Weed Millionaire Robot – Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed!

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Marijuana stocks are becoming increasingly popular amongst investors as more and more countries are legalising cannabis. In the same vein, developers are designing robots to transform the way trading is done. The Weed millionaire app is a new automated trading software designed to trade marijuana stocks while you sleep and generate profits. But with its popularity has come a lot of controversy and mixed opinions. This is why we have tested the Weed Millionaire robot to once and for all establish whether it’s truly legit. Read on to find out our results.

Weed Millionaire Review – the InsideBitcoins Opinion

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The Weed millionaire software is a CFD trading software that works in automation to manage investors fund and return profits. Their website is unlike several other trading scams that have graced the market posing themselves as genuine. The Weed millionaire system comprises of very experienced traders who have been successful in the automated trading platform. The Weed millionaire system is spread across many countries and continents of the world functioning well. It is true however that many people are careful to use trading robot due to the havoc caused by other “robots”, however, by all evidence, the app is genuine.

The Weed Millionaire website offers a free download and uses to its users upon registration on the website. The app is fast becoming the best CFD Cannabis trading app of the year 2019. In over 1,600 trading sessions that have been carried out by the software, only 1-day session of all the trading days had losses. However, from our analysis, asides the trading losses, this robot consistently returns profits.

The Weed Millionaire is capable of diverse functions as it can be used to perform both semi-automated and fully-automated CFD Cannabis trading. Interestingly, insider information reveals that all the figures as revealed on their website are regularly checked by certified accountants and lawyers with documents submitted to the US and Japan Stock Exchanges Securities Authority for review. These official actions wouldn’t be taken by their team if they weren’t certain about the efficiency of their software.

As you follow this Weed Millionaire review, a lot of facts will be revealed to ascertain the truth about this new auto-trading system.

Is Weed Millionaire a Scam or Serious? The Verdict!

  • InsideBitcoins have tested the trading robot and have found that Weed Millionaire as a success rate of 90%.
  • The Weed Millionaire software is not a scam, however, risks in automated trading persists.
  • InsideBitcoins recommends investors to have a moderate investment of $250 for a start.
  • To try the software for yourself click here.

The phrase “Weed millionaire scam” is a popular search on most search engines. Many have reviewed this software and claim it is a scam due to the marketing strategies that many affiliates have used to promote the software. However, we believe that a good review should be focused on the authenticity of the technology it relies on. From our own test, we have found the trading software to be legit. This software is operated on a high-speed computer with a track record of over 90% accuracy in trade predictions in the last four years with only one trading session having losses. So, is the Weed millionaire scam story really true? Definitely not. The Weed Millionaire software is legit by all means.

This software doesn’t take just onto itself which can be thought as a mischievous act, rather it invests traders fund on stock exchanges all around the world for profit. This platform is within the reach of everyone having access to the internet, either through a mobile device or a PC. One amazing thing about the Weed Millionaire app is that since it is an automated trading system, investors necessarily need not to have background knowledge in trading as the software performs all the functions on autopilot.

How does the Weed Millionaire App work?

Having a perfect understanding of a tool and its functionalities helps one to appreciate and make maximum use of it. According to the founder, the platform is working on existing infrastructure with the instrumentality of super-fast computers to buy assets, currencies and sell in financial markets. This is done in daily trading sessions using the algorithm programmed into the software already.

In financial markets, different assets are priced at different values, at a particular selling price by the seller and a buy price by the buyer. In this case, the weed millionaire app stands as both in different phases while interacting with different markets. Usually, upon registration and the trader deposits funds into the account, the user is just expected to just spend a few minutes (say 15) to make the necessary settings that such as relevant parameters i.e. stop loss etc. and then activate trading. After this, the user can activate trading and the app begins to function independently buying assets at a relatively low price and selling at a higher price for profit. The Weed Millionaire app is programmed to make strategic trading decisions such as arbitrage etc. hence the beauty of this invention in the world of trading.

Opening a Weed Millionaire App Account – Step by Step

In order to start trading on the Weed Millionaire software, you must first open an account. We recommend to invest not more than the $250 minimum deposit and increase the stakes as your confidence grows in the platform.

Step 1: Registration

Weed Millionaire can be accessed using this link. The sign up page is directly on the homepage of the website. When

you’re ready to register, it is advisable to first clear the cookies and cache on your browser. The registration can be done using a few details such as name i.e. first and last name, email address, password, and country and phone number. These details are collected for different reasons. Having your full name on your account helps in identifying the owner.


Your email address is needed to relay information and reports to the investors. The essence of the country is that it helps you to connect with a broker with your region. Lastly, your phone number is needed for verification. Whenever you’re inputting details, it’s important you use your real details for proper identification when you want to withdraw funds. When you have inputted the necessary information, you can then proceed to continue registration on the signup section. On acceptance, an account will be opened for you to use for your live trading. Having done all these, you can then proceed to deposit.

Step 2: Deposit

The Weed Millionaire system is a platform whose software is available free of charge to its users. However, to start live trading and make profits so as to have success testimonials as all other app users, you would need to make a deposit on the platform. The platform allows users to make minimum deposits of $250 to enable live trading. The funds can be deposited through different payment methods made available by the website. However, with SSL protection on the site payment gateway platform, the system recommends that payment should be made using credit cards. Although each broker might have certain requirements depending on the market they are in, the information stated up here is the general information.

Step 3: Demo trading

It is always advisable for every trader to have a demo trade session on any trading robot’s website before proceeding to the live trading markets as this helps to be familiar with the trading interface and the different terminologies used such as Order book, Balance, Liquidity etc. The demo trading is usually an example of a real trading session although the numbers used are fudged. Having checked through the trade interface and learned the way market interaction is done, you can now proceed for live trading.

Step 4: Trading

The beauty of trading with the Weed Millionaire software is that the stress of trading and making certain trade decisions is not on the trader as the software does all the work in this respect. All that is required of the trader is to spare between 15 – 20 minutes daily to set certain trade parameters and stop loss ratios on his/her account and then the trading software work in accordance to these parameters, following financial market news and signals to make profits.

Advantages of Weed Millionaire software

The Weed Millionaire software is very advantageous to wealth creation in that it uses  reliable technology and algorithms. Outlined below are few advantages of the Weed Millionaire software.

  • As a beginner, you can learn the rudiments of trading as you trade using the Weed Millionaire software.
  • Our test on the Weed Millionaire software shows that the app has an average accuracy of 92% on trades, thus, by trading with Weed Millionaire, you have an over 90% chance of making the right trade.
  • App transactions and operations are transparent as only one trading session has had losses in all the 1657 trading sessions of the app till date.
  • The Weed Millionaire app can be accessed on your smartphones (Android, iOS compatible), and various PC operating system.
  • You have access to multiple trading signals daily i.e. 35 – 90 trading signals on an average daily. With these number of signals, you can make cool profits daily.

Can you make money trading with the Weed Millionaire software?

Yes, you can make money trading with this software. The efficiency of the software speaks for itself. Have a look at testimonies on their website to find out how much you can expect to make.

Is Weed Millionaire Legit? The Test

It’s normal to be pessimistic about any financial adventure and its profitability, hence many ask questions saying “Weed Millionaire Legit or Scam?” However, from our test, we can confidently state that the Weed Millionaire system is a legit and highly profitable trading platform. In a sense, many might say the software is fraudulent given high profits it promises daily. However, it is important to realize that this projected profit is also dependent on the amount invested on trades. The more you invest in a trade, the more likelihood of making profits exponentially.

Is Weed Millionaire Fake? The Platform

Weed Millionaire’s platform is not fake. It can be accessed on smartphones and PC, registration is simple and the platform is intuitive and functional. To test the authenticity of the platform we made a deposit on the Weed Millionaire account through a debit card, traded for a while and made a withdrawal request. We found the withdrawal process very quick and seamless. This shows that the platform is not fake.

Weed Millionaire versus other Robots

Weed Millionaire distinguishes itself by having a very sophisticated system and more specifically by specialising in the trading of marijuana – a characteristic that not many robots have. It is becoming comparable to robots such as Bitcoin Code, Crypto Revolt, and The News Spy, all of which have generated thousands in profits to their users.

Conclusion: Weed Millionaire Software Review and Test Results

Having reviewed the Weed Millionaire software, we have come to the conclusion that this is a legit robot that can make you real profits, within the new fast growing cannabis investment market. The cannabis industry is growing making it a very desirable investment and it is advised to get in early and invest now to be ahead of other investors and generate maximum profits.

As an investment experiment, beyond the marketing strategies employed by the platform using Dragons Den, Elon Musk, Shark Tank, and Peter Jones, the software itself is functioning and the technology is surprisingly accurate. For this reason, we highly recommend this robot.


As a beginner, how much should I invest on Weed Millionaire?
You can invest as much as you can afford –  you do not necessarily need to make a big investment to see nice returns. However, the minimum deposit needed for trading is $250.
I have no experience with trading cannabis or any other stocks - will this damage my chances of making money?
In automated trading systems, the experience is not needed for it to work for you. The software does all the work.
How will I know what a profitable trade looks like?
Weed Millionaire provides trading signals giving suggestions on the ones you can engage in.
Can I trade cannabis from work?
Yes you can. All you need to be connected to the internet either from your smartphone or PC.
Is trading marijuana stocks on the Weed Millionaire app illegal?
No, it is completely legal as you are simply speculating on the price of marijuana, but not actually selling it.
How do I get started making money on this trading robot?
Fill out the form on their signup page, log in to your account and deposit using your preferred payment methoNo, it is completely legal as you are simply speculating on the price of marijuana, but not actually selling it.