Markets Live: Thursday, 1st June, 2017

Markets Live: Thursday, 1st June, 2017
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10:59 am

Hello rabble

We’re early I guess…

10:59 am

One minute early

Putting Bryce and Paul to shame

(Weirdly enough, the tech has been absolutely fine for us)

11:00 am

(Yeah, it is weird)

(One would almost think they’re using it as an excuse…)

Ok, picture of the day

11:00 am

I was trying to find an interesting picture of the Bank of England

But I couldn’t

11:01 am

So I chose the most boring one possible

BoE staff are being ballotted today about whether they should go on strike

11:01 am

A Reuters scoop

Unite, Britain’s biggest union, is consulting members on whether to take industrial action at the 323-year-old Bank, which employs around 3,600 people, after they were awarded a 1 percent pay rise for this year.

11:01 am

Obviously they should, if only to give us something to write about…

The Bank is so quaint.

I love the way its staff have Bank of England debit cards.

11:02 am

And properly funded pensions

I heard a story about how they didn’t originally have cheque guarantee stamps, and tesco check out staff wouldn’t accept them.

So they had to put them on just to make them more usable.

11:04 am

@dodgson: every one on FT Alphaville is voting for the Wessex Regionalist Party

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