. A lower market cap means that the project may be able to see a significant change in price even when injected with relatively smaller amounts of money. By buying Poodl Inu while it is available on presale, one will be able to participate in the project at a much lower price point. This could result in them ultimately making a much higher ROI.

Poodl Inu roadmap

Bullish Market Condition

The crypto market has been showing bullish signs recently, making the launch time of Poodl Inu ideal. Since there is an inflow of money into the crypto industry, the popularity of the Poodl Inu project will be able to reach a good chunk of new investors who will likely invest in the token, too. This could also have a major positive effect on the token, resulting in a rising price level right after launch.

Exchange Listings

Projects like Poodl Inu, which manage to create massive communities while being very new in the space, often end up gaining the attention of top-tier exchanges. While it is likely that the project may initially be launched on some lesser-known exchanges, a rise in popularity and trading volumes may end up with the token potentially being listed on top exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. This could further help the price gain momentum, potentially helping it see high price ranges thanks to increased exposure to a wider audience.


It goes without saying that meme coins, on average, manage to clock more popularity and a much larger community solely due to the current interest surrounding the projects. Doge-based tokens, especially, have historically been successful in the meme coins space right after launch, which makes Poodl Inu a strong contender for growth as well. Given the existing meme factor combined with a growing community, the project may be able to make massive gains in the upcoming days.

Meme coins

Breakdown of Our Poodl Inu Price Prediction

Since we already covered what the price ranges may be in the upcoming years, let us now try to understand why the aforementioned predictions may be accurate when it comes to the POODL token.


Poodl Inu is currently priced at 0.000214 since it is in the presale phase. However, each presale stage has a consecutively increasing value, which means that by the end of the presale, Poodl Inu will already stand at a significant price increase. This is not only the catalytic factor but also the fact that the launch of meme coins is often greeted with massive gains due to an influx of investor funds.

Poodl Inu presale

While a correction may be likely right after as some presale investors leave, it is still very likely that the price will manage to stay within the same range. While there is a possibility that the instant launch gains may be around $0.001 or slightly higher, we believe that the token will eventually fall back to a phase of accumulation, which according to our prediction, may be within the $0.0009 range.


Since the project is yet to create a price history, analyzing it on the basis of technical factors for price is difficult. However, we can assess its potential growth by considering the price trajectories of similar high-potential meme coins that were launched in recent weeks. With this, we have been able to realize that a massive price increase in any meme coin is often followed by a correction, which eventually becomes an accumulation phase for investors before its next leg up.

Poodl Inu

According to our prediction, the price of POODL may likely rise again in 2025, but in a more steady fashion. It may not be able to see massive pumps like it may do in 2024, but a steadier price action may be observed, with the range of $0.002 being achieved by the end of 2025.


As with any cryptocurrency, long-term growth is often dependent on how relevant it manages to stay in the market and what benefits it brings to the participants of its ecosystem. Poodl Inu currently has no utility element attached to it, which means that this is something developers may need to work on for long-term growth.

Poodl Inu theme

The project may also need to enter into partnerships with companies within the crypto or outside the crypto world. This will bring in goodwill along with benefits from the partnerships within the ecosystem itself, resulting in higher interest in the project and triggering a possible rise in its price. If the community support for the project remains the same, along with stable or potentially bullish market conditions, then it may be able to see the price range increase to about $0.0055 by the end of 2026, with more growth recorded in the forthcoming years.

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What Advantages Does Poodl Inu Have Over Its Competition?

There are several factors that make Poodl Inu stand out while also blending in among top doge-based meme coins in the industry at the moment. Some of them include:

Aggressive Marketing

The Poodl Inu project seems to have shown aggressive marketing strategies, with videos, tweets, and posts being circulated about the meme nature and fun vibe associated with the project already, despite it being so new. The project is already featured in YouTube videos, along with articles posted on top media channels in the crypto space. This level of growth in terms of gaining popularity using creative marketing techniques could help it reach a wider audience, resulting in better growth potential.

Poodl Inu

A Unique Theme

Surprisingly, Poodl Inu has a distinct theme since it strays away from conventional dog-based mascots and brings in a mascot character that is a Poodle breed dog. The project differentiates itself from the rest of the crowd with a simple character change while also standing to gain the benefits of the popularity associated with being a part of the doge-verse. This factor could help it gain more followers and potentially a higher number of token holders as well.

Audited Initiative

Poodl Inu has been audited by the popular crypto assessment firm Coinsult, which means that its contract code can be trusted to function well without the risk of being scammed. Investors usually prefer projects that have been audited by a third-party entity since it can provide them with a higher level of trust for the project. Since Poodl Inu has set this up even before the project is officially launched, it may have a higher edge against its competitors that are not audited.

Poodl Inu

How to Buy Poodl Inu – Quick Guide

Here are the steps to follow to buy Poodl Inu:

Step 1 – Visit the official Poodl Inu website. Make sure that it is the real website and not an imitator. To avoid falling into the hands of copycats, we advise that you use the link provided in this guide alone.
Step 2 – Click the “Connect Wallet” button and connect your preferred wallet.
Step 3 – Swap your USDT or ETH for POODL. There is also an option to purchase the token using the BNB chain. However, doing so won’t allow you to gain the staking benefits of the project. Alternatively, you may select cards to buy the crypto.
Step 4 – Claim your tokens once the presale concludes.

Poodl Inu Social Media

In order to learn about the developments within the project, its potential upgrades, and other elements that could affect or influence the growth of the project, one needs to follow Poodl Inu’s social media pages. While the project is still in its presale phase, it has already set up social media channels that can be followed to learn more about the project and interact with the community. The available and active social media channels of the Poodl Inu project are:

The Verdict

Poodl Inu is already being speculated to be among the leading meme coins in the crypto space upon its launch. While there is no utility associated with the token at the moment, the level of growth it shows can be more or less associated with its popularity.

This, however, may also translate to the developers bringing in some form of utility in the future, which would only be more beneficial for the price of POODL tokens. However, one must be aware of all the risks involved while investing in a project like Poodl Inu.

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What is the total supply of POODL tokens?

The total supply of POODL tokens stands at 6.9 billion, of which 50% has been dedicated towards presale distribution. The rest have been shared for development, exchange listings, marketing and staking.

How can I buy the POODL token currently?

You can buy the POODL token by participating in the ongoing presale. To do that, it is important that you visit the official website of the project using the affiliate link provided in this guide. You can also learn more about this in our 'How to Buy Poodl Inu' guide.

How many exchanges have listed the POODL token?

At present, given the fact that the project is yet to launch, there are no exchanges which have listed the POODL token. However, after the token gets launched officially, it is very likely that a string of exchanges may list the POODL tokens.