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How to Buy NEO

NEO, formerly known to the public as “Antshares”, is a cryptocurrency and “smart economy” based protocol that runs in a decentralized & distributed manner to deliver fast, low-cost transactions on an inclusive platform. NEO is many times called the “Ethereum of China” because of its implementation of smart contracts, similar to how the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contains.

NEO was founded in 2014 by a group of Chinese developers led by Da HongFei (Also the co-founder of OnChain), with a vision of creating a framework for infinite amounts of subsequent blockchains. Rather than serving a singular purpose, the vision behind NEO was to establish a platform and ecosystem for the age of the internet in the most user efficient way possible. Since its inception in 2014, NEO has grown to obtain billions of dollars in market capitalization and has served as a staple for the overall cryptocurrency economy,  being one of the most actively traded digital assets on the market.

How to Buy NEO (Quick Step Guide)

  1. Step 1: Open an eToro Account – The first step is to open an eToro Account, which requires one to sign up and provide KYC details.
  2. Step 2: Deposit Funds – Link a deposit method and then proceed to fund your account for $10 if you are from the UK or the US. You can fund your account using crypto or fiat methods like debit/credit card, and more.
  3. Step 3: Search for NEO – Find a pairing of “NEO” to your deposited crypto – on eToro, you must search for the token by typing in the ticker name – NEO – in the search bar.
  4. Step 4: Buy NEO – Click on the “Open Trade” button, put in your buy order, enter the amount of NEO tokens you want to buy and click on the Trade button to submit.

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Where to Buy NEO in 2023?

Neo is a reputed cryptocurrency that has been listed on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Most of these crypto exchanges are some of the best in the industry and boast some interesting and helpful features that might intrigue any crypto investor, whether novice, intermediate, or advanced.

Hence, in order for the investors to figure out what’s the best platform for them, there are a number of factors to be considered. These include the fees of the platform, the number of currencies listed there, additional features like copy trading, safety, and the overall user experience, which makes it a worthwhile experience for the final user too.

Here are some of the best crypto exchanges that users can browse through to buy, sell and trade NEO in 2023.

eToro: Safe, Secure & Efficient

The first and safest place to buy NEO in 2023 is via eToro.

eToro has become a global and trusted brand in the world of crypto exchange platforms since its launch in 2007. eToro exchangeThe platform’s user-first approach has enabled it to roll out some amazing features, which has made it the first choice for many.

Taking the new and beginner users into consideration, eToro might just be the best platform for them to explore and understand cryptocurrencies.

Buy NEO on eToro

The platform has rightly focused on firstly providing the right information to their users and educating them too. Its ‘dummy account’ or Virtual Money Account, which gives users up to $100,000 for them to spend and test the platform, is truly amazing.

And for those wanting to diversify their crypto portfolios, eToro offers smart portfolios – which offers some of the best altcoins. Traders will also find it easier to trade thanks to the platform’s social trading mechanics that involves copytrading, where they can copy the investing strategies of successful traders.

Registering on eToro is pretty simple, and the interface makes a user’s efforts worthwhile.

  • An overall community experience with features like copy trading and social trading
  • An established global platform
  • A diverse platform with multiple financial assets
  • Demo account and trading options
  • User-friendly interface and experience

  • Only available in 46 US states
  • Limited ETF and stocks selections
  • Higher than average trading fees

Buy NEO on eToro

Your capital is at risk

Binance: Various Versions Depending on Suitability

Binance is a well-known name in the crypto and blockchain industry. It is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. BinanceHeadquartered in Hong Kong, Binance was launched in 2017, and since then has been able to become one of the largest known names in the crypto sphere.

Buy NEO on Binance

What worked in Binance’s favor is its large selection of trading and analysis tools and effective services. Users prefer Binance due to this and various other factors.

Binance rose to popularity due to its consistent effort of providing the best to its users. It has strong and consistent features like the Binance eWallet, the mobile trading app, analytical charts, and deep-depth research for the major crypto investors too.

Furthermore, the users who join the platform don’t tend to face many problems in depositing and withdrawing their funds from the Binance platform.

  • Large enough selection of cryptocurrencies
  • A long list of services on offer
  • Low fees
  • A great analysis tool that can be helpful for advanced investors to utilize.

  • Lacks a proactive customer support
  • Lengthy and complex account verification process
  • Only available in 46 US states

Buy NEO on Binance

Your capital is at risk

OKX: Low Exchange Fees

OKX is a crypto exchange platform based out of Malta. Founded in 2014, the exchange has come a long way since its beginning. OKX LogoIt is currently active in more than 100 countries and ranks 4th when it comes to trading volume.

