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How To Buy XRP20 Token – $XRP20 Token Presale Review

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

XRP launched in 2012 and hit its all-time high of $3.84 in 2018. A correction then pushed the value of XRP to its all-time low level before a bounce during the Bitcoin bull run in 2021. The lawsuit between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple then saw it retrace again.

Despite these shortfalls, XRP has become a symbolic project, a testament to the power of blockchain, thanks to its partial victory over the SEC, which led to its July 2023 rally. But the volatility persists, and the XRP price is still trading under $1.

Aiming to offer more upside potential is XRP20. Although not affiliated with Ripple, it aims to address its shortcomings – a community-centric token, XRP20 provides retail investors a lower price point and stake-to-earn utility. Explore how to buy XRP20 in this guide and whether XRP20 is a good investment.

How to Buy XRP20 On Presale – Quick Guide

XRP20 is currently available on presale and almost sold out, ahead of its IDO on Uniswap. Here is a quick guide on how to buy XRP20:

  1. Visit The Project Website – Go to the official XRP website – – and take a look at the whitepaper
  2. Connect Your Wallet – Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ or ‘Buy Now’ buttons, and select your wallet type
  3. Buy XRP20 – Swap ETH or USDT for XRP20 tokens, or buy with BNB. Claim your tokens when the presale concludes

Visit XRP20 Site

What is XRP20?

Tokens that were released in the early to mid-2010s made a lot of money for early adopters. While these assets are still prominent and generate gains for investors, the profits aren’t parabolically high – which has dampened the excitement around these tokens. This has led to the emergence of a movement where crypto developers are coming together to create a second iteration of prominent crypto assets, making them more accessible to the masses – XRP20 is the latest result of that movement.

XRP20 describes itself as a purely speculative asset, aiming to give another chance to those who failed to take advantage of XRP’s bull run back in 2018. Calling itself the “second coming of XRP”, XRP20 builds upon the foundation of its predecessor while providing a simple, accessible, inclusive, and useful asset to retail investors.

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The official whitepaper explains that early adopters during the early days of the release of prominent crypto assets were all tech-savvy. They understood the nuances of the investment they were getting into, which allowed them to reap large rewards. But now that the market has matured, the knowledge gap has widened. That has created barriers between those who understand the value of complex crypto assets and those who just want to invest in something new.

XRP20 says that it is a movement that bridges this knowledge gap. Through its community-driven ideals, it aims to give new entrants a chance to explore the vast potential of cryptocurrencies. Although it draws inspiration from XRP, it seeks to democratize access to a token that has historically served only institutional investors. In doing so, XRP intends to create a more diverse and powerful XRP army.

How to Buy XRP20 – Complete Guide

XRP20 is currently available as a single-staged presale. Its goal is to raise $3.68 million, and the discount price it is available at is $0.000092. This price is approximately 30 times lower than XRP’s lowest value, $0.0028. So, even if the XRP20 reaches XRP’s all-time low value, early movers will make 30x gains on their original investment. Here is the full guide to investing in XRP20 during the presale:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

The only official website of XRP20 is – beware of impersonators and fake social media accounts that message you (admins will not DM you first) with links to other sites.


Step 2 – Connect your Wallet

Click on “Connect Wallet,” if you have ETH, BNB, or USDT ready to purchase XRP20. If you don’t, head over to any crypto exchange such as Binance to buy one of those assets.

Connect Wallet

Step 3 – Buy XRP20

Use the widget available on the website homepage in order to buy XRP20. There is no “buy tax” on presale transactions, meaning that you will have full access to all the tokens you buy. Once you buy the token, it will stay reserved to your wallet address, and you will be able to claim it once the presale concludes.

Buy XRP20 Token

XRP20 Project Analysis

XRP20 aims to follow in XRP’s footsteps and give holders another shot at the bull run. A speculative asset with a utility that is rooted in community rewards. To give an analysis of this project, we have to look at the project it has been inspired by – XRP.

