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10 Best Telegram Games to Play in 2023 – With Bitcoin Gaming

Best Telegram Games
Best Telegram Games

Launching as a secure messaging app, Telegram has gone a long way and incorporated other advanced features too. One such feature is bot-creating tools, which enable developers to launch any type of bot with the commands they want. Since then, bots have been widely used to create games that users can play within Telegram and access easily, securely, and effortlessly. 

In this guide, we have picked the best Telegram games to play in 2023 and reviewed each one of them to help you better understand which ones are more suitable for you. Some sections will also provide you with information about how to start using Telegram bots to play games, how to find Telegram games, and what kind of gambling games you can find on Telegram. 

Top 10 Telegram Games to Play in 2023

Below, you will find the list of the top ten Telegram games that we find worth playing in 2023. We have handpicked the best Telegram games after exploring the features of many games, their security, benefits, and other factors. 

  1. Lucky BlockBest Telegram Game to Play in 2023 with a 200% Welcome Bonus. Lucky Block is an online casino that has recently launched a Telegram bot to play its slots, table games, and bet on different events from its sportsbook directly from Telegram. No need for KYC, account setup, or any verification. Simply fund your Lucky Block wallet and enjoy its huge variety of slots and other games. Get a bonus package and free spins for the first deposit on the platform. 
  2. Mega DiceExciting Telegram Game to Play Crypto Casino with Amazing Rewards. Mega Dice is a crypto casino that you can access directly from its Telegram bots and enjoy its thousands of slots from popular providers. If it’s you are new to Mega Dice deposit €20 and claim a bonus of 200% of up to 1BTC and get free spins for various slots. 
  3. TG.Casino Licensed and Secure Telegram Casino to Play without KYC Processes. TG.Casino is the first crypto casino that is accessible only through Telegram. The casino is 100% licensed and enables you to play without KYC verifications. Its native token, TGC, is available to buy through the presale with a staking APY of over 350%. The token will also give you some benefits when you play its games. 
  4. Wall St Memes Casino New Telegram Casino Launched by Popular WSM Community. Wall Street Memes has a huge community of followers that exceeds 1 million on different social media platforms. It has its NFT collection, a native token that has been launched recently after a successful presale. 
  5. Poker BotBest Telegram Game to Play Poker. If you like Texas Holdem, this bot will enable you to play with real users without the need of any money. You can’t use real money with Poker Bot so it’s completely safe and risk-free. The bot is available in 14 languages and has a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game. 
  6. QuizariumTelegram Game to Play Quizzes with Friends. Quizarium offers quizzes in different categories, such as music, movies, etc. Simply create a chat with the friends you want to play with, add the bot in the chat, set the game standards, and it will send the quizzes in the chat. Whoever gives the first right answer counts a point. 
  7. Blackjack Bot Top Telegram Game for Blackjack Lovers. This bot is designed to let you play blackjack against it. It is risk-free, as you can start playing without any funds. 
  8. Gamee Play a Number of Telegram Games with Friends or Solo. If you want something to relax, Gamee is a good choice because it offers a variety of games in different categories, including sports, arcades, action games, relaxing games, puzzles, etc. 
  9. Chess Bot – Popular Telegram Game to Play Chess. If you are a chess fan, this can be a perfect Telegram game for you. Starting with Chess Bot is simple, as long as you only need to find the bot and click on the “Start” command. 
  10. Game Bot – Top Telegram Game with a Variety of Games to Compete with Friends. Game Bot offers three attention games that you can play and compete with your friends based on your scores. 

Top Telegram Games Reviewed – Full List

If you still can’t decide which Telegram game to choose, taking a closer look at their features may help you make a decision. In this section, we have reviewed all the ten best Telegram games included in our list and introduced their most popular features. 

Lucky Block – Best Telegram Game to Play in 2023 with 200% Welcome Bonus

Lucky Block is the first on our list: it is a newly launched crypto casino with a Telegram bot for casino games and sportsbook betting. One of the exclusive features of crypto casinos is that they don’t require going through KYC verifications and filling in too many details about you. This makes it easier to start with Lucky Block, as you simply need to transfer funds to your account wallet and enjoy the platform. 

