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Immediate Avage AI Review – Genuine Trading Platform?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto trading requires exceptional expertise, and traders worldwide constantly seek tools to help improve their competence. 

In this Immediate Avage AI review, we’ve taken the initiative to collect extensive information about its features, tools, and systems. We aim to help traders decide if it is a genuine trading platform. 

Immediate Avage AI Review 2024 – Overview  

  • Supported assets: Cryptocurrency
  • Success rate: Not available
  • Multiple Payments: Not mentioned 
  • Deposit/Funds withdrawal: Not mentioned 
  • Customer Service: Available to all registered traders 
  • Made our Best Bitcoin Robots List? No

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is Immediate Avage AI?  

Immediate Avage AI is presented as one of the latest trading platforms offering many tools and systems for crypto traders. Its website describes it as the brainchild of traders who have garnered many years in the industry and want to help others succeed. 

Further, it claims it features tools that allow users to participate in manual trading and hands-free strategies using its built-in artificial intelligence features. However, there is no clear description of how its AI features work. It also claims that it provides some customization advantages that allow users to adapt its interface to suit their preferences. 

Immediate Avage AI

Immediate Avage AI Profit Pros and Cons  

What are the upsides and downsides of Immediate Avage AI? Below are quick highlights of the pros and cons of the Immediate Avage AI. These details of its features are provided elsewhere in the article. 


  • Immediate Avage AI claims that users are provided with hybrid trading services.
  • It also claims that users enjoy an easy-to-use interface
  • Users are paired with dedicated account managers
  • It promises users 24/7 customer support 
  • It claims the tools are AI-backed


  • Requires users to make a minimum deposit of $250
  • Its services are restricted in the US and other countries
  • Users may have to make decisions based on limited information

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Immediate Avage AI Work?

Immediate Avage AI claims it’s an AI-based trading platform featuring different tools to help crypto traders master the market. The vision is to give investors better results despite the volatility of the crypto market. Ideally, the first step when using the Immediate Avage AI is to set up a membership account. 

From our findings, it shouald take a few minutes to achieve that. We’ll review the steps involved later in the article. After that, the next phase is funding and trading, which will only commence after traders meet the minimum deposit requirement. Details of the minimum deposit requirement will also come later. 

Overall, the tools of Immediate Avage AI are said to support the hybrid trading method. Users can execute trade manually or provide the parameters allowing the system to execute the trade on their behalf. 

Immediate Avage AI Features 

Immediate Avage AI claims it provides novel features that set it apart from other trading tools in the industry. We explored some of these features, and here is a list of them. 

Account Manager

According to the project’s overview on its website, there are claims that users are paired with dedicated account managers during their registration. The manager is assigned to help them complete the registration and account setup.

AI-based Tools

Users enjoy AI-backed tools, according to its websites. The tools are designed to enhance traders’ capabilities and improve their strategies. 

Freemium Services

It is said that the traders don’t have to pay anything for Immediate Avage AI services. We understand there are no hidden charges, and users’ accounts do not attract commission on successful trades. 

Supports Several Devices

Immediate Avage AI is web-based, making it accessible to various devices. The only requirement for most devices to access its tool is internet connectivity and a web browser. 

Worldwide Reach

According to the website, there are claims that users can access the features of Immediate Avage AI from any country worldwide. Owing to its web-based feature, it claims its services can be accessed from anywhere as long as users are connected. 

Demo Account

Immediate Avage AI claims it provides demo accounts to users. However, the demo account is only available to users after they meet the minimum deposit requirement. The purpose of the demo account is to allow traders to experiment with their strategies before they try them in the live market.

Market Insight

The project claims that users have access to market insight and advice from the account manager assigned to them. However, the manager is only told to help when users request it. 

Immediate Avage AI Account Fees 

Immediate Avage AI claims it does not allow users to set up an account with the platform. Also, it claims it does not charge commission on successful trades, implying that users don’t have to pay any amount for funds withdrawal. 

Immediate Avage 2

Immediate Avage AI Minimum Deposit  

The minimum deposit requirement is not mentioned on the Immediate Avage AI website. Our research discovered that users must invest at least $250 in their trading account for unrestricted access to Immediate Avage AI trading features and tools. However, intending users may communicate with the support team to better understand the minimum deposit amount. 

Immediate Avage AI Compatible Devices

According to the project’s website, users may access all the features of Immediate Avage AI from anywhere in the world through its web-based service. It further stated that any device with internet capabilities and a web browser should work efficiently with its tools. 

However, it does not list proven devices previously working with the platform. Hence, users may have to experiment with as many as possible to see the ones that give them the best experience. 

Is Immediate Avage AI a Scam?  

There is no platform without its upsides and downsides. Generally, trading, especially crypto trading, has its risks. It is, therefore, challenging to defend or accuse Immediate Avage AI as a scam project based on the complaints of a few past users. 

In that light, intending user take their time to research the platform and understand how it works. The best place to start is by speaking with the support staff. 

Afterward, communicating with past users will also help provide facts and personal experiences. I

Overall, Immediate Avage AI needs to put in enough effort to provide deeper insight into how the platform works. It must also offer better information about past users, particularly testimonials and social media interactions. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Avage AI Customer Support

Users only have access to contact from features on the project’s website. Hence, contrary to what its website wants people to believe, the project’s customer support is limited at best. Users may have to endure slow interaction whenever they need the support team’s service. 

Immediate Avage Contact Page

Our personal experience also substantiates the claim, as we couldn’t get a response from the support team when we tried interacting with them during our research. Moreover, the platform has no social media presence, making the interaction more complicated. 

How to Use Immediate Avage AI

To some extent, the project operates a membership model. Users must create a profile with the platform to access its tools and features. Below is a quick breakdown of how to use Immediate Avage. 

Step 1 – Registration 

The first step in the process is to go to the official Immediate Avage AI website and create an account. The process involves users entering their full name, email address, and phone number in the form on the project’s website. 

Our research shows that users will receive emails directing them on how to complete their account setup. Also, there are claims that an account manager will be paired with each user to help them complete their registration. 

Immediate Avage Registration

Step 2 – Deposit Funds  

Once users complete their account setup, according to the Immediate Avage AI website, they may proceed to deposit a minimum of $250 into the trading account. The funds are said to be immediately available for trading sessions. 

Step 3 – Start Trading 

As stated before, the minimum deposit amount is available for trading sessions. Hence, users may commence their trading session. It also claims users may deposit amounts higher than the minimum deposit requirement. However, it’s best to note that investments, especially crypto trading, are risky. Hence, users should take adequate precautions when investing with Immediate Avage AI. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How to Delete an Immediate Avage AI Account  

Our research reveals that users may not be able to independently deactivate their immediate average account as the process involves access to the backend functions of the platform. Usually, there is a need to talk to the support staff whenever there’s a need to discontinue the Immediate Avage AI service. 

Besides, users who don’t want to use the tools anymore can withdraw all their funds from the trading account and leave it dormant. Our findings reveal that Immediate Avage AI offers free services and does not charge annual account fees. Hence, there’ll be no consequence for holding an unfunded dormant account. 

Are There Celebrity Endorsements of Immediate Avage AI?

Some affiliate markets claim that Immediate Avage AI has celebrities on board promoting its services. Sadly, that’s not valid. There is no evidence to substantiate these claims.

Our findings reveal that Immediate Avage AI only employs internet market measures to promote its services, which does not include celebrity and influencer marketing. Hence, all the claims of celebrity endorsement and Elon Musk being a part of the project are false. Readers should disregard those claims as they’re primarily misleading. 

Who Are the Founders of Immediate Avage AI? 

The only information one can access about the founders or project team is the one provided on the About Us page, which only refers to them as a group of professionals and experienced traders. 

At the time of writing, no one has information about the team or persons overseeing the Immediate Avage AI project. Otherwise, they’re unwilling to share it with the public if they have it. 

