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Best Bitcoin Mining Sites – Top 9 List

bitcoin mining
bitcoin mining

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Now that Bitcoin’s price is once again in a positive momentum, there has been a huge surge in those who want to mine Bitcoin. Moreover, with the halving approaching coming soon, investors are even more motivated to capitalize on the gains that accompany Bitcoin’s limited mining rewards.

However, generating significant wealth from Bitcoin mining necessitates substantial investments in hardware. That is why it is advisable to explore Bitcoin mining sites and platform that offer cloud-based mining solutions while requiring only a small investment. This guide will provide information on the best Bitcoin mining sites currently active in the market.

Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites in 2024 – Top 8 List 

Here is the overview of our best Bitcoin mining sites that allow you to mine Bitcoin via simple cloud-based solutions. They don’t require you to spend money on an expensive mining setup and make mining easier.

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Site
  2. ECOS – Best All Around Crytpo-Mining Platform
  3. BeMine – Get Affordable ASIC Kits on Rent
  4. TrustMining – Crypto Mining Solution Suitable for Small Investors
  5. GMINERS – Bitcoin Mining Site With an Average Yield of 150%
  6. ChickenFast – Beginner-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Platform
  7. Genesis Mining – Bitcoin Mining Site with a Simple UI
  8. HashShiny – Crypto Mining Site Supporting Seven Crypto Assets
  9. BitDeer – AI-Driven Crypto Mining Platform

Top 9 Bitcoin Mining Sites Reviewed – Full List

There are multiple crypto-mining sites available, and the ones mentioned here are among the best we have encountered. However, it is crucial to conduct thorough research when exploring your options. Take the time to learn about the providers offering mining solutions, as the number of fraudulent actors in the industry is increasing.

After that, evaluate the range of tokens supported by these sites and consider the hardware costs associated with initiating the mining process. It is essential to assess whether your mining expenses would outweigh your earnings.

By considering these metrics, you can find the most suitable crypto-mining site for long-term mining solutions. Read on as we assess the quality of these crypto-mining sites and assess their fee and ROI.

Bitcoin Minetrix – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Site

Bitcoin Minetrix is our best-recommended platform for Bitcoin mining, which comes with innovative solutions and offers a decentralized mining structure. Compared to the traditional way of Bitcoin mining, based on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, Bitcoin Minetrix offers an easier, more affordable, and more eco-friendly way of getting Bitcoin. It claims to be the first stake-to-earn platform that provides a safe and secure mining experience. 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Bitcoin Minetrix uses the Proof-of-Stake protocol. To start with, you need to purchase some BTCMTX, that is, its native token, stake it in the liquidity pool, and earn credits, which you can later burn to mine Bitcoin. These credits are non-tradable ERC-20 coins, and their only purpose is to be exchanged with Bitcoins. All of these steps can be done simply by connecting your wallet and without any KYC processes. 

Bitcoin Minetrix

This way of mining Bitcoin solves a lot of problems for its users. First, it makes BTC mining available for everyone. While in the past, it was much easier to mine Bitcoin simply by having a PC at home, it got harder and harder over time. Now, Bitcoin is mined with special equipment and requires a huge electricity supply. This makes it hard for everyone to take part in the mining process and be rewarded with new BTC. Meanwhile, BTC mining has become more centralized. 

Bitcoin Minetrix claims to solve a number of problems with its structure. First, it makes BTC mining less centralized, so everyone simply having BTCMTX tokens can stake it and get rewards in Bitcoins. Second, it does not require technical expertise or advanced technology to mine Bitcoin with Bitcoin Minetrix. Eventually, this process won’t consume too much electricity, and you can get new Bitcoins without harming the environment. 

Bitcoin Minetrix plans to launch its Stake-to-mine platform in the third phase of its development. The platform will have a mobile and desktop app available to download and install. Currently, it is conducting the presale of its native token, BTCMTX, which is available to buy at its lowest price. As the coin is at a discount, this can be the best chance to invest in it and gain capital once the crypto hits exchanges and increases in value. But, before gaining exposure to BTCMTX, you may need to check our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely in 2024

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Minetrix is not only a good platform for Bitcoin mining, but its native token has also great upside potential. The price of the token at this phase of the presale is $0.0112, but it will increase once the coin is launched officially and listed on exchanges. Moreover, you can purchase the coin and get rewards even before the Bitcoin Mining platform is launched. Check out our Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction to discover the future potential of this token. 

