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BGX AI Review – Genuine Trading Platform?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BGX AI is being promoted as an all-encompassing crypto trading system, and many are asking if it’s a scam or a genuine trading platform. This review seeks to answer every question being asked. It also aims to explore its features, summarizing its pros and cons.   

BGX AI Review 2024 – Overview 

  • Supported assets: Cryptocurrency
  • Success rate: Not available
  • Multiple Payments: Not mentioned 
  • Deposit/Funds withdrawal: Not mentioned 
  • Customer Service: Available to all registered traders 
  • Made our Best Bitcoin Robots List? No

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is BGX AI?  

BGX AI claims it envisions a world where crypto traders are equipped with technology that helps them make better decisions and maximize profit. It further states that it is on a mission to ensure that crypto trading becomes mainstream and everyone can get involved.  It claims that the dream that kicked off in 2020 finally came alive in 2023.

Fundamentally, the BGX AI is described as featuring a collection of state-of-the-art trading tools equipped with Artificial intelligence features, which are designed to analyze crypto data and present real-time information to traders. Furthermore, BGX AI features an interface designed with beginners in mind, making it an ideal trading tool for new and seasoned traders. 


In summary, BGX AI is promoted as the ultimate system designed to help traders conquer challenges they encounter in the market, especially the unpredictability of the crypto market. It claims it provides the tools they need to infer relevant information from the trends and movement in the market. 

BGX AI Profit Pros and Cons 

Our research uncovered several promises and flows of BGX AI. Therefore, our findings have been compressed into the Pros and Cons below. 


  • Claims it provides AI-based trading technology
  • Claims it provides 24/7 customer support
  • BGX AI claims it includes training resources and community
  • Claims it supports various cryptocurrencies. 
  • It claims it features a beginner-friendly interface


  • Does not provide payment and fee details 
  • It is not available in most countries 
  • Created and operated by an anonymous team

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does BGX AI Work?  

BGX AI claims it unlocks the profit potential of crypto traders via its novel tools and system. According to its website, users have access to AI-backed trading tools that can provide accurate market data and market trends in real-time. 

Furthermore, it claims it features a hybrid system, blending human assistance with AI trading features. Hence, users can receive guidance from the account manager assigned to work with them. 

BGX AI website states that its users start their journey by becoming registered members, and then they’ll be connected to BGX AI partners who grant them Unrestricted access to crypto trading. 

BGX AI users can also access educational resources through its blog. Additionally, it claims it features a community intending to nurture a learning environment for new and seasoned traders. 

BGX AI Features 

BGX AI states that it is out to improve traders’ confidence in their skills and ability to trade the crypto market profitably. It claims it aims to keep designing and deploying tools and systems that help traders stay ahead of the competition. Below are some of the features of BGX AI.

Fast Trading

It claims users enjoy faster execution speed, giving them an advantage over the market. One way to have the upper hand in the crypto market is by spotting and taking advantage of market movement ahead of other traders. 

Advanced Technology

BGX AI also claims that traders can access advanced trading tools built on Artificial intelligence technology. It claims that the tools are designed to provide an efficient trading experience. Additionally, it claims that it helps traders maximize their profit while improving their strategies and decision-making ability. 


User data and funds are reported to be secured via the proprietary encryption and security features of BGX AI. It further emphasized that the system is designed to prevent anyone besides the account owner from gaining access to their accounts.

Various Portfolio

Another feature that BGX AI promises users is the chance to manage their crypto portfolio from a single dashboard. According to its Website, users can trade Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. 


Also, the BGX AI website claims users enjoy an intuitive interface and beginner-friendly experience. It claims that it is designed to deliver value to both new and seasoned traders. Hence, it kept the design, UI, and UX as simple as possible. 

24/7 Support

Traders are promised 24/7 support. They are also offered access to a dedicated account manager, according to the BGX AI website. The managers are there to guide users and help them optimize their strategies and trading skills. 

BGX AI Account Fees

Nothing is said about the fees or commissions paid to use BGX AI. However, there are indications that it charges a fee for its services. Its website hints that registered users will work with a dedicated account manager. They may receive guidance on the fees accrued to its services. 

BGX AI Minimum Deposit

Also, we could not access the details of the minimum deposit requirement of BGX AI. It’s assumed that it does not mandate a minimum deposit, as we could not find any reference to it on third-party websites or from past users. Notwithstanding, speaking with customer support and account managers may be the best way to gain accurate knowledge. 

BGX AI Compatible Devices

BGX AI does not own an app. Users have to access its features through a web browser. Hence, gadgets with internet connectivity and compatible browsers can access BGX AI features. Prospective gadgets may include PCs, MacBooks, iPhones, iOS, and Windows.

Is BGX AI a Scam? 

Many have asked if BGX AI is a scam or not. From the look of the content of the website, BGX AI does not appear to be a scam trading site. However, the information we have access to is low, so we cannot verify our assertions. 

Crypto trading comes with immense risk, and traders who use a trading system to enhance their results must understand that it does not remove the risk of failure. Therefore, using BGX AI does not guarantee success. 

Conversely, users also need to research the platform further to ensure they have answers to all their questions, as we could not access several of its features during our research. The limitation prevents us from being able to give a conclusive review as to whether it is a scam or not. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

BGX AI Customer Support

BGX AI claims its customer support is on standby 24/7 to help users with any challenge. Users are provided two customer support channels, a contact page, and a dedicated email address. 

BGX AI contact page

Sadly, these channels are relatively slow, which may defeat the promise of fast and immediate customer support claims offered by BGX AI. Conversely, BGX AI’s website features links to social media handles. It might allow users to have private chats with staff via direct messages. 

However, we could not get through to customer support through the social media links as they were not working at the time of writing. 

How to Use BGX AI

Below is a detailed description of the steps involved in using BGX AI. 

Step 1 – Registration  

The first step is the account setup, which usually requires the users to enter their full name, email address, and phone number into the fields of the form provided on the official BGX AI website. Next, users are said to receive emails notifying them to verify their details. According to its website, BGX AI is said to assign account managers to work with potential users as they progress through the registration process.

BGX AI registration  

Step 3 – Deposit Funds

Following the account setup, users may proceed to fund their accounts. The minimum amount required is not specified. However, users must implement effective risk management measures to ensure they only invest the amount they can afford to lose. Generally, it’s best to start with a small amount and increase it as the results from using the system improve. 

Step 3 – Start Trading

According to its website, users can start live trading sessions with the funds deposited into their trading account. It claims the funds are immediately available and can be used in the crypto market or withdrawn anytime. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How to Delete BGX AI Account

BGX AI does not guide how users may delete their accounts. Hence, they might need to communicate with the support staff to have this done. Also, registered users can do this much faster with their account manager’s help. Otherwise, leaving their accounts dormant may also result in deactivation, as BGX AI only provides services to funded accounts. 

Are There Celebrity Endorsements of BGX AI?

No. BGX AI is a project designed and launched by an anonymous group. Its marketing and promotion are mainly done via digital and affiliate marketing. Therefore, the claims that it enjoys Celebrity endorsement are not accurate. 

Our research reveals that users of celebrity endorsement claims emanate from affiliate marketers who are out to earn rewards from selling the BGX AI system. Intending users may disregard the celebrity claims as it’s geared towards driving more traffic to affiliate sites promoting such. 

Who Are the Founders of BGX AI? 

BGX AI claims it has a team of inventors rather than specific founders. It claims that the idea was conceived in 2020 by enthusiastic experts. According to its website, the team comprises AI, finance, and tech experts. 

It claims the team perceived the need for novel systems, especially in crypto trading, and it moved to provide the tools. According to its website, in 2023, the team realized its vision and the outcome of their effort was BGX AI. However, there is no information about each team member behind the project. 

BGX AI Payment Methods 

BGX AI website provides relatively scanty information about the payment methods it supports. The only payment method referenced on the website is the credit card option. Unfortunately, it might limit users’ experience in regions without recognized credit cards. Hence, users may need to speak with the team to receive assistance. 