Ripple, the creators of XRP in 2012, provided institutional users with a faster way to transfer fiat and crypto. The XRP ledger, the blockchain tech powered by XRP, acts as a bridge, converting assets into XRP at the sender’s end and transforming it back into its original currency at the receiver’s end.

One reason why crypto investors haven’t historically been bullish about XRP is its centralized nature. While the XRP ledger claims to be decentralized, the truth is that the bulk of the XRP’s total supply – over 50% of it – still lies with the foundation and with Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO. That has created unease around this asset since its price can be manipulated by whales.

XRP20 aims to address both of these issues. For one, it doesn’t have a techno-centric utility. XRP20 is a speculative asset meant to use the interest that XRP has garnered to provide value to investors.

Also, the devs have designed this project with simplicity in mind so that retail investors understand what it is all about. It has a simple onboarding process and uses the Ethereum blockchain to make the asset secure.

Secondly, the project is truly decentralized, with none of the tokens being allocated to the team. The community is the chief stakeholder in the project.

Thirdly, it has added utility – stake-to-earn and a burning mechanism – to give the project long-term upside.

Overall, XRP20’s simplification of XRP’s original premise while supporting its spirit is what’s driving its value. The timing of this token’s release is right, with XRP being the primary topic of conversation among crypto investors. If even a few of them focus on XRP20, this presale project can potentially take a slice of XRP’s market cap in the future.

XRP20 Tokenomics

XRP20 mirrors XRP’s tokenomics in some aspects, while also offering a lower price point:

Total Supply – 100 Billion Tokens

XRP20 has the same number of tokens as XRP. The official whitepaper states that this supply is the project’s way to create value, foster community engagement, and access a sustainable growth trajectory.

XRP20 Tokenomics

Public Presale – 40 Billion Tokens

40% of XRP20’s total supply, 40 billion tokens, has been dedicated to the presale. XRP20 claims that this presale will play a critical role in the initial development and expansion of this project. With close to half of the tokens available to the community before XRP20 arrives on cryptocurrency exchanges, this project tries to stay true to the ethos of decentralization.

Staking – 40 Billion Tokens

40% of the total supply has been dedicated to the project’ staking reward. This will fuel the project’s stake-to-earn utility, allowing users to stake their tokens and earn steady APYs. Staking will also keep the price of the asset stable, ensuring the project stays liquid.

Burn Allocation – 10 Billion Tokens

XRP20 has dedicated 10% of the total supply to the burn address. Burning will limit the supply of the token, increasing its scarcity, which can potentially enhance XRP20’s value. Token burning makes the project deflationary, allowing the token’s value to grow over time, giving it a long-term upside.

DEX Liquidity – 10 Billion Tokens

XRP20 has allocated 10% of the total supply, 10 billion tokens, to the liquidity pool. It will provide users with stable conditions to buy and sell XRP20 once the token is live on exchanges.

Is XRP20 a Good Investment?

XRP20 is giving users a second version of XRP, letting them invest in an asset with a similar name and tokenomics while engaging the community with a straightforward utility and a singular focus on decentralization. This factor alone makes XRP20 a good investment. Other reasons are as follows:

Available as a Presale Asset

Presale cryptos often have major upsides for early movers. The marketing during the presale fuels the community’s interest in the token, which accelerates the pace of the ICO. The same momentum fuels the pump when the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges. Many assets have gone 10x within days of landing on crypto exchanges after the presale.

Read more XRP20 price predictions here.

The Timing of Introducing the Presale

XRP’s partial victory over SEC sent positive shockwaves across the entire crypto community. That led to the XRP price going up by 80%, renewing interest in cryptocurrencies which pushed the value of Cardano, Solana, and other assets also upwards. While the initial excitement has subsided, XRP is back in the conversation. Furthermore, the current regulatory environment, which is also considering spot Bitcoin ETF applications, is renewing more interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Being released around this particular time period, XRP20 can potentially benefit from this renewed interest. That can potentially fuel its price once this token goes live on the listing charts.