Bitcoin Minetrix has a maximum supply of 4 billion BTCMTX tokens, almost half of which will be used to fund the BTC mining operations of the platform. 35% of the tokens will be used for marketing purposes, while the remaining tokens are planned for active participation rewards and staking rewards before the launch of the mining platform. You can buy BTCMTX tokens by visiting its website and connecting your crypto wallet. 

Number of Supported Coins  Only 1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $10
Mining Fees Custom contracts determine the fees
ROI  It depends on the custom contract

Key Points

  • Allows users to stake many popular tokens
  • Offers a reliable cloud mining platform for crypto users
  • A low minimum investment requirement of just $10
  • Offers a MetaTask wallet

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

ECOS – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Site with Custom Contracts

Located in the free economic zone in Armenia, ECOS is a crypto mining company offering a wide array of products and services. Being the only legit crypto mining company,  ECOS receives its electricity from Hrazdan TPP. The cloud mining services that ECOS offers are affordable – costing only $150 for starters.

ECOS best Bitcoin mining sites

When using ECOS, you spend that money to get a mining contract, which determines how much your potential income would be. If you are unsure about how much you want to invest, you can go to the official website and, under the “Create a New BTC mining contract” section, move the contract price slider to see how much your ROI can be.

At ECOS, you will also find a secure wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. Starting out is easy – all you need is an app for your Apple or Android phone. You can then move ahead with buying the mining contract and use the process we explained above to assess your ROI.

The ROI you acquire would depend on the Bitcoin price at that time. You can estimate how much BTC will be worth in the future within the duration of your contract on the Profitability Calculator. For instance, for a 36-month contract, if you think that BTC will be worth $60k, your ROI would be around 99%.

ECOS offers you a lot of information, like BTC/USD historical summary, before you can start mining. That chart forecasts what BTC’s value may be worth in days to come.

And if you are a newcomer, you don’t need to spend money straight away. ECOS offers a demo account. It calls this facility “demo mining”, which is meant to teach you how the platform actually works.

ECOS is also flexible in terms of payments. You can pay via crypto, bank cards, or bank transfers. The only downside that could find for this website is that it doesn’t support assets other than Bitcoin, which might be an issue for those looking to diversify their mining operations.

Also, because ECOS is the only legit mining company, many copycats have emerged. These bear the same name and often bypass Google searches by offering an advert. Therefore, those who want to check out this facility must only use the affiliate link that we provide.

Number of Supported Coins  Only 1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $150
Mining Fees Custom contracts determine the fees
ROI  It depends on the custom contract

Key Points

  • Allows users to create custom contracts
  • Offers Profitability Calculator that shows estimated ROI
  • Offers a mobile app
  • Services start at only $150
  • Offers a demo mining service for newcomers

Mine Bitcoin At ECOS

Your capital is at risk

BeMine – Get Affordable ASIC Kits on Rent

Another high-ranking Bitcoin mining site that we recommend is BeMine. Here you will get multiple investment opportunities and contract specifications according to your requirements.

Through BeMine, you can buy 1-100th of an ASIC kit or even an entire machine. And with BeMine’s Mining Hotel platform, you can host your own ASIC miners via the 4 data centers that BeMine provides. These data centers are located in Russia, and you can buy ASIC miners by investing as much as $16.,400.

BeMine Crypto Mining

BeMine is a Bitcoin mining site that we would recommend for both institutional and individual investors. It lets you choose your own ASIC mining rig, which allows you to mine Bitcoin according to your requirements. As a newcomer, you will get access to 5 days of free cloud mining on Antminer S19.

Starting on BeMine is simple. Go on the website, register within a span of minutes, and choose your ASIC. Once you have bought the plan, you can start the mining process that will deliver your profits to your account.

Before you choose the mining kit, however, make sure to check the slider to learn how much profit you can generate using the platform. So far, BeMiner has served more than 200k users. And more than 700 Bitcoins have been mined on this platform.

Also, check out our list of the best Proof-of-Work tokens.

Number of Supported Coins  Only 1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  Starts at $99
Mining Fees Depends on the custom contract
ROI  Depends on the custom contract

Key Points

  • Offers multiple contracts
  • Clearly displays the ROI
  • Start mining at just $99

TrustMining – Crypto Mining Solution Suitable for Small Investors

For those looking for high-efficiency services for Bitcoin mining, TrustMining is a good choice. This Bitcoin mining site has been active for more than five years and operates across 10 countries while serving more than 470k customers.