OKX provides some excellent financial services. From earning interest via staking to flexible borrowing, the platform caters to various financial needs via its platforms, catering to different types of users. It has some unique features that make it many crypto investors’ first choice.

Buy NEO on OKX

The platform has a very clean and easy-to-use interface that enables beginners to get a hang of the things on OKX. This is further accentuated by the multiple payment options available on OKX, including debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, Google Pay, bank transfer, etc. It offers a large variety of crypto options to its users too, allowing them to diversify their portfolios.

All of this further gets even better with a comparatively lower fee structure, zero deposit fees, and low withdrawal fees. In case, the users are facing any problems on the OKX platform, they can connect with their 24×7 customer support as well.

  • Low trading fees of around 0.10%
  • Higher interest staking options for long-term investors
  • Zero OKX deposit fees
  • Easy-to-understand interface

  • Not available for users from the United States
  • Low liquidity for a few currencies
  • A low but multi-tiered fee structure

Buy NEO on OKX

Your capital is at risk

What is NEO

NEO is much more dynamic than a simple static cryptocurrency. While the China-developed crypto still functions similarly and possesses many relative benefactors to those of traditionally used mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NEO rather functions in being more of an “economy” or platform, as opposed to a protocol. NEO goes by the same ticker when being traded or transferred across platforms or wallets: $NEO. In the case of purchasing or trading NEO on platforms such as Binance, pairs such as NEO/USD or NEO/GBP will be prevalent.

The foundational layer that serves as the backbone for all NEO processes works in a parallel manner to the originally proposed idea of “Smart Contracts” by Nick Szabo in 1996. While other blockchain infrastructures such as Ethereum and EOS have also taken to the concept of smart contracts, NEO has catered more to the idea of incorporating a “storage”-like system through their blockchain, something that the technology in Ethereum or EOS may be stifled in accomplishing. The idea that encompasses NEO is that the platform can serve as the framework for subsequently issued blockchains, applications, transactions, and much more. As a result, there are multiple layers or “pillars” that compose the NEO concept.

NEO’s take on smart contracts is what they refer to as “NEO Contracts”. These contracts are arguably what powers the entirety of the NEO ecosystem, as developers and participants in the NEO network all in some way will interact with a variety of smart contracts. While the core concept behind NEO contracts is similar in nature to that of Ethereum or EOS, it is more complex as NEO enables you to develop on the NEO economy with contracts using a plethora of different development frameworks. These contracts include mechanisms and foundational forms of technology that allows developers to create their own virtual agreements amongst different parties through code. These agreements can in many ways serve as “virtual escrow systems”.

While there is more to what makes NEO individual and unique amongst remaining cryptocurrencies, proving to be the most widely used and most efficiently adopted smart economy seems to be NEO’s main goal at the moment.

Is it worth Buying NEO in 2023?

Neo is a crypto project that has the vision to be an open network for the Smart Economy.

In the early days of blockchain, it was considered to be a pioneer of the industry by many. Moreover, the team at Neo has ensured that it turns out to become one of the best and most resourceful platforms for developers with consistent updates.

While we look at the year-to-date chart of Neo for 2023, the prospects seem quite strong for cryptocurrency in the coming years. Crypto has touched its 25-week high within the first two months of 2023. This has created an overall bullish sentiment for the cryptocurrency for the remaining months of the year.

Neo crossed the $10 mark in February 2023, which is a steep rise in its value for 2023, which started at $6 levels for the crypto.

Overall, seeing the stable fundamentals and the team constantly involved in delivering the latest technologies to their users, the crypto has some great prospects which can attract investors. NEO can be a suitable investment for investors in 2023. However, it is always recommended to investors conduct their own research before investing their hard-earned money.

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NEO Price

The price of NEO started at $6 levels at the beginning of 2023. Since the beginning of the year, cryptocurrency has seen tremendous growth. Getting itself up from the FTX collapse of 2022, NEO has quite successfully gathered the attention of various crypto investors.

NEO Price

According to Coinmarketcap, NEO reached its Year To Date high in the second week of February 2023, which is another exciting news.

It is currently maintaining $8 levels at the time of writing, and has a market cap of $600 million plus, with a 24h trading volume of $31 million.

NEO Price Prediction

NEO is one of the few cryptocurrencies which has quite stable fundamentals present for itself. It seems to have a bright future due to its focus on solving problems faced by the crypto industry and its users.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, NEO also seems to have had a decent start to 2023. However, with the entire year left, it is to be seen what’s in store for NEO coming up.

Here’s a 5-year price prediction for NEO which can assist users to understand the price movements, volatility, and the other factors that will affect NEO’s price in the coming future.

Neo Price Prediction 2023

Neo’s price prediction for 2023 depends on a lot of factors. As seen historically, the cryptocurrency, NEO, has been able to usually digress from its usual price path quite often. Therefore, by the end of the year factors like Neo’s competitors, the overall Bitcoin markets and other external factors can play a huge role in determining what’s ahead for Neo.

NEO YTD Price Chart

By the end of 2023, Neo’s price might climb to a maximum price level of $15 with an average price of $14.

Neo Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, things for Neo start to look a bit more positive. Cryptocurrency has scope for expansion. This will be due to its continued focus on developing its technology and highlighting the problem areas.

Moreover, technological collaborations with similar companies might also play a big role.

In 2024, NEO might be able to cross the $20 mark as well. Hence, the maximum price for NEO in 2024 will be $20.73, with a minimum of $16.59 and an average trading price of $18.25.

Neo Price Prediction 2025

Taking the upward trend from 2025 forward NEO might be able to further touch newer highs, nearing $30 levels. The maximum price for Neo in 2025 could be $29.03, with a minimum of $24.88 and an average price of $26.54.

Neo Price Prediction 2026

By the year 2026, things seem to be quite bright for NEO as a cryptocurrency. This will be due to the overall predicted adoption of cryptocurrencies and how well Neo and its services adapt to the new realm.

Taking its positive growth of the previous 3-4 years further, the crypto might as well reach the $37 maximum price, followed by an average of $35 and a minimum price of $33.

Buy NEO on eToro

Your capital is at risk

Ways of Buying NEO

Listed below are some of the ways to buy NEO:

Buy NEO with Paypal

Most users would find Paypal to be the best way to buy NEO. The process requires one to link their PayPal account with eToro or any other platform. This process is suitable since it doens’t require furnishing the bank details over and over again.

Buy NEO with Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is another technique to buy NEO. Providing bank details for account verification is the mandatory step to complete this process. And it is also very time consuming

Buy NEO with Credit/Debit Card

Platforms like eToro allows investors to buy crypto like NEO using debit and credit cards. Credit and debit card charges can be high and mostly due to the card company charging them.

Buy NEO on eToro

Your capital is at risk

How to Buy Neo – Step-by Step Guide

Step 1: Registration on eToro

eToro Sign Up

To get started on etoro, the first thing you will have to do is visit and create an account. To do that, you will simply have to fill in a short registration form requiring you to provide details such as full name, email address and a password that you will need to login in whenever you want.

Step 3: Deposit funds

etoro deposit funds

Once you have created an account, the next step is depositing funds. Click on the deposit button in the bottom left corner once you have logged in and you are ready to get started.

Step 3: Buy NEO

NEO on eToro

Now all you need to do is go to the search bar, enter “NEO” and click on the open trade button besides it. Enter the amount of NEO tokens to buy and click on the “Trade button” to execute the order.

Buy NEO on eToro

Your capital is at risk

How to Sell NEO?

Listed below are the five steps to sell NEO

  1. Go to eToro and click on the portfolio button
  2. Select “NEO”
  3. Click on the red cross ab
  4. Select the number of NEO tokens to sell on the pop-up that appears before you
  5. Click on the “close trade” button to close your position on NEO


NEO is an excellent framework for those looking to engage in an alternative form of distributed development and those who are looking to utilize its functionality in an unsaturated smart economy. While the platform at the moment has over billions of dollars in its market cap already, the growth potential behind it is astounding, since it’s very applicable appropriate for real-life government systems in place in modern day.

Our mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges are the top recommendations to buy NEO. However, the eToro platform is more suitable for those who are looking for simplicity.

eToro - Our Recommended Crypto Platform

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Who created NEO?

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang created NEO in 2014 under the original name of 'Antshares'

Are Antshares and NEO the same thing?

NEO was originally released in 2014 under the project name of Antshares, however, since 2017 the project was renamed NEO. The project core still remains, so yes, they are fundamentally the same project.

What is the safest place to buy NEO?

Considering NEO is a cryptocurrency and requires a very secure and digitally encompassed atmosphere, Binance may be the best solution as far as safety since they are registered and overseen by the FCA.

WHow can I keep my NEO safe?

Try to keep multiple wallets of NEO with high-level security if you are going to be holding a lot of NEO. Also, try to incorporate 2FA and instantiate any provisional protocols that could further security.

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