Meanwhile, Lucky Block is a licensed casino with fair games created by leading and reliable providers. Hence, the casino provides an exciting gambling experience with its thousands of slots, crash games, live casino, and others. Sportsbook is also available for betting on any sports event imaginable and virtual games worldwide. Another great feature is its welcome package with a 200% bonus of up to 10,000 EUR and over 50 free spins for beginners. 

lucky block

To make gambling even much simpler, Lucky Block launched a Telegram game that is easy to activate and give commands. Simply visit the bot and click on the “Start” command. After that, the bot will introduce the features you can use through Telegram, which include not only playing games but also funding your wallet, getting help from support, and other options. You can also buy cryptocurrencies through its Telegram bot if you don’t have any coins to start with. 

lucky block bot game

As a crypto casino, Lucky Block accepts almost 10 popular cryptocurrencies. But if you don’t have crypto, it also lets you use your credit card and buy crypto on its platform. This and many other features make Lucky Block’s Telegram game one of the best Telegram games in 2023. Additionally, its promotions and loyalty packages will make the experience even more exciting. 

Visit Lucky Block

Mega Dice – Exciting Telegram Game to Play Crypto Casino with Amazing Rewards

Mega Dice is another crypto casino that has gained huge popularity as a Telegram casino as well. The platform will welcome you with a reward package of a 200% bonus of up to 1BTC or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies and 50 free spins to use through its Telegram game. Simply use the link to go to its Telegram bot, click on the start, choose the appropriate feature, and start gambling. 

mega dice

If it is your first deposit on Mega Dice, fund your account with over 20 EUR and claim the welcome package bonuses. On Mega Dice, you will find a huge selection of slots, crypto games, live casino games, game shows, etc. Its slots are quite fair and secure as they belong to leading providers, such as Pragmatic Play, Novomatic, Evolution, Octoplay, and many others. 

mega dice bot game

Once you claim your welcome, you can later benefit from a weekly/ monthly reloads package and weekly free spins to try a new game. As with Lucky Block, Mega Dice is extremely easy to start using. Again there is no need to verify your account as it is a fully-licensed crypto casino. Just deposit some crypto on your account or buy through a credit card, and you will be able to play the slots on bet on events from sportsbook. 

Visit Mega Dice

TG.Casino – Licensed and Secure Telegram Casino to Play without KYC Processes

Another Telegram game that we consider an excellent choice for gambling enthusiasts is TG.Casino. It is a completely new approach to the crypto casino section, as the slots and other casino games are played 100% from its Telegram bot. TG.Casino guarantees 100% safety for its users, who can instantly start playing from Telegram without any account setup, KYC, or verifications. Moreover, starters will also get a 150% bonus of up to $30,000 and over 500 free spins.

As a crypto casino, TG.Casino accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, XRP, DOGE, and others. Meanwhile, it will also have its native token, TGC, which is currently in the presale and available to buy at a discount. The token has already raised almost $1.5 million from the presale and promises to give benefits to the presale buyers when they play the casino games. 


One of the benefits of the token is that you will get it at a relatively higher price before it hits exchanges. Additionally, you can stake your TGC tokens still in the presale with the current APY of over 350%. Casino players will also get special rewards, and high rollers will get NFT rewards. Using TGC for your casino bets will also give you a cashback of 25% if you lose the bet. The coin also has a burning policy, which reduces its supply constantly and creates scarcity. 

tgcasino bot

To start with TG.Casino, activate its Telegram bot and select the play now command. Then, you can deposit crypto on your casino wallet, select the slot, and start playing. Along with sports, TG.Casino also provides a number of crypto games, table games, such as baccarat, roulettes, and blackjacks, and game shows. 

Visit TG.Casino Bot

Wall Street Memes Casino – New Telegram Casino Launched by Popular WSM Community

A popular NFT community called Wall Street Memes has also launched its crypto casino, which is available to play through its Telegram bot. You may already be familiar with the Wall Street Memes as it has a very active community of over 1 million members on its different social media accounts. WSM is popular for publishing memes about Wall Street and trading on social media platforms. 

