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1G Golden Profit Review – Genuine Trading Platform? 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

This is the definitive review of 1G Golden Profit that aims to provide detailed information about the platform. It covers what 1G Golden Profit is all about, how it works, the team behind the project, and its pros and cons. It also asks whether it is a genuine trading platform.

1G Golden Profit Review 2024 – Overview

  • Supported assets: Gold
  • Success rate: Not available
  • Multiple Payments: Yes
  • Deposit/Funds withdrawal: Yes
  • Customer Service: Available to all registered traders
  • Made our Best Bitcoin Robots List? No

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is 1G Golden Profit?

According to the platform’s website, the 1G Golden Profit platform features a collection of tools that helps traders develop an in-depth understanding of the gold market. The team claims it’s on a mission to revolutionize how new traders approach the gold market. It also proposes new methods of presenting gold market data to traders.

1G Golden Profit

Basically, the team claims that the 1G Golden Profit platform is designed to help new traders get started in the gold market. However, it also offers tools that help veteran traders who are new to the gold market scale the learning curve.

However, users have to deposit money to use the platform. At press time, the amount required is a minimum of $250. Users may go above that, however, if they wish. Also, 1G Golden Profit claims it provides human-based assistance. According to its website, each user has access to a dedicated manager who may assist with trading strategies and other related issues.

Nonetheless, we’ve not been able to validate the claim in these regards, which is in contrast to the third-party claims made for this platform.

1G Golden Profit Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of 1G Gold Profit:


  • 1G Golden Profit claims to feature a simple and Intuitive interface
  • Claims it hosts robust gold market data for improved decision-making
  • It claims to provide easy access to market research and investigation.
  • 1G Golden Profit claims it features an efficient withdrawal process
  • The platform is compatible with various devices
  • 1G Golden Profit claims it is adapted for all classes of traders
  • It claims it offers learning opportunities
  • Claims it provides a dedicated account manager to each user


  • Requires a minimum deposit of $250
  • Does not provide a demo trading option before payment is made
  • Offers little to no information about the founders and the team behind the project
  • Limited information about the location the platform operates from
  • It might be challenging to hold the platform accountable in case of litigation
  • It does not feature autonomous copy trading

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does 1G Golden Profit work

1G Golden Profit platform keeps the technicalities of its solutions secret. Despite the volume of information available online about the project, there are scanty details about the technology behind 1G Golden Profit.

In summary, the platform claims to help users learn the behavior of the gold market. How it does that remains a mystery.

According to its website, users have access to analytical tools that provide information about the gold market.

It claims that its collection of tools helps users identify changes in the gold market, and it also highlights viable trading opportunities.

However, to take advantage of the platform, users are required to complete a brief registration exercise. 1G Golden Profit platform also features additional services by providing account managers to traders.

The account manager is a human staff that works with the platform and is accessible to users who need help throughout their time on the platform. The services of the account manager include optimizing users’ trading strategies.

1G Golden Profit Features

1G Golden Profit platform makes claims to some helpful features, and below are some of them.

Smart Tradings Tools

1G Golden Profit says that it is designed to enhance the trading skills of users. Hence, it reportedly combines human efforts with smart tools within its trading environment.

According to its product page, the tools are designed to supplement the decision-making abilities of traders.

Reliable Performance

As a reportedly popular trading tool, 1G Golden Profit claims that it provides quite reliable solutions that can go with traders wherever they go. Users have access to the platform throughout the day from whatever location they choose.

User-friendly interface

1G Golden Profit website claims that the platform features an intuitive user interface that provides easy navigation. Visitors find their way around the platform easily.

Similarly, the platform’s registration form holds a visible spot on the page, making it easier for new users to get started with the platform. Hence, the website substantiates its claims as a beginner-friendly platform.

Free Services

One of the features of the 1G Golden Profit platform that raises the most questions is its promise of zero-fee services. While there are doubts about the offer, it comes in handy for traders who want to maximize their profit. If the offer holds, users have the opportunity to keep all the profit made on the platform, besides the fees charged by third-party brokers.