The Verdict 

Generally, trading is quite risky, and cryptocurrency presents even more risk as it is a financial instrument known for its volatility. 

Therefore, there is a need to acknowledge that no tool will guarantee profits in the market. Intending users must deploy risk management measures to help them manage the risks. 

Overall, the BGX AI tools have presented bold promises, and third-party users validate some of its claims, while others lack enough facts to substantiate them. Thus, intending users must research the platform to ensure it meets their expectations. 

Similarly, prospective traders are advised only to invest funds they can afford to lose and to start with little funds until they’re comfortable with the BGX AI. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

BGX AI Alternatives 

For traders who wish to explore more reputable options and alternatives, below are some options to consider when considering crypto trading. Besides trading in the market, we’ve also shared investment options for crypto investors who don’t want to trade the market directly. 

Investing Early in New Crypto Presales or Icos

Traders who don’t want to endure the risk of learning trading skills may opt for presale investing. It simply means investing in cryptocurrencies that are not yet listed on exchanges. The advantage is that investors can own these tokens at a discount. 

Usually, the presale program runs for a period before the tokens are listed. The advantage of getting into crypto presale is that it allows investors to buy cheap and earn remarkable returns on the margin when the tokens go live. There have been instances of presale cryptos that ended up creating instant millionaires. The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, entered the market through ICO. 

Nonetheless, crypto presale has downsides as investors may take relatively significant risks. Presale products are often plagued with the risk of failure, which may affect investors’ chances of earning returns on investment. 

Researching and analyzing projects before getting involved are two essential parts of getting into crypto presales. Additionally, users may explore information from websites like InsideBitcoins to find information about presale opportunities. 

Networking With Professional Traders 

Achieving success in crypto trading requires specialized knowledge that might take quite some time to master. Usually, newbies are advised to get the help of experienced traders’ help to master the basics. 

Professional traders can help newbies avoid the mistakes and risks of investing in the crypto market. Similarly, they’ll help new traders identify opportunities they might not know. Identifying the ideal place where seasoned traders hang out is one of the challenges new traders may face when trying to network in the industry. 

Discord Server provides one of the best networking opportunities for new traders. The advantage is that they are not limited by space and location as they are available globally. Furthermore, users can access trade secrets, constant updates, and novel ideas not readily available elsewhere. Traders looking to grow their network can start their journey from our recommended Discord server.

Automated Copy Trading in Crypto Exchanges 

Regarding automated trading, such as Bybit, and OKX are some of the best trading platforms for new and seasoned traders. Besides their novel and innovative approach to crypto trading and robust features, users enjoy the confidence that comes with their years of existence. And with the automated copy trading support, these platforms offer additional benefits. 

What is the potential earning with BGX AI?

BGX AI does not guarantee returns. As a trading system, users' results depend on several factors, including the trader's competence. Even though it is promoted as an automated system, the volatility of the crypto market still presents an immense risk that requires effective risk management measures.

Are users data and funds safe with BGX AI?

According to the BGX AI website, funds and user data are protected with multiple security features that prevent third parties from accessing user information. It also claims it features effective storage systems for cryptocurrencies and funds, guaranteeing safety.

Does BGX AI charge a commission?

BGX AI does not provide information about commissions and fees. Hence, prospective users may have to speak with customer support to understand the fees and payment arrangements.

How do I verify my BGX AI Account?

According to the BGX AI website, users receive an email containing the account verification link. Users are expected to click the link to begin the account verification process. Also, it claims users are connected to a dedicated account manager who will help with the process. There are indications that users may need to provide some means of identification to complete the account verification. However, we could not validate the claims as we could not create an account.

What assets can I trade on BGX AI?

BGX AI claims it supports various cryptocurrencies, and traders can manage their portfolios from a single interface. It further states that it partners with service providers, making it easier for traders to allocate funds across assets in their portfolios. However, it does not support other financial instruments outside cryptocurrency.