The project also issues different DeFi products, one of which is its native token – the Wall Street Memes token, which launched after successfully conducting a presale. And now, Wall Street Memes also launched a crypto casino with a sportsbook and casino games available for gambling. As with other leading crypto casinos, WSM also offers an abundant welcome package that includes a 200% bonus on your first deposit of up to $25,000. 

wall street memes

The Telegram casino offers you over 5,000 casino games, such as slots, game shows, crypto games, live casino games, etc. It supports several cryptocurrencies, including WSM tokens, BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, and many more. No KYC is required to play its games through Telegram game. You can instantly deposit funds in your wallet and enjoy its various features. 

Visit WSM Casino

Poker Bot – Best Telegram Game to Play Poker 

Other than casino games there are multiple types of games that you can play through Telegram. Poker is one of the most popular games to play through the Telegram app, and Poker Bot is an excellent choice for those who like this game. It supports Poker Texas Hold ‘em poker style and has over 670,000 users from around the world. 

This is a completely risk-free poker game as long as you are not allowed to play with real cash. The bot gives you virtual cash to use during the game. It requires two to start the game, so you can play with your friends. However, it is also possible to start solo, as long as the bot will find a free seat for you. The cards are represented through emojis and numbers and you can bet, fold, raise, or call through the commands provided by the bot. 

poker bot

To start with, you simply activate the bot and select the appropriate command. You can immediately start playing if you know the rules. Otherwise, you can select the “Start tutorial” command and get introduced to the rules. The bot is available in 14 languages, including English. You can select the language when you activate it and change it any time you want. 

Quizarium – Telegram Game to Play Quizzes with Friends

Quizarium is an excellent Telegram game for quiz lovers, and you can enjoy it with your friends directly on Telegram. The Telegram games work in this way: you activate it, choose the language, and then you create a Telegram group, adding the ones you want to play with. Next, you add Quizarium to the group and click on the “Start” command. 

Now you can select the category in which you want to take the quiz. Quizarium offers six different categories, including Geography, History, Music, Society, Movies and Literature. You can also select All and get questions from different categories. After selecting the category, you will need to select the number of rounds, which can be 10, 20, 50, or even infinite. 


After all the conditions are selected, Quizarium will start sending the questions to the chat, and members of the group can write answers. The first member to correctly answer the question will get a point. If you don’t answer for some time, Quizarium will automatically send you hints to guess the answer. Once all the hints are sent it will reveal the right answer. When the quiz finishes Quizarium will introduce the points and announce the winner. 

Blackjack Bot – Top Telegram Game for Blackjack Lovers 

Blackjack is also a popular game to play on Telegram. The game is available to play on Telegram casinos, including Lucky Block, Mega Dice, TG.Casino and Wall Street Memes, you can also use different bots designed specifically for blackjacks. The difference is that in the second case, you play only for fun. No real cash is involved, and it is completely risk-free. This means that you also won’t get any rewards in cash if you win the game. 

blackjack bot

Starting with the Blackjack Telegram bot is as simple as with the other Telegram games. You simply click on the bot, activate it, select the language, and start playing. The goal is to reach close to 21 but not exceed it. If you exceed 21 the deal wins the game. The bot will first introduce your value, then ask you through buttons to Hit or Stand. After that, it will reveal whether it is you or the dealer who won the game. 

When the game finishes you can choose to start another round – all simple and easy. From the Menu section, you can also check the statistics, stop the game, change the language, and even send comments to the developer of the game. 

Gamee – Play a Number of Telegram Games with Friends or Solo

Gamee is another Telegram game we recommend using in 2023 for those who like simple yet enjoyable games. It offers a bunch of interesting games in different categories, including sports, action, quickles, racing, puzzles, relaxation, and arcade. You can find multiple games in all these categories which are available to play solo and with friends. 

gamee bot

After activating the bot, you can select the suitable command from the menu section to continue with the bot. If you want to play with friends, add the bot in the group chat and mention it to start playing. If you want to play solo, click on the categories command and it will introduce you to what categories are available. Now, you can select the category and choose the game you want to play. 

Some other commands of the platform include last-played games, features games, trending games, and get app. If you click on the latter, it will automatically create login details for you, after which you can download the app on your device and enjoy the games with the app. 