Trading Information and Data

The platform also features extensive gold trading data, as indicated on its website. It claims that this data is readily available to new and veteran traders. It further states that new users can access all the help they need through their account manager. Hence, traders can reduce the risk of losses.

1G Golden Profit Account Fees

1G Golden Profit claims it’s a free platform with zero cost to users. Thus, according to its claims, users don’t pay fees for services offered on the platform, including deposits and withdrawals.

However, there may be charges from the local banks or other platforms where users make their deposits.

Also, withdrawal may include charges from the platforms chosen by the users. But, the 1G Golden Profit platform emphasizes its commitment to providing its services at no cost to users.

1G Golden Profit Minimum Deposit

Users must make a minimum deposit of $250 to gain access to the platform. According to the platform, once users complete the mandatory registration process, they are granted access to brokers in their regions.

1G Golden Profit Compatible Devices

At press time, there are claims that the platform is accessible from virtually all desktop and mobile devices, including Android, iPhones, iPads, laptops, and PCs, among others. Also, the platform claims to feature web-based and mobile applications.

Is 1G Golden Profit a Scam?

Overall, there are no indications of dubious activities across the 1G Golden Profit platform. Moreover, we did not find claims of scams across third-party review platforms during our research.

However, several traders think that 1G Golden Profit’s promise of a free trading solution is a stretch. Realistically, it raises suspicions as to the sustainability of the platform.

Many have asked how the platform intends to earn its profit if it channels all deposits into users’ trading accounts.

In its defense, 1G Golden Profit claims that it connects traders to brokers. Hence, brokers charge for the services they provide to traders. Therefore, chances are that 1G Golden Profit earns from helping brokers acquire more users.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

1G Golden Profit Customer Support

1G Golden Profit claims it has quite responsive customer support, according to information gleaned from third-party reviews. However, users only have access to customer support through the contact page.

The channel poses a grave challenge to the optimal performance of the support staff as the majority of responses would come via email only.

1G Golden Profit Customer Support

Neither the platform nor third-party review sites said anything about live charts or social media customer support pages. It presents an area of the project that the team needs to overhaul.

Alternatively, the platform claims that users can access support through the account manager, which it claims would always be on the ground to help users.

How to Use 1G Golden Profit

The 1G Golden Profit is relatively accessible, according to information shared on its website and other platforms. The process starts with the initial registration and ends with trading gold in the market. Below is a summary of each step involved.

Step 1 – Registration

The first step in the process is the registration. Users need to visit the official 1G Golden Profit website page to complete the initial registration. They must include all key details, including the full name, email address, and phone number of the user.

Visit the 1G Golden Profit Website

According to the 1G Golden Profit website, users are expected to verify their identity via a confirmation email. After that, they are routed to the brokers’ platform, where they complete their sign-up.

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

After users complete the registration phase, the ensuing step is the fund deposit. Users are expected to make a deposit of $250, which is the minimum amount required to allow users access to the platform.

According to the platform, the deposit grants users access to the live trading session and other proprietary tools features. Furthermore, it states that the funds deposited go into their trading account.

Also, the platform claims that users who complete step 2 are eligible for a dedicated trading manager.

Step 4 – Start Trading

According to the website, users can start their trading journey with the 1G Golden Profit platform as soon as the funds get into the trading account.

However, it counsels users to make trading decisions within the scope of their competencies, as there are immense risks involved with all forms of trading. Hence, users are advised to only trade with the funds they can afford to lose.

How to Delete 1G Golden Profit Account

1G Golden Profit platform does not spell out the process involved with deleting an account. In most cases, according to information shared by other reviewers, a user’s account becomes deactivated if it’s not funded or used over a period. Also, users may be able to deactivate their accounts by communicating with customer support or the account manager. Nonetheless, our research shows that 1G Golden Profit claims it does not charge users any fees for account setup or maintenance. Consequently, there might be no need to deactivate accounts as it does not have any cost attached.

Are there Celebrity Endorsements of 1G Golden Profit?

A quick research into the claims of celebrity endorsements reveals that some promoters have provided misleading information about the 1G Golden Profit platform. Such information emanates from individuals seeking to earn returns from affiliate links.

There are no celebrity endorsements as at the time of writing this review. Hence, users should disregard such information.

Who Are The Founders of 1G Golden Profit?

Currently, there needs to be more information about the founders or the team behind the 1G Golden Profit platform. Similarly, the platform’s sales page doesn’t provide information about the location of the company behind the project or its brokers.

1G Golden Profit Payment  Methods

The platform supports several deposit and withdrawal methods. Users can make payments through their local banks or via third-party payment processing platforms. It also supports the use of credit and debit cards. However, it does not support crypto or other Web 3 payment options.

The Verdict

While reviewing the 1G Golden Profit platform, we discovered several upsides and downsides to its claims.

However, we were unable to personally validate some of the claims of the platform as we have been unable to access the platform or make payment for its services.

Sadly, the product page did not provide evidence to substantiate the bulk of the claims, making it quite challenging to offer a conclusive verdict about the platform.

Even so, information from other reviews and users emphasizes a mixed picture of the platform. As with every trading tool, there are always risks involved, and there are several downsides. Users should conduct due diligence before proceeding with the platform. Similarly, it might be best to consider alternative solutions with valid track records.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

1G Golden Profit  Alternatives

To succeed as a trader, consistently evaluating your investment portfolio in the ever-changing market is crucial. Seek expert advice and adjust strategies to match shifting conditions. Given the dynamic online trading landscape, staying informed about market movements is wise.

Investing Early in New Crypto Presales Or ICOs

Identifying early crypto investment opportunities presents an opportunity to earn immense returns. Even though trading in the gold market holds the potential for vast gains, cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the new gold.

It may interest you to know that early investors in some of the popular memecoins earned millions of dollars in returns in less than a year. Information about crypto presales and ICOs is often circulated via premium info service providers. However, aspiring crypto investors can get up-to-date information about crypto presale from InsideBitcoin’s crypto presale page.

Networking With Professional Traders

Additionally, new and veteran investors who seek to win in the gold market should leverage strategic networking. Ideally, the best way to cut down the time it takes to master any market is to get professionals on board. Hence, networking with professional traders would not only reduce the learning curve but will also help limit the potential risk.

One of the leading Discord groups led by Jacob Crypto Bury is also a good choice for interacting with other traders.

Automated Copy Trading in Crypto Exchanges

Finally, new traders in the gold market will benefit immensely from automated copy trading tools. Most of these tools are available at prohibitive prices, which is why new traders often don’t know about them until a lot later in their careers.

However, platforms like Bybit and OKX have made these tools accessible.


Does 1G Golden Profit support crypto?

1G Golden Profit is exclusively for gold traders. According to the platform, the team behind the project created the solution to solve the problem they faced while learning to trade the gold market. Thus, the platform claims to be working on a revolutionary solution to gold trading both for beginner and veteran traders.

How much does one need to use 1G Golden Profit?

According to the 1G Golden Profit website, there’s no upper limit to the amount of money one can invest. It only pegs the minimum deposit at $250. However, it warns of the risk involved in gold trading and other markets. Hence, there’s a need only to commit an amount that aligns with investors' trading strategy.

Does 1G Golden Profit offer guarantees?

According to its claims, the 1G Golden Profit platform is only a tool that traders can leverage to improve their trading competence. Hence, it does not offer guarantees. Users incur all the risks of losses and also receive all the gains, according to the platform.

Is 1G Golden Profit free?

According to its website, the platform does not charge users for its services. It claims that users don’t pay any charges for deposits, withdrawals, funding, registration, and other activities within the platform. Users only need to make a minimum deposit of $250, which is available for trading on the platform. Besides the initial deposit, the platform promotes itself as a free trading solution.