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Identity 20XY Review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Adding a dash of innovation and utility in one to the world of visual interactions, Identity 20XY brings together the three most-talked about future technologies – Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and NFTs. 

The tech amalgamation is not the only reason the platform is set to perform well. Identity 20XY is also opening the floodgates to redefined social interactions, including virtual meetings, conferences and exclusive events.

Read this detailed Identity 20XY review to find in-depth insights on this up-and-coming project. 

What is Identity 20XY?

Identity 20XY is reinventing the virtual interaction space with the introduction of NFT-based virtual masks. Using the platform, participants in a video call can interact with one another without revealing their faces, wearing fully customizable virtual masks.

All they need to do is buy NFTs and create their own unique identities for virtual meets.

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Centric to the project is the idea of enhanced user privacy online, hence the concept of virtual masks. At the same time, the platform refrains from collecting any personal user information to keep up with its privacy strengthening policy. 

The advanced technology behind Identity 20XY completely replaces the face of the participant, making sure that the mask is accurately aligned with their face. You can expect perfect alignment even as the individual moves, and accurate grasping of facial emotions by the NFT mask on display. 

Identity 20XY’s advanced, cross-platform application works well for not just video calls but also streams, video, and photo sharing across social media channels. The project has already advanced to its beta release, which makes the mask usage quite clear and impressive. 

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Setting Up Your Virtual Persona on Identity 20XY

Identity 20XY is trying to make anonymity on the web both secure and fun for users while respecting the importance of human interactions. Participants and attendees of virtual meets, conferences, events and festivals can protect their identities while expressing their emotions and personality freely, thanks to the unique concept that Identity 20XY brings to the table. 

Here is a simplified overview of the Identity 20XY ecosystem, and how it works. The following represents all that a user can do on the platform.

Mint an NFT Mask

As a first step, users start by minting an NFT to obtain their Identity 20XY mask. Non-fungible tokens are digital certificates of ownership on the blockchain, which means that these NFT masks are exclusive to their owner.

One can be sure that a particular mask can only be worn by one specific owner due to the underlying NFT technology. With each mask’s ownership verified and permanently etched on the Ethereum blockchain, users do not have to worry about identity theft or fraud while using the platform. 

Customize Your Mask as You Please

According to Identity 20XY, the platform is set to offer more than 5,000 different mask styles in the future. And yet, each of these masks can be completely customized by its wearer, including colors, patterns, facial features, special elements, and more.

Is Identity 20XY a good investment

This means you have the option to change your appearance if you get bored of the old one or suit your mask to the theme of the interaction – formal, traditional, funky, and so on. 

Each NFT is represented as an ERC-721 token on the platform, meaning users will also be able to sell their custom-designed masks through open marketplaces like OpenSea. 

Download the Identity 20XY Desktop App

Once you have set up your mask and customized it as per your needs, the next step is to download the Identity 20XY desktop app. The app allows cross-platform integration with video calling apps like Zoom, Skype, and so on.

An additional benefit you get is maintaining complete anonymity during meetings with virtual masks that are automatically and perfectly aligned to your face and its motions. 

Though there is no announcement on their official website yet, Identity 20XY can be expected to rope in a mobile application in the future as well, further simplifying virtual interaction experiences for more use cases. 

Connect to a Video Call

By this point, the user has set up everything – their mask, choice of appearance, downloading, and integrating the desktop app with a video calling platform. That is all they need to start conducting anonymous, secure, and reliable video calls from their system. 

Users on both ends of the call using Identity 20XY will be able to hear, move, and interact with each other in the same way as before. The only difference is that now, powered by NFT and augmented reality technologies, they both have virtual masks to hide their faces. 

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The advanced AR tools enable consistent attachment of the mask to their face, no matter what the kind of motion. One can view these masks as advanced AR-NFT filters – only they completely cover your face and do not move off when talking or moving. 

What Makes Identity 20XY Stand Out?

The best part about Identity 20XY is the novelty of its concept. In the age of social media, when faux filters have become common to the point of trolling and disgust, Identity 20XY is putting them to much more meaningful use – safety on the internet. 

This is especially true for large virtual events like webinars or online streams, where individuals may not be comfortable exposing their identity before swarms of strangers.

Even while using conventional platforms like Skype or Zoom, users are completely free to protect and retain their identities in a fun way. Here are some of the salient features of the project adding an element of uniqueness to it:

A Befitting Metaverse

A very important aspect of the Identity 20XY platform is how it integrates a more grounded view of the future of the metaverse, where people could interact realistically, even online. While virtual avatars in the metaverse are currently supported by a few projects, none provides users with as realistic and customizable a look as Identity 20XY. 

The platform currently banks on use cases like video calling and streaming. There is a genuine possibility it could be integrated with such metaverse-centric projects like Decentraland and Sandbox.

Users might be able to navigate the metaverse and interact with their counterparts convincingly while keeping their identities safe. They could customize masks from platform to platform, mood-to-mood, or keep them uniform throughout as their unique identity. 

High-Quality Augmented Reality

The underlying AR-embedded technology enables realistic experiences. The user’s mask is accurately always positioned and aligned to all facial movements.

It quickly adapts to any emotions that the user’s face reflects – laughter, surprise, smile, anger, confusion, and so on, based on the face’s lines and movements. Such accuracy is unprecedented and interesting, making interactions much more genuine even on the web. 

Forging Mask NFTs

Ability to “forge” a mask NFT is another critical feature that the Identity 20XY team is working on. In essence, this will allow two NFT holders to combine their masks to produce a completely new design.

The masks so produced will be represented by a fresh NFT, with its own unique identity on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Identity 20XY has not yet disclosed the intricacies of the forging procedure, but both parties will probably share ownership of the new mask NFT.

This could have potential use cases in virtual competitions and sporting events, where groups of people representing or supporting a team could co-create masks and share virtual representations. 

Multiple Virtual Experiences 

Additionally, Identity 20XY will introduce virtual interactions that will let the users network with others while remaining anonymous. Users will be able to participate in live auctions or even attend networking events while wearing their Identity 20XY mask.

It is essential to remember that the goal is to preserve a personal communication experience while also making sure that the user’s privacy is protected. Identity 20XY is on its way to achieving this goal with its impressive workflow and tech base. 

Scoring Big with Both Tech and Community

Identity 20XY sets itself apart from other NFT projects with a brilliant combination of future technology applications, interesting (and growingly relevant) use cases, and an already vibrant community early on. 

Identity 20XY community

Discord is currently Identity 20XY’s primary method of communication. New joiners can expect announces updates and fresh information about Identity 20XY once they have created their accounts on the platform, including the impending NFT debut.

The Identity 20XY Discord may be viewed through a regular web browser or a native mobile app, and joining is free. As an alternative, Identity 20XY is active on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. While the project is yet to launch, it has already started seeing active participation and interest, set to grow further soon. 

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Is Identity 20XY a Good Investment?

By investing in Identity 20XY, token holders will have the opportunity to participate in a tokenization system and gain access to a closed community area where they may meet other fans of masks.

Additionally, your name will be added to a whitelist for limited collections and upcoming NFT presales.

This works similarly to crypto airdrops in that the NFT holder can receive extra benefits just for keeping the ERC-721 token in their wallet. One such instance is mask airdrops, in which some NFT holders receive rare and one-of-a-kind designs.

Another advantage of investing in the project early on is getting access to the limited stock of NFT masks in its first campaign, which will take the shape of a presale, open only to people on a whitelist. 

Identity 20XY project

In due order, information on how to be whitelisted will be released on the Identity 20XY Discord channel. Those who have access to the presale, however, will have the chance to learn about the project before the general public.

Only after the presale is over, the masks will be made available to the entire public. The advantage of a fixed supply also shines through considering the announcement that only a finite number of NFT masks will be produced, 5,000 to be precise.

If the Identity 20XY project turns out to be successful, there is every chance that the open market value of its NFT will increase rapidly, giving early investors a chance at a jackpot.


If you find Identity 20XY’s long-term goals for its augmented reality mask framework exciting and relevant, you can contribute to the effort by buying one of its NFTs.

Join the Identity 20XY Discord, keep an eye out for the pre-sale on September 5, and get started by getting an Ethereum-compatible wallet. To finish the transaction, link your wallet to the platform.

The main idea is that Identity 20XY will make it possible for users to participate in video streaming calls without being identified because faces will be replaced by virtual masks thanks to an augmented reality framework.

Mask purchasers will also retain ownership via NFTs, giving them complete ownership, unique identities, and a chance of open sales. These are all elements that make the project unique.

Join the Discord channel for up-to-date information on Identity 20XY and its upcoming NFT launch and stay tuned to the official website to learn more about the project.


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What is meant by Identity 20XY?

Identity 20XY is an all-new project that brings together blockchain, NFT, and augmented reality technologies to revolutionize virtual interactions. Users can buy NFT masks and customize them to create their unique virtual identities, then wear those NFT masks during video calls or online streams.

How can I Invest in Identity 20XY?

Users can invest in Identity 20XY by buying NFT masks. As of now, it is the only way to invest in Identity 20XY. The masks, represented by NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain, will be available during the presale launch in September 2022 for select whitelisted spots.

Is Identity 20XY a good investment?

Considering the innovative concept of the project, it seems to have a vast potential in terms of number of use cases and mass adoption. Identity 20XY's focus on maintaining the web user's privacy is another reason why it is here to stay for the long term.