Immediate Avage AI Payment Methods  

The payment methods listed on the Immediate Avage AI website include Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Credit Card, among others. Users who stay in regions where these are unavailable will get help from their account manager. 

The Verdict 

When it comes to Immediate Avage AI, the information gap is worrisome. Unless one completes the registration and funds their trading account, one cannot know what one pays for. Ideally, the team behind the project needs to look into providing more details about their project and services to help users make informed decisions. 

Also, the trading side of the project should be offered in an unconditional demo, where people can feel what they’re investing in before making a financial commitment. Therefore, investors must exercise caution before using this platform.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Avage AI Alternatives 

Readers who are dissatisfied with the overview of the Immediate Avage AI trading system should consider the suggestions below. We’ve not limited our choices of alternative trading tools alone. It also includes a few other activities that other traders and investors leveraged towards generating Immense revenue. 

Investing Early in New Crypto Presales or Icos 

The first alternative to consider is presale opportunities. Ordinarily, this is the low-hanging fruit for any crypto investors. 

The reason is that investors don’t need special skills to start in crypto presales. Usually, all anyone needs to do is provide adequate information about the crypto project and a small amount to own some of its cryptocurrency. 

Notwithstanding, users still need to access accurate information, or they risk getting drawn into a failed project. InsideBitcoins has crypto presale updates that readers will find. The platform regularly gives precise and detailed information about crypto presales with a high potential for success.  

Also, users can participate in a project’s social media community to feel the overall perception of a project. Understanding the project’s fundamentals is also best before making financial decisions. All these will determine the long-term performance of any project. 

Overall, presale investment is risky. And many also regard it as a game of luck. Generally, the amount of money one risks in presale investing is negligible compared to what one can lose in the open market.

Networking With Professional Traders 

Trading requires high-end skills, mainly research and analytical skills. Ideally, it takes many years to master them. Hence, newbie traders risk going through the trial and error phase before unlocking their full market potential. 

In the early days of a trader’s career, or even as a seasoned trader trying to transition into crypto trading, it’s best to employ the service of a professional trader. 

It helps traders get up to speed even when they do not understand crypto market dynamics. With that, traders reduce their exposure and can spot opportunities much faster than those without professional help. 

We’ll recommend Jacob Crypto Bury’s Discord Server for every trader, new or experienced. Most traders don’t know, mostly when they’re just getting into the industry, that getting professional help is challenging as everyone already has much to do. 

Thus, the best way to get help is to go where the pros hang out. Jacob Crypto Bury’s Discord Server houses over 21 thousand trading experts from different countries worldwide. The community constantly shares trading information, tips, and strategies. 

Newbies can also get all the help they need from the community. Thankfully, the community has thousands of active users throughout the day, which makes it easy to get information on the go. 

Automated Copy Trading in Crypto Exchanges 

Some platforms offer better and proven services than the Immediate Avage AI. Bybit, and OKX are some of the ones we’ve identified. They have existed for over two decades now with a proven track record. Also, they offer automated copy trading services. 


What trading strategies are supported on Immediate Avage AI?

Immediate Avage AI claims it supports virtually all trading strategies besides Algo trading. According to its website, it supports manual trading, and users can provide parameters to the tools to have hands-free execution on their behalf.

Does Immediate Avage AI offer a demo to users?

Immediate Avage AI Demo accounts are only accessible after users have completed their registrations. Intending users may not experience what they’re paying for until they deposit. Its demo features only allow users to test their trading strategies and learn how to navigate the crypto trading market.

Does Immediate Avage AI provide educational resources to users?

Our research did not turn up information regarding traders' education or training. We found that Immediate Avage AI allows users to interact with their account manager, who can provide any help they need using the platform. It also claims that the manager can help them hone their skills and master their strategies.

Can I use trading algorithms on Immediate Avage AI?

No. the platform states that it is directly integrated into third-party platforms. Hence, it will not support using scripts or reprogramming its features. Also, it does not allow users access to APIs or other backend features for security reasons. All that users can do is use its native tools to make informed decisions in the crypto market.