Chess Bot – Popular Telegram Game to Play Chess

Chess bot is a Telegram game for chess lovers that enables them to enjoy playing a simple chess game. Once you find the app, activate and write “chessy_bot “ (with space at the end) in the message area. Once you write, you will notice that it brings a command to select either white or black pieces to play with. Then, it will initiate a chess game where you can play with a real user. 

chess bot

As the Chess bot is not a game against the computer, you will need to wait for a few minutes once another user joins the game. After the bot finds the second player, you can start the game. You can also find a discussion command within the Telegram bot and join the group to be up to date about the latest updates for the bot. 

Game Bot – Top Telegram Game with a Variety of Games to Comete with Friends

Game bot is another Telegram game for captivating and exciting game lovers. You can find the Telegram game with the username “GameBot”, activate it, and it will offer 3 simple games designed for memory and concentration boost. As Game Bot offers games to play with your friends, there is only a command for that. You can select it, choose the group where you want to compete, and select any of the three games offered. 

game bot

If you want to enjoy the games solo, you can select “Saved messages” chat, where you will get the link for the games. Now you can select the game, you want to play and play solo. The three games include Math Battle to check your math skills; Corsairs, where you dodge the cannonballs and collect points to pass the level; and Lumberjack, where you chop the tree as fast as you can while paying attention to branches not to kill yourself. 

How to Play Games on Telegram?

It’s extremely easy to get started with Telegram games, which is one of the main reasons why they are getting more and more popular. All you need to do is to find the game you want to play, give the Telegram bot a “Start” command and it will introduce you to the features from where you can select the further commands. Overall, the bot will assist you throughout the whole time with what commands you can give to the bot, and from there you can select what you want. 

It is to be noted that Telegram betting bots and game are so straightforward that it does not require any verification process, or account setup, even when it comes to gambling and casino games. If you already have an account on Lucky Block and funded your wallet, you can simply click on the “Play Now” command, and the bot will connect to your account to let you play the slots. Some other available commands on the Lucky Block bot are connecting to your wallet, funding your wallet, contacting the support team, etc. 

Telegram also provides other interesting types of games, such as quizzes, which you can play with your friends. Quizarium is one such example: you simply invite the bot to join the Telegram group where you want to compete with your friends. After that, you select the category of the quiz, rounds, and the number of questions.

Then, the bot will automatically send, the questions to the chat where you will need to give the right answer, Once anyone gives the right answer, Quizarium will send the next questions. You can also take a hint if you can’t guess the answer immediately. Once all the questions are over, Quizarium will show you the results, letting you know who collected the highest points. 

Other than that, you can play solo games provided by Gamee. Once you activate the bot, you can choose the suitable settings, click on the solo games, and select the game you want to play and it will lead you to a separate platform where you enjoy the game. No registration or verification is required for these types of games too. 

Best Ways to Find Games on Telegram

There are a number of good ways to find games on Telegram. One of them is to simply search for the name of the game on the Telegram search area and click on the one you wanted from the search results. If you don’t know the name of a game to search, simply write the category of the game you want, and it will bring you several options that you can test and select the one you liked. 

Another option is to search on Google. As we have introduced the top ten best Telegram games to play this year, you can find such lists on Google and browse them to find out your favorites. You can also narrow down the search by looking for the Telegram games in the category you want. Such as, you can write “Best Gambling Telegram Games to Play in 2023”, etc. 

Finally, you can find multiple good Telegram games on social media platforms. Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms for Telegram games. You can come across some advertisements by the developers of the games. Also, you can join active Reddit groups where members post and tell about different Telegram games. You can find some good examples from X’s (Twitter) social media platform too. 

What Kind of Gambling Games Can You Find on Telegram?

While bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos don’t apply the same rules as traditional casinos, it is becoming increasingly popular for them to use Telegram making it easier for their users to access their casino games and sportsbook events. Here are some of the most popular gambling games you can play on Telegram. 


Slots are the most popular casino games offered on Telegram games. Popular crypto casinos, such as Mega Dice and Lucky Block offer a great variety of slots. Lucky Block has over 4,400 slots which are provided by leading providers, including Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Hacksaw Gaming, Nolimit City, and many others. 

You will find such popular slots on Lucky Block, such as Extra Juicy, Pyramid of Lights, Highway to Win, Seven Seven, etc. Through its Game of the Week promotion package, you will get free spins each week and have the chance to taste a new game for each week. 

Table Games

Table games, such as blackjacks, roulettes, and baccarat are also quite popular among crypto casinos that provide gambling experