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How to Buy Myro Coin in 2024 – Beginners Guide


Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Solana-based memecoin Myro has experienced a significant upswing in the crypto market, and people have been wondering if it could be the next PEPE, BONK, or Dogecoin. Riding the same “doge” appeal that made BONK a success, Myro is up by more than 4000% since launch.

This guide will explore how to buy Myro (MYRO). We will cover the best exchanges that have listed this token and whether this project is worth your time. In the end, we will also unveil alternatives for investors.

How to Buy Myro – Quick Guide

Myro is a memecoin that has already gone live on multiple exchanges. Here is a quick guide to buy it today.

  • Step 1: Register on a suitable crypto exchange: CoinMarketCap shows that Myro is available on 18 different cryptocurrency exchanges. Pick one that meets your requirements and start the registration process.
  • Step 2: Verify your Accounts: Once you have created an account on the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice, the next step is verification. Follow the verification procedure required, which may involve submitting to the platform’s KYC requirement. Do so in order to get access to the platform’s features.
  • Step 3: Deposit funds to buy Myro: Once your account has been verified, deposit the required funds. Different exchanges have different deposit requirements. Make sure to analyze them and learn about the trading fees beforehand. Once you’ve made the deposit, buy Myro via the spot exchange.
  • Step 4: Transfer MYRO to a private wallet: After buying Myro, make sure to transfer your holdings to a Defi wallet. It is recommended since access to a private wallet will give you full ownership of your assets.

Buy Myro Now

Where to Buy Myro?

As we already mentioned, since landing on Uniswap in November 2023, Myro has leveraged its unique look and meme-based attributes to secure listings on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. However, our experts recommend the following four exchanges as the best places from which to buy Myro.


Kucoin listed Myro a day after Christmas 2023, making the memecoin available on its spot exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange also launched a USDT-margined MYRO contract.

Buy Myro on KuCoin

The exchange’s listing on Myro aligns with its aptitude for giving new tokens a chance. Launched in 2017, the platform has gained popularity across the cryptocurrency realm for its seamless trading features. The platform calls itself the “people’s exchange” for its simplified registration process, coupled with a friendly UI and multiple security measures.

In addition to spot trading and margin trading, KuCoin also supports futures trading. It also has a P2P exchange and gives users the ability to buy assets using fiat methods. The platform is home to more than 700 altcoins and has been given rave reviews by multiple crypto experts.

KuCoin also has a robust mobile app that further streamlines the trading process. Those who want to earn passively can become part of the KuCoin earn program, which offers both locked and flexible staking.

The withdrawal times of KuCoin are known to take less than 30 minutes, and when it comes to minimum deposit, it only requires 0.0002 BTC. The customer support team is also good and has a large community section for registered users to interact with each other.

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  • Offers multiple trading features
  • Has a good customer support model
  • Supports more than 700 assets
  • Offers staking rewards
  • Has a low fee requirement
  • Customer support could be improved

Buy Myro on KuCoin


MEXC listed Myro in its innovation zone and opened trading for the MYRO/USDT on 21st December 2023, becoming the first centralized exchange to list it. The exchange also listed MYRO USDT-M Perpetual Futures.

Buy Myro on MEXC

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange that has earned the attention of investors in the crypto space by giving a platform for more innovative projects, especially more than a few crypto presales. Headquartered in Seychelles, MEXC is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that has acquired the legal right to operate across Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. While it was available in the US once, regulatory issues within the region have stopped its availability in the country.

MEXC supports more than 180 cryptocurrency pairs, covering all kinds of niches, including DeFi, memes, and metaverse. In addition to the traditional spot, futures, and margin trading perks, MEXC also offers features such as quantitative trading, indexed ETFs, and leveraged ETFs. Active in more than 200 countries and serving more than 6 million users, MEXC is an exchange suitable for all types of investors.

The fee structure of MEXC is also modest, with the platform only charging a nominal fee. It only asks for a 0.1% spot maker and taker fee. However, those engaging with the futures markets will only need to pay a 0.01% futures maker fee and a 0.05% taker fee.

MEXC also runs regular promotions, with the latest one being the January Futures Competition, with a total prize pool of 5 million USDT.

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  • Licensed in multiple countries, including Canada and Switzerland
  • Does not ask for a deposit fee
  • Has an affordable fee model
  • Supports more than 180 trading pairs
  • It has a friendly UI
  • Not available in the US
  • Fiat withdrawals are not available

Buy Myro on MEXC


Bybit was the latest cryptocurrency exchange to have listed Myro, giving users access to the MYRO/USDT pair on January 18th, 2024. In addition to providing a new spot listing, Bybit has also organized an 800,000 MYRO prize pool to further bolster the support for the recently popular meme coin.

Buy Myro on Bybit

Bybit is a simplified cryptocurrency exchange that gives users a variety of ways to interact with the crypto market. It supports spot trading, margin trading, as well as ETPs. The platform also has nuanced features such as Copy Trading, allowing investors to follow the investment strategies of more successful investors.

New users will also find Bybit’s offerings more valuable thanks to the large range of products available. ByStarter is one of them, which offers support to new tokens. Additionally. Bybit has also unveiled a Bybit Card recently, allowing users to convert and pay with crypto worldwide.

One of the newest features that Bybit has revealed is Bybit Web3, which reportedly allows investors to elevate their experience within Bybit’s robust ecosystem.

Those who want to make passive earnings can also engage with ByBit’s earn program. Through staking, investors can earn APY rewards as high as 18%. The platform also allows investors to swap cryptos easily and buy crypto with ease. However, the platform does not support fiat, which is a major negative for new investors.


  • Offers a large range of assets
  • Has a good “Earn” program
  • Supports multiple types of crypto markets
  • Sports an intuitive UI
  • A good place to find crypto IEOs
  • Does not support fiat
  • The web app isn’t very responsive

Buy Myro on Bybit


Uniswap is the world’s leading decentralized exchange, offering a range of features for those who are well-versed in the crypto space. The platform only supports swapping, which makes it unsuitable for those looking to buy Myro using fiat.


In addition to providing a good place to buy Myro and other cryptocurrencies, Uniswap is also home to leading NFTs. The platform has neatly listed the leading NFT collections that users can interact with.

One of the leading features of this decentralized exchange, however, is the LPPs or Liquidity Provider Pools. Those who provide liquidity earn a 0.3% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool.

Since Uniswap is a community-powered DEX, it also provides robust support to DAOs. There are multiple proposals to vote on. Also those with wallets can also create their own proposals via the platform.

Overall, Uniswap is the place to buy Myro for those looking for no restrictions. However, some of its mechanics aren’t exactly beginner-friendly, which may keep new investors away.


  • Simple DEX
  • Allows users to swap cryptos for Myro
  • Does not require any KYC details
  • It is one of the leading decentralized exchanges in the market
  • Not very user-friendly
  • Does not support fiat

Buy Myro on Uniswap

What is Myro?

Myro is explained in its whitepaper as the “Solana Dog”. The background of this token lies in the name of the dog owned by Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of Solana. Created as an homage to that pet, Myro is a project that responds to the demand for popular dog-based narratives in the crypto space.

Buy Myro

The whitepaper describes Myro as more than just a memecoin. The project asserts that it will provide more value to investors beyond the confines of its jok-ish origins.

It is reportedly designed to attract consumers, institutions, and alternative chain enthusiasts into the Solana ecosystem to boost the on-chain activity and growth of the Solana blockchain.

The goal of this project is to enhance the community’s view about meme coins while at the same time increasing Solana’s TVL, unique active wallets, usage of charting tools, and the number of downloads for Solana-based non-custodial wallets.

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In terms of utility, Myro describes itself as a token that strikes the perfect balance between fun and utility. These utilities reportedly leverage “myronomics” in order to provide more value to the ecosystem.

Introduction of BuyBot

The introduction of Solana came with the arrival of Solana’s first comprehensive and public bot, BuyBot, which is accessible to anyone on Telegram. With BuyBot, Myro hopes to enable cross-pollination and partnerships with other entities within the blockchain space.


The overarching goal here is to get institutional investors interested in Solana. The whitepaper states that it hopes to get whales, consumers. and institutions to come to Solana blockchain.

The project aims to implement advertisements via BuyBot and introduce a paid model in the Myro ecosystem.

The revenue generated from BuyBot will be placed in the “Treat Jar,” which will be used to further the goals of the Solana blockchain.

The official Myro website states that more utilities are coming to the project soon. Furthermore, Myro has recently been made live on Travalcom, a Binance-backed travel agency. It means that users can use Myro to book their trips on that platform.

Myro Price

Myro landed on Uniswap in the middle of November 2023 and then started to accumulate around the $0.013 mark. It was only after subsequent listings on the aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges that the token had a boost.

Myro Price

However, the highest the MYRO price got up to was $0.046, more than 3x of its launch price. A short correction then happened. By the time the token entered 2024, it was trading at around $0.23 mark.

Ever since the first week of January 2024, however, Myro’s value has been going up. The token quickly established an upward trend and breached its 2023 high – $0.043 – to reach $0.08 by the end of 6th January 2024. The token has recently corrected after reaching its all-time high of $0.2445.

Currently, Myro is now moving between $0.2 and $0.18. Short-term price charts show a significant downward trend.

For more details, check out our Myro Price Prediction guide.

Myro Price Prediction

After opening in January 2024 and painting multiple greens, the Myro price has painted multiple reds; DEXtools shows that there has been a drop of 43% recently, with the chances of it moving up looking slim.

DEXTools Myro Price Prediction

That being said, the token is still moving above its 20-day moving average (MA). If the bottom wick ever reaches the 20 MA level, Myro can decline further. However, it is not the first time Myro has experienced consecutive reds. A positive development across the crypto space can create a bounce for its value.

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Ways to Buy Myro

Investors looking for a short-term crypto can buy Myro in a variety of ways. Here is a list of some of them.

Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs 

Myro is available on top cryptocurrency exchanges in three types of trading pairs: MYRO/USDT, MYRO/USDC, and MYRO/SOL. However, most cryptocurrency exchanges we have listed have only added support for one pair – MYRO/USDT. There are alternative exchanges online that offer users access to MYRO/SOL and MYRO/USDC trading pairs.


Crypto Futures 

Those looking for Myro Futures to buy can go to MEXC, for it is the only exchange to have listed it. The platform has also provided a comprehensive guide for those looking to buy Myro Futures from the platform. However, it is considered a riskier way to invest in Myro since the token has yet to show any signs of having more utility.

Debit and Credit Cards

Investors can also get their hands on Myro via a debit or credit card. Most cryptocurrency exchanges we have listed above support this method – except for Bybit.

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards are preferred among first-time crypto buyers. They offer ease of transaction. However, investors should be concerned about the transaction fees since they are generally high.

Other Fiat Methods 

Investors can also opt for GooglePay, PayPal, and other fiat methods to buy cryptocurrency online. Bitget is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that allows users to buy Myro using these options.

For more information on how to buy Myro safely this year, we recommend that you check out the video below.

Is Myro a Good Investment?

Myro has been active in the crypto market since November 2023. However, it was only in January 2024 that it has experienced a massive growth. The reasons for this uptrend can be attributed to multiple factors, the recent rise in Bitcoin included.

The other attributes that could be pushing this token further include the craze for Doge-based tokens. Previously, Solana-based BONK leveraged the same appeal to gain traction in the market. As a result, the token got listed on Binance. If Myro follows the same trajectory, it could attract prominent crypto exchanges like Binance as well.

However, as it stands now, these are mere speculations. Investors must wait for the recent price chart to show significant upswings for the Myro price before making any decision.

Best Alternatives to Myro

While Myro has been making rounds across the crypto space, with many people already bullish about this token, wise investors would be better off not venturing into this wild-west of crypto investments.

The market is extremely volatile, and even though Myro is a good volatile asset to buy, those seeking long-term should instead opt for tokens that can help them generate gains in a more risk-free fashion.

A couple of alternatives that are better alternatives to Myro include Meme Kombat and Sponge V2:

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is one of the best memecoins to have arrived this year. It has taken the market by storm by taking a unique approach to the memecoin genre. This meme coin project is a P2E ecosystem in actuality, with characters inspired by the best meme coins of the past.

Meme Kombat

Here, players can wager on battles featuring memecoin characters. Imagine a Doge going against a Pepe or a Sponge going against a Shiba Inu.

These characters will fight on an AI-driven battleground, giving the winner access to multiple rewards.

Meme Kombat’s gameplay fundamentals are intertwined with its staking mechanics, allowing users to put a portion of their staked tokens towards betting.

Meme Kombat’s staking model has also attracted a lot of attention due to its high APY infrastructure. Presently, the APY stands at 126%, with more than 20.8 million $MK tokens staked already.

Meme Kombat is currently available as a crypto presale and is close to reaching its goal of raising $8 million. Those interested can visit to participate in this presale.

Buy Meme Kombat Now

Sponge V2

Those looking for an alternative to Myro and more upsides will also find Sponge V2 to be an attractive option. The token has been released as a staking reward for those who stake their Sponge V1 tokens.

Sponge V2

Sponge V2, in essence, is an upgrade from its previous version, with the goal to “absorb all the damp”. It follows the same virality factor to gain a following that allowed Sponge V1 to gain a market cap of $100 million within a few days of being launched.

However, what makes Sponge V2 unique is that it is not only marketing itself on the back of the original crypto; new utilities are coming for this project. Per the project’s whitepaper, along with staking mechanics that have given this token a lot of traction, a P2E game is also coming to the ecosystem.

Those who have Sponge V1 tokens can visit to stake them and gain an equal number of Sponge V2 tokens once it launches. Those who are yet to buy Sponge V1 tokens can either visit one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges or go to the same website to buy and stake Sponge V1 tokens simultaneously.

Buy Sponge V2 Now


Myro is gaining a lot of attention due to its recent rise, but it is important to know that this traction has been recent. The chart now shows that the price is swiftly dropping, which means investors must either wait for it to show another upswing or look for alternatives.

The best alternatives to Myro right now are Meme Kombat and Sponge V2. Sponge V2 is a memecoin project accessible through staking, and with Meme Kombat, users will get access to a unique P2E ecosystem.

Buy Meme Kombat Now


What is Myro?

Myro is a Solana-based memecoin inspired by the pet dog of Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of the Solana blockchain.

Why is Myro rising?

Myro's recent rise can be attributed to the rising interest in memecoin, the recent updraft of Bitcoin, and a couple of developments within the project's ecosystem.

Is Myro a good investment?

Myro is a memecoin that has gained a lot of traction in the market in a very short amount of time. The token is up by more than 4000% since launch. However, it is still a short-term asset with little to no utilities. Therefore, investors are better off investing in alternative assets such as Meme Kombat or Sponge V2.