Bitcoin Bowl Ratings: Game Wins the Night as Highest-Rated Primetime Cable Program

By Inside Bitcoins Dec 30, 2014 11:16 AM EST

bitcoin bowl ratings

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NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) – The ratings are in and the news is good for the BitPay-sponsored Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl. According to Nielsen Data, the leading provider of audience measurement information, the bowl game garnered an audience of 3.3 million viewers. Nielsen Data also told Inside Bitcoins that the broadcast drew nearly 1 million viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

That was enough to win the honor as most-watched primetime program on cable for the evening.

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BitPay TV commercial

Prior to the broadcast, BitPay, the Atlanta-based bitcoin payment service provider and title sponsor of the game, estimated the game would attract viewership of some three million fans – and their expectations were spot-on.

The St. Petersburg Bowl had suffered a steady decline in viewership for the past six years, drawing .9 rating last year, according to Nielsen Media Research. That made last year’s Beef ‘O’Brady’s-sponsored event the second-lowest rated of 35 bowl broadcasts.

Ratings information regarding other bowl game broadcasts that have already aired this year was not immediately available from Nielsen, though college football viewership of bowl games in general declined 2% last year.

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  • votingmachine

    What is the return for BitPay for their $500,000 sponsorship?

    It was smart of the Bowl Game providers to immediately convert to cash. Last August Bitpay announced they had paid in bitcoin. The 3 year sponsorship runs about $1.5 million. Bitcoins were over $500 then. Fortunately the Bowl providers cashed out immediately.

    Bowl sponsorship gets your name out there. But BitPay put the name Bitcoin on the Bowl. I’m not sure that gets them a good advertising return.

  • Nealson Idiotquist

    I hate to break it to you, Neal, but every piece of legislation passed has been against some taxpayers’ wills. It’s the society in which we’ve all made the consensus that the government, when acting upon the wishes of special interests, will spend our money better than us. Hijacking the taxpayer is what we pay our elected officials to do!

    Now, proposing that they’ll hijack taxpayers to support the price of a currency that detracts from the monarchical control of their monetary system ….doesn’t just sound paranoid, it sounds pretty damn insane.

  • Neal Palmquist

    No. The smartest method to support the price of the bitcon would be to hijack the taxpayers against their will. Republicans and Democrats who do this can show the people all the billions of dollars lost and act all shocked as they proclaim, “Look at what the Libertarians did!”

  • Neal Palmquist

    Zero typically is off any chart

  • Neal Palmquist

    Why don’t you use your bitcons to buy a flight from Virgin Galactic? Is that johs’ fault, too?

  • Elisabeth Shaner Flach

    Absolutely! With my social media team at The Connection Marketing and BitPay’s, it will be off the charts!

  • BitPay’s decision to sponsor three consecutive years of College Bowl is brilliant. 2015 will be a much bigger year for Bitcoin. – Bitcoin Integration Group – Toronto, Canada @BIGbtc

  • Bob Futon

    Good reasoning

  • JohnGBeckett

    That is probably the smartest method that I’ve seen for introducing the general populace to Bitcoin in a way that they may actually pay attention to.

  • Van Allen belts, hey Erik, let’s send you.

  • erikvoorhees

    People like you are why we haven’t inhabited space yet.

  • johs

    Dumb idea

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