Simplifying XRP’s Ecosystem

Even though XRP20 is not related to XRP in any way, it can potentially impact the XRP Army, the community around XRP, which mostly has institutional investors. By providing a simpler version of XRP, one built on the Ethereum blockchain and with more beginner-friendly utilities, XRP20 can become an asset of choice for retail investors. More in number and with bigger aspirations, these investors can mobilize the community to push the value of XRP20 in a way similar to a meme coin.

Stake-to-Earn Mechanic

XRP20 is introducing a stake-to-earn mechanic. XRP20 holders can stake their tokens in the ecosystem to keep the XRP20 price stable and earn APY rewards in return. Although a simple utility, staking presents a good opportunity for investors who want to earn passive and stable income away from the volatility of the crypto market.

Given the number of tokens dedicated to the staking pool, one can say that the staking rewards won’t be meager.

Burning Mechanic

XRP20 hasn’t introduced one, but two ways to burn the tokens. First, It has allocated 10% of the total supply to burn, which will happen once the presale is concluded. Second, every XRP20 transaction will burn 0.1% of the tokens transacted. Both these measures will limit the supply of the token, and over time, that can potentially increase its price.

Audited Cryptocurrency Project

The XRP20 token smart contracts have been audited by 0XGuard, a leading independent auditing company and no security issues were found. That audit can be viewed on the website homepage.

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XRP20 Roadmap

Being a minimalistic token, XRP20 has gone with a minimalist and achievable roadmap.

Presale and Token Activation

The ongoing presale is the first part of the project’s roadmap. It is enabling new entrants in the crypto space to invest in a cheap cryptocurrency. The foundations of the XRP20 community are being set at this stage, and there are almost 1k followers of XRP20 on social media platforms.

Marketing and Awareness

XRP20 has already initiated the marketing of the project during the presale. There has been a flurry of new social media posts on X (formerly known as Twitter), and it has already gained close to 1k followers. Each post is tied to the value XRP20 can bring and how the community can make it better.

Burn Activation During Launch

After the presale is concluded and XRP20 launches on DEX (Uniswap), token burning will initiate. The 10% of the total supply that has already been allocated to burning will burn, limiting XRP20 tokens and fueling the post-presale pump. The burn mechanism will also be activated, which will decrease the number of XRP20 tokens over time.

Post Launch Staking

XRP20 will introduce on-chain staking after launch. With staking, XRP20 envisions long-term stability for the project, complete with regular APY rewards for investors.


XRP20 is a crypto project that follows XRP closely when it comes to some ideals and tokenomics. While it is not affiliated with the project, it is trying to bolster the current XRP Army by creating a project that is more appealing to retail investors.

Its inclusive approach to introducing XRP20 to entrants of the space makes it suitable for those looking to make early gains. The ongoing presale offers the tokens at just $0.000092, and over $2 million has been raised at the time of writing.

Those interested can find the whitepaper and roadmap at The XRP20 presale may sell out soon as its soft cap has already been passed, and 60% of its hard cap has been reached.

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What is XRP20?

XRP20 is a new cryptocurrency project inspired by XRP and the recent meta of '2.0' crypto assets that give new entrants a second chance to participate in the bull run of major assets. It aims to mimic XRP's bull run of 2018 and give early investors a chance to benefit from similar parabolic gains.

Is XRP20 associated with XRP?

No, XRP20 has no affiliation with XRP or any other product of Ripple Labs. It is an experimental asset and designed for entertainment purposes only.

Why invest in XRP20?

XRP20 is a utility-focused asset which is offering investors a chance to buy it at the lowest price. Beyond that, it has implemented a stake-to-earn utility which will reward users with an APY for staking. Also, there is a burning mechanic which burns 0.1% of all transacted XRP20, limiting its supply.