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Crypto Investor Review: Scam or Legit Robot? The Test!

Crypto Investor is one of those robots that promise to make you a millionaire in a month. But is it legit? InsideBitcoins has carried out an in-depth investigation and determined that Crypto Investor is a scam. Consequently, you will lose money if you deposit it with this platform. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Crypto Investor scam. Furthermore, we will provide tips to help you identify legit robots.

Keep reading or visit a legit robot by clicking the trade now button in the table below. We have conducted rigorous tests on all the robots in our recommended list and determined them to be legit. For instance, Cryptosoft has an accuracy level of 99% and reports an average daily profit of $1500.

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    Is Crypto Investor legit? No!

    • InsideBitcoins gives Crypto Investor a legitimacy score of 5% – They use deceptive marketing techniques to get new signups
    • Crypto Investor does not have genuine trading technologies – Their web-trader is fake
    • There are a lot of complaints about this platform – Most people report losing trading capital in less than a day of live trading

    InsideBitcoins gives Crypto Investor a legitimacy score of 4%. This review determines that this platform tells a lot of lies to get deposits. For instance, the testimonials on their website and those used by their affiliates are all false. Furthermore, we have conducted a reverse image search on their alleged founder profile photo and determined that it is not genuine. Like most scam robots, Crypto Investor uses images from stock sites on the founder’s profile and testimonials.

    Moreover, this platform appears to suggest endorsements from celebrities such as Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital and Jack Dorsey of Twitter. Scam robots are known to use this technique to get people to sign up without thinking. Our investigation shows that Mark Mobius and Jack Dorsey have never endorsed this platform. Crypto Investor is a terrible scam that collaborates with fake brokers to steal deposits.

    We carried out an in-depth review of the brokers listed by Crypto Investor as partners and determined that they are all fake. Perhaps this is the reason that this platform is not willing to disclose them until a trader makes a deposit. Fake brokers usually lack regulation and are dodgy on critical issues such as legal registration and location. A fake broker is a scammer that pretends to be a broker with a goal of getting people to deposit with them. Scam robots always partner with scam brokers. Read our Bitcoin Lifestyle review to know what to look for in a legit robot broker.

    What is Crypto Investor?

    Crypto Investor alleges to be a trading robot that applies computer algorithms to conduct trading research and execute trades. However, InsideBitcoins investigation shows that it is a scam. This means that they have no trading technology and there is no real trading that takes place with this platform.

    We conclude that Crypto Investor is nothing but an affiliate of scam offshore brokers. Consequently, the scammers behind the platform receive a commission on every deposit made through their platform. Crypto Investor relies heavily on unscrupulous affiliates meaning that they also get a share of your deposit.

    Legit trading robots such as Cryptosoft rely on advanced computer algorithms to scam the crypto markets big data and execute trades. The accuracy and execution speed reported by these robots make them highly profitable. With Cryptosoft, traders generate a daily return of up to $1500. When it comes to accuracy, this robot has a score of 99% which means that traders make money in every nine out of ten trades. Read our Cryptosoft review to learn more.

    Why is Crypto Investor a scam?

    Crypto Investor has all the telltale signs of a scam platform. Our investigation reveals that they use emotional marketing to trick people into signing up. You are likely here after stumbling on a story of people who allegedly became millionaires after stumbling on the robot. The testimonials on their website and those used by their affiliates are mostly stories about people who came from rags to riches through Crypto Investor.

    Of course, these testimonials are false and there is zero chance of making a single cent through this platform. Be wary of any platform that displays photos of people bathing in cash and flying in private jets to get you to sign up. This is a technique mostly used by scammers targeting naïve people living in financial desperation. Legit robots mostly focus on the logic behind their platforms and will reveal little about the lifestyle of its users.

    Furthermore, our investigation shows that there are a lot of complaints about Crypto Investor on consumer review sites. Most reviewers complain about this platform using deceptive techniques to get deposits and reporting consistent losses. As usual, we have subjected their web-trader into various tests and can confirm that it is set to report predetermined losses. This is not unexpected of scam robots. Remember that their main goal is to steal deposits and will, therefore, do anything to get you to sign up.

    Is Crypto Investor Safe?

    Like most scam robots, Crypto Investor does not pay any attention to users’ safety. You are likely to receive a lot of spam calls and messages if you register with them. This is because they will share your data with other scammers. Moreover, they are likely to sell your sensitive data in the black market. We found complaints about people who were targeted by cyber attackers after signing up with this platform.

    Also worth noting, this platform keeps shifting from one domain to another. This is something that is common with most scammers.  They do this to avoid being punished by search engines given the negative publicity. The shift from one domain to another is enough evidence that Crypto Investor does not take its users safety seriously.

    Moreover, this review confirms that Crypto Investor store users billing information after deposits. Safe practices require platforms not to store any clients’ details beyond their intended purpose. InsideBitcoins recommends that you stay away from this platform and instead try a tested and proven robot. Legit robots are highly likely to invest in cybersecurity and are therefore safe.

    Can I withdraw my money from Crypto Investor?

    Crypto Investor will not allow you to withdraw your trading capital. This is because their intention is to steal your money. Moreover, they are likely to ban you from accessing their platform if you insist on making withdrawals.

    All deposits made through this platform go to their partner brokers who in return give a share to the scammers behind Crypto Investor. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting trader is redirected to a fake web-trader where they are shown predetermined losses. The goal is to make them believe that their money was lost through live trading.

    Fake brokers and web-trader

    As mentioned previously, the trading platform offered by Crypto Investor is not genuine.  They claim that their web-trader is powered by powerful algorithms in AI and Machine Learning. However, a closer look reveals that what they provide is nothing but a webpage that mimics a real trader. There is no underlying technology and consequently no real trading that takes place with this platform.

    Our investigation also reveals that Crypto Investor partner brokers are all scam. They lack regulation and do not disclose any information about their legal registration. We are 100 percent certain that they do not connect to any exchange and therefore do not participate in any live trading. What this means is that they are part of the Crypto Investor scam. They keep a portion of your money every time you deposit through the Crypto Investor platform.

    Is Crypto Investor legit? The Verdict!

    Crypto Investor is a terrible scam that targets naïve wannabe traders. The platform uses deceptive marketing techniques to get deposits. Our investigation shows that they will not only steal your deposit but will also expose you to cybersecurity threats. They appear to share users’ data with other scammers mostly scam offshore brokers. People who try this platform also complain about receiving a lot of phishing emails after registration.

    InsideBitcoins conducts a thorough investigation to determine legit trading robots. All the robots recommended in our reviews are legit and worth a try. If you are looking for a legit robot, we recommend that you try Cryptosoft. We have tested this robot and determined that it is highly legit. Click the trade now button in the table below to start trading with this robot.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Crypto Investor legit?

    No! Crypto Investor is a scam that aims to steal deposits from unsuspecting traders. We recommend that you avoid it.

    How much should I deposit with Crypto Investor?

    Do not deposit any money with this platform or else you will lose it. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Crypto Investor is a terrible scam that steals deposits and sells users data to other scammers.

    How much can I make with Crypto Investor?

    This platform is a scam and you won’t make any money through it. We recommend that you try Cryptosoft for a legit robot.