Th company states that it offers the best mining solutions for small investors – and also doesn’t require any mining equipment. The First-time setting up cost is also only $250. And there are three contract specifications provided – all of which offer similar returns.

Trust Mining

For instance, investing $250 into an SHA-256 contract with net you $43.8 per month. For more profitable contracts, you can switch to Ethash. They offer an ROI of $550 per year. The third contract provided is Equihash. And if beginners are confused about which algorithms to pick – TrustMining offers a full-fledged guide for it.

Trust Mining also has multi-device support. You can assess the features using desktops, laptops, or smartphones.

Customer support is always available on this platform, and you will get your mining rewards by the end of the day. Due to these factors, this option is more suitable for beginners.

The issue with this platform, however, lies with finding it. TrustMining is a common term, and there are many versions of them available online. We ended up on the wrong website a couple of times. And the only way we were able to make out their illegitimacy is the bad way the content has been written.

Number of Supported Coins  15 crypto assets supported
Minimum Investment  Starts at $250
Mining Fees Depends on the custom contract
ROI  Depends on the custom contract

Key Points

  • Supports 15 cryptocurrencies
  • Suitable for small investors

Note: The website of this platform might have been shifted.

GMINERS – Bitcoin Mining Site With an Average Yield of 150%

If you are looking for something similar to ECOs – but a little more nuanced, GMINERS is a good pick. A Bitcoin-exclusive cloud mining platform, GMINERS offers an ROI of 150%.


Starting on this platform is easy, with only $250 worth of minimum deposit required. You will get access to a wide range of contracts – all of them have a minimum term of one year.

GMINERS offers a fair bit of clarity when it comes to its contract fee and requires no deposit from anyone when setting up the account. And the fact that it is accessed through a variety of devices, we have multiple reasons why we have put this high on our list. The contract fee you need to pay is $0.0120 per 1 GH/S.

Additionally, GMINERS is a regulated mining company – ensuring that your mined Bitcoin is secure at all times.

However, there are two issues that stop it from being the top 3 on our list. It is not very transparent about some of its policies, and customer support is slower than competitors. However, it also has 24/7 uptime  – which means you will hardly need assistance.

Check out our guide to learn about how to buy Bitcoin safely in 2024.

Number of Supported Coins  Only 1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  Starts at $250
Mining Fees $0.0120 per 1 GH/S
ROI  Up to 150% ROI on average

Key Points

  • ROI up to 150%
  • No fee required to set up the account
  • Contract fee info clearly provided

ChickenFast – Beginner-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Platform

Beginners who are just getting started with Bitcoin mining will prefer the quirkiness that ChickenFat brings to the table. Its beginner-friendliness comes from the gamification of Bitcoin mining. It allows users to learn about Bitcoin mining while they set up their accounts.


However, being beginner-friendly also means that there are some trade-offs. Since you get access to a simplistic UI – complex attributes – like customizing the contracts – is not the facility available on this platform.

All you need to do is to decide how much money you want to invest, and then the underlying mining algorithm takes over to determine the most suitable contracts based on your initial investment. ChickenFast offers daily Bitcoin payouts – that you can reinvest into new contracts if you wish.

That said, you can’t withdraw anytime. Your minimum withdrawal amount should be around 0.0003 BTC – which is around $9.12 at press time.

Number of Supported Coins  Only 1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  Starts at $250
Mining Fees Depends on ROI
ROI  Depends on the algorithm that the platform picks

Key Points

  • Beginner friendly Bitcoin mining
  • Doesn’t require specific contracts
  • Daily Bitcoin rewards

Genesis Mining – Bitcoin Mining Site with a Simple UI

Genesis Mining is a leading crypto mining farm with over 2 million active users. This Iceland-based mining farm doesn’t only make mining more accessible to an average investor. It also uses clean energy to do so. It leverages low-cost geothermal energy to power the GPU machines that run the crypto-mining operation. This makes it a good fit for those who have often wondered  – Is crypto good for the environment?

Genesis Mining

There are 2 mining pools used to mine tokens, and in some cases – 4 pools are used. Every time GenesisMining detects that a pool is reaching a 50% share, It switches to another pool. You can mine four cryptocurrencies on this platform – including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin.

However, because of the rising demand for GenesisMining, services are often out of stock. And per the latest report, Genesis Mining has stopped taking on new customers due to the rising influx of miners. However, it seems temporary, and it might be re-activated in the near future.

Number of Supported Coins  6
Minimum Investment  Starts at $499
Mining Fees Depends on the custom contract
ROI  Depends on the custom contract

Key Points

  • Supports multi-crypto mining
  • Claims to have over 2 million customers
  • Multiple pools are used to mine tokens

HashShiny – Crypto Mining Site Supporting Seven Crypto Assets

HashShiny is a 2017-launched crypto mining service powered by hydroelectricity and wind energy. An eco-friendly mining website, HashShiny’s data center has housed over 15,000 ASIC rigs which are maintained throughout the day.


At HashShiney, you can choose between multiple mining plans depending on the tokens that you want to mine. For instance, with Scrypt Cloud mining, you will get a Litecoin (LTC) mining facility. And with BLAKE256R14 cloud mining, you will get access to the DCRED mining facility.

And since Ethereum has now taken a proof-of-stake route, you can mine ETH Classic on this platform by buying the ETHCASH Cloud mining plan.

Mining on HashShiny comes with a mining fee and a maintenance fee. For instance, for Dash mining, you will be required to pay $0.55 per 100 MH/s. And the maintenance fee is $0.0005/100 MH/s / Day.

Number of Supported Coins  7
Minimum Investment  $10
Mining Fees Depends on the token
ROI  Depends on the token

Key Points

  • Low minimum investment required – $10
  • Offers 7 mineable tokens
  • Offers daily payouts

BitDeer – AI-Driven Crypto Mining Platform

Bitdeer is a trusted cloud mining platform that offers a wide array of perks, such as flexibility when it comes to choosing mining machines and multiple mining durations. You can choose between 30 to 1080 days when it comes to mining on this platform.

BitDeer crypto mining

Bitdeer uses both GPY and ASIC machines for mining that are present in 5 data centers available worldwide. The data centers combined require only 1700 MW of power. And the power provided to this platform is 100% carbon-free. BitDeer also has a smart management system in place to ensure efficiency.

However, the reason we have put it at the last spot on our best Bitcoin mining sites list is because of the expensive mining operations. While you can start mining after investing only $200, you will require to spend more to get better services to make enough money through Bitcoin mining to break even.

Also, most of the plans have been sold out. But they might make a comeback, given time. In the meantime, we recommend going to the website and registering to receive notifications about upcoming plans.

Also, check out our list of the most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies.

Number of Supported Coins  6
Minimum Investment  $200
Mining Fees $1 per day for BTC
ROI  110%

Key Points

  • 110% ROI
  • Multiple plans available
  • Offers daily payouts

What is Crypto Mining?

Crypto Mining is the process of performing complex calculations necessary to mine crypto assets. This decentralized process involves multiple systems working together to perform large calculations, and in return, these systems are rewarded with crypto assets.

And those who are the first to compute the solution are rewarded with crypto assets.

Here, the role of the attached systems is to validate the transactions and distribute them to the ledger to ensure transparency.

Crypto mining generally requires having a massive system and attaching it to the decentralized network – blockchain – in order to validate the transactions. However, with time, cloud-based mining services have emerged. While these facilities offer lower rewards, they are also affordable.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

There are two ways to do Bitcoin mining – cloud-based mining and hardware-based mining.

Hardware mining is expensive and relies on massive rigs that cost thousands of dollars. However, with cloud-based mining, you can, via the cloud, get access to mining services provided by sites that are running hardware-based mining operations.

With Bitcoin mining, the goal is to validate the transaction on the Bitcoin network. Those who perform the necessary calculations to validate them first are rewarded with a block.

Bitcoin Mining

One block is worth 6.25 BTC. To earn BTC fast, an ASIC machine is the preferred method. An ASIC machine is a computational device designed solely for the purpose of Bitcoin mining. They are more powerful than the standard CPU/GPU mining devices. However, they are also expensive, which is why you won’t often find them with individual miners.

For that reason, individual miners often come together to join a Bitcoin mining pool. These miners share their computing power and results. The rewards are low, but so are the investment and the power required.

Is it Profitable to Mine Crypto?

Yes, it is certainly profitable to mine crypto, if it’s done correctly. On average, a mining machine costs around $2000 if you are looking for a low-level mining rig. However, these low-level mining machines don’t mine enough Bitcoin to justify the power consumption costs. That is why it is important to buy an efficient mining rig to make mining crypto more profitable.

So, that said, our suggestion would be to invest in an efficient mining rig, set it up at a location where power is affordable, and join a mining pool with proven reliability. That way, you will be able to generate profits via hardware-based mining.

Bitcoin Mining

However, we are currently going through a phenomenon known as “Mineflation”. While there was a time when mining 1 Bitcoin in the US used to only cost $5k, now it costs around $17k. The Bitcoin hash price has also dropped by 58% in a year.

But the good news is that some experts have predicted energy price deflation. And as power-related costs drop, Bitcoin mining would be more profitable.

An alternative to the traditional way of mining is cloud-based mining. They require minimum devices and have minimal costs. And while the income they generate is not as high as traditional mining, they do offer a source of passive income.

The downside, is, however, is that most popular mining service providers have already been sold out. You must be very thorough in your research when it comes to finding the right ones.

What are the Benefits of Mining Bitcoin?

Many ask if Bitcoin is a good investment – and the answer lies in the benefits of Bitcoin mining. What started out as a way to attain financial independence has now transformed into a passive and legitimate source of income. And in late 2022, we also saw many countries using Bitcoin as legal tender. And while it was short-lived, thanks to IMF’s new crypto rules, the following benefits of Bitcoin mining make it worth the time and effort:

Critical to Maintaining the Blockchain 

Those who mine Bitcoin have a major role to play in maintaining the Bitcoin network. It is through their contribution that transactions are validated, and the network remains operational. It also introduces decentralization – ensuring that individuals are able to hold full control and accountability of their own assets.

Generating Passive Income

If you want to earn income passively, which means without actively doing anything – Bitcoin mining can help. Mining doesn’t involve any physical labor. Even traditional mining only focuses on maintaining the rig – and that too only sometimes.

Mining Bitcoin

And if you choose any of our best Bitcoin mining sites that offer cloud-based mining facilities, you will have even less work to do. In such a situation, you can continue to earn BTC. The only active task you’d have to partake in would be selling Bitcoin, for which you can check out our list of best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Active Entry Into the Blockchain Economy

While it has gotten easier to buy and sell crypto via DEX and CEX, for those who want to participate in the blockchain economy actively, mining offers the right entry point. Those who mine crypto – whether traditionally or using cloud-based mechanics – get a first-hand taste of what the blockchain economy is all about.

Energy Efficient Mining

When environmental concerns led to many governments passing legislation to curb the use of non-renewable resources in Bitcoin mining, more energy-efficient options emerged. In this list, we have covered HashShiny, a crypto-mining service provider that leverages hydroelectricity. And there are some options that use wind energy to perform their mining operations.

Such operations allow users to mine crypto without worrying about their carbon footprint. For more information, check out our list of energy-efficient cryptocurrencies.


In sum, Bitcoin mining sites have made crypto mining much more affordable over the past few years. These cloud-based service providers only require a small investment and don’t require you to buy any expensive equipment. It is an excellent way to get a passive income, while making a profit by investing in such tokens.

While reviewing the best platforms, we found Bitcoin Minetrix to be the best of the bunch. While it is Bitcoin-exclusive, it offers to solve a number of problems of the traditional bitcoin mining process. Also, you can start mining after paying as little as $10 – which is an inclusive cost for those who are just starting.

New Crypto Mining Platform - Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now - BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards - Over 50% APY
Bitcoin Minetrix


What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process that involves using a powerful computer to connect with the Bitcoin blockchain and performing calculations in return for Bitcoin. Those who solve the puzzle first are rewarded with one block, which is equivalent to 6.75 BTC.

How does Bitcoin mining work?

Bitcoin mining used to involve only CPU and GPU-based hardware mining. However, now ASIC machines are available for this process. Bitcoin mining is the process of validating transactions on Bitcoin's blockchain and receiving BTC rewards in return.

Which is the best Bitcoin mining site of this year?

The best Bitcoin mining site for this year, according to our research is Bitcoin Minetrix. This bitcoin-exclusive crypto mining service provider allows users to start mining upon paying as little as $10.

What cryptos other than Bitcoin are minable?

In addition to Bitcoin, you can mine Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, DCRED, Ethereum Classic, and other Proof-of-Work assets.

Can you generate massive wealth through crypto mining?

Ideally, crypto mining can help in generating a passive income. However, the cost of setting up a powerful rig to run mining operations outweigh the amount of Bitcoin you can earn. So, crypto mining can only make you rich if you can afford to buy and maintain the powerful mining rigs needed to mine a good amount of Bitcoin.