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Immediate Enigma Review – Genuine Trading Platform? 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Many have asked if the Immediate Enigma is a genuine trading platform. It promotes itself as a robust training and crypto trading system that system everything a trader would need to make their investment endeavors a success.

How true is that claim, though? This immediate Enigma review explores the depths of this question to find out whether this platform is genuine.

Immediate Enigma Review 2024 – Overview 

  • Supported assets: Cryptocurrency
  • Success rate: Not available
  • Multiple Payments: Yes 
  • Deposit/Funds withdrawal: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and more
  • Customer Service: Available to all registered traders 
  • Made our Best Bitcoin Robots List? No

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is Immediate Enigma? 

According to the Immediate Enigma website, the platform blends trading tools and educational resources into a robust system that helps traders achieve success in the crypto market. Additionally, it claims that it features beginner-friendly systems that help newbies acquire and develop advanced trading skills quickly. 

Immediate Enigma

Ultimately, Immediate Enigma claims it’s on a mission to help traders of all levels chart their path to success in the crypto market. It claims it’s achieving its goals by consistently creating innovative tools, systems, and educational resources for traders. Also, the platform is identified as an analytical tool and a platform that provides vast crypto market data to traders. 

Immediate Enigma Profit Pros and Cons 

Immediate Enigma promises users access to a range of benefits and features. However, there are certain flaws that the platform that must be addressed. Here is a comprehensive list of Immediate Enigma’s pros and cons: 


  • Claims it offers trading systems to help traders maximize their profit
  • Claims it features demo accounts
  • Claims it does not require minimum deposit
  • Claims its systems and tools are available across several devices


  • Its platform is not available in all countries of the world
  • It does not reportedly feature automated trading 
  • Inefficient customer service on the landing page
  • The information available on the website is insufficient

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Immediate Enigma Work? 

Immediate Enigma is a trading platform that is reportedly designed for beginner and seasoned traders. Its landing page highlights several trading tools and training materials with a nominal amount of crypto and trading-related insights. Per the claims, traders can access all the information and features that this platform reportedly has after they sign up. 

Once users have registered, the first phase, according to the platform, is the demo account, allowing users to test the platform’s features without risking their funds. Finally, the site claims that users can trade live in the market once they have mastered the beginners. It also claims that beginners may hasten their learning process through the vast collection of training resources featured on the platform. 

Immediate Enigma Highlights

Immediate Enigma Features 

Below is a summary of some Immediate Enigma features we found on the platform’s website and other sources. 

Market Updates

The platform claims that users can access real-time crypto news and informational resources. It claims the data are provided to help traders make informed decisions.

Crypto News 

Users are said to enjoy access to news and trending narratives. Its platform aims to help traders stay ahead of the cryptocurrency market by keeping them informed. 

Educational And Informational Materials

Immediate Enigma also describes itself as a trading education platform. It purportedly hosts educational content for traders. 

Access to Sophisticated trading tools

The platform claims it partners with service providers to ensure users have unmatched trading experience. 

Demo Account Feature

According to Immediate Enigma, users can access demo accounts that help them test their competence in the market without risking their funds. It provides dummy money that new users can use to learn how to use the platform. 

Real-Time Data

Immediate Enigma claims it boasts features granting users access to real-time market data. Hence, it claims users can analyze market movement and make informed investment decisions. 

Management Features

The platform claims it offers features and tools that allow users to manage their crypto portfolio from a single dashboard. It also claims the feature enables traders to allocate resources across their portfolio without investing in new systems outside the Immediate Enigma platform.

Backtesting Capabilities

One of the most critical features of trading platforms is the capability to backtest. The Immediate Enigma platform claims it allows users to backtest their trading strategies. However, we did not use the feature and can not validate the claims at the time of writing. 

Immediate Enigma Account Fees 

The information shared on the project’s website states that users pay zero fees for Immediate Enigma’s services. It also claims not to charge commissions, withdrawals, or deposit fees. It only leaves one to wonder how the platform makes a profit to sustain its operation.

Immediate Enigma Minimum Deposit  

Immediate Enigma does not mandate a minimum deposit for traders on its platform, from what we have seen from the site’s content. Reportedly, users can invest any amount they’re willing to risk in the market. However, it advises traders to commit funds they are ready to lose as the crypto market is unpredictable, mainly due to its volatility. 

Immediate Enigma Compatible Devices 

The Immediate Enigma is reported to be a web-based platform. Hence, users can access it from any device with a compatible browser. Generally, Android, iPhones, tablets, MacBooks, PCs, iPads, and other devices with internet capability are said to have access to the platform. We tested this claim by opening the website from the aforementioned devices and found it to be true to an extent. However, since we did not get access to the actual trading platform that lies behind the registration window, we can’t say for certain if the platform will behave similarly. 

Is Immediate Enigma a Scam? 

Immediate Enigma has relatively scanty information about the platform. Many have also criticized the bold promises of the platform, claiming it’s too good to be true. However, there are several reviewers online who think otherwise.

Users’ testimonials claim they’ve benefited from using the platform. Therefore, it is unlikely that the immediate Enigma platform has some value that may prevent us from passing it off as a scam. 

Notwithstanding, traders need to conduct further research into the platform before creating an account for funding the platform. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Enigma Customer Support 

Immediate Enigma customer support is not as responsive as its website claims. The platform only provides a contact form as the only channel for users to reach the support team. From our experience, users may have to wait a while to get a response when communicating with the support team.

Immediate Enigma Contact Page

However, there are claims that the customer support experience differs for registered users as they can access dedicated support teams. We only tried contacting the support through its website, which may account for the delay experienced. 

Notwithstanding, intending users should realize that it’s possible to experience a relatively slow response from Immediate Enigma customer support.

How to Use Immediate Enigma

The steps below detail the process users must go through to start using the Immediate Enigma platform. 

Step 1 – Registration 

Users have to visit the official Immediate Enigma website to register on the platform. The registration form is displayed at the top of the page, and it features fields where users enter their names, email addresses, and phone addresses. The website states that users will receive an email notification after they’ve submitted the registration form. It also says that the email messages sent to users’ email addresses will contain a link to verify their data and complete the registration process. 

Immediate Enigma registration

Step 2 – Deposit Funds  

Users must then fund their trading account if they want to access any of the features the platform’s website has mentioned. The Immediate Enigma platform does not specify the minimum deposit required to trade crypto, which is why talking to the support team and getting all the answers is a must. 

Step 3 –  Demo Account 

According to the platform’s website, users can access the demo account after registering. The demo account is intended to help users acquaint themselves with the platform and its functions. Similarly, it claims that users have access to educational resources that would help them learn more about the Immediate Enigma platform and also help improve their trading skills. 

Step 4 – Start Trading 

The final step is the live trading session. According to the platform, users can commence trading sessions as soon as they fund their accounts. It claims that deposited funds are automatically credited into used trading accounts, and they can start trading with it Immediately. Also, it warns users against taking too many risks with their funds as the crypto market remains one of the most volatile in the world. Hence, traders must implement risk management strategies when trading live in the market. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How to Delete Immediate Enigma Account 

Traders who sign up for the Immediate Enigma platform may have to go through customer support if they need to deactivate their accounts. The platform does not specify if users can deactivate their accounts from the platform’s dashboard. However, there are unwritten rules that suggest that users must talk to the customer support team to terminate their accounts. 

Are There Celebrity Endorsements of Immediate Enigma? 

No. Immediate Enigma does not feature celebrity endorsement. Our research into the platform shows that most claims identifying Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos as the CEOs who reportedly endorsed the Immediate Enigma platform are false. These claims are intended to drive traffic to offers being marketed on those websites. It’s best to ignore such marketing messages and disregard their claims. 

Who are the Founders of Immediate Enigma?

The Immediate Enigma platform is the brainchild of an anonymous team and founders if we go by the content available on the website.  The platform’s website only referred to the team behind the project without disclosing their identity or the information about its founders. 

Immediate Enigma Payment  Methods 

The platform’s website clarified that users may fund their account via several methods, including Credit Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Bank deposit, and more. It is also said that the platform allows users to withdraw their funds via similar channels. Immediate Enigma does not provide clear instructions on how users may fund their accounts via these methods. The support is believed to guide users in making payments when they’ve completed the registration process. 

The Verdict 

Is Immediate Enigma worth it? Immediate Enigma comes across as a trading platform that needs to put more work into communicating its values to users. The platform’s transparency remains questionable as critical information about its location, team, and past users is undisclosed. 

Notwithstanding, our research into the platform did not reveal much about the platform. Therefore, we are unable to provide a conclusive verdict about whether Immediate Enigma is a scam or a genuine trading system. Users are advised to seek further information about the platform before deciding if it’s worth the investment. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Enigma Alternatives 

While Immediate Enigma claims it boasts several impressive features, there are several alternatives that users can opt for to get additional values, including features like copy trading. Below are three suggested Immediate Enigma alternatives. 

Investing Early in New Crypto Presales or ICOs

Beginners who don’t want to learn how to trade the crypto market may take advantage of crypto presales. Usually, crypto-based projects offer their tokens on presales or ICOs for early investors to come on board. 

Generally, The upside of getting into presales is that it allows investors to buy the tokens at discounted prices. Therefore, early investors earn a significant margin on the price pump when the crypto finally goes live. 

But not all presales are born equal. Crypto projects have a history of failing within months of their launch. Therefore, investors considering presales and ICO investing need to master the skills required to identify valuable presales opportunities.

One way to do this is by researching these tokens via their presale pages and social media handles. Reviews from third-party platforms will also help. Nonetheless, some of the best places to look for presale opportunities are InsideBitcoins’s articles covering presales. They’ve put in the work to identify opportunities in the presale space. 

Networking With Professional Traders

Besides investing in presales, crypto investors can also maximize investment returns by reducing the risks and making the best decisions in the market. Professional traders can help newbies learn the ropes and master the market quickly. They will also help them craft winning strategies and eliminate the trial-and-error phase of learning to trade cryptocurrency. 

Where can traders find and network with professional traders? While there are several networking opportunities worldwide, crypto traders rarely get to hang out with a group of professionals. Discord server allows traders to stay abreast of the trends in the market and learn from more seasoned traders. It also grants traders access to professionals in the industry who can help upcoming traders with complex terraces in trading the crypto market. 

Automated Copy Trading in Crypto Exchanges

Another way for a beginner to understand the intricacies of the markets and trade at the same time is automated copy trading. Platforms like Bybit and OKX offer this service. With it, investors can follow in the footsteps of more successful crypto traders automatically to invest responsibly. 


Does Immediate Enigma offer trading education?

According to the Immediate Enigma website, the platform offers a blend of trading systems and educational resources. However, we recommend users create an account on the platform to confirm the veracity of these claims since the information we had access to was minimal.

Does Immediate Enigma provide mobile apps?

No. According to the platform, Immediate Enigma is a web-based platform that can be viewed and used across any device with internet capabilities and browsers. Per the claims, its features are easily accessible from tablets, PCs, and mobile devices.

Is Immediate Enigma easy to use?

Reviews from other users and the information on the platform's website suggest that the platform is beginner-friendly and user-friendly. Hence, users should have little difficulty finding their way around. However, trading generally requires mastery of specific skills and techniques. Trading tools and systems can not replace the need to develop relevant skills and intuitions.

Can Immediate Enigma Platform automate trading?

The Immediate Enigma website does not mention anything about the automated trading feature. However, there are third-party reviews in the market that claim that the platform does have AI-enabled trading. We recommend assessing the website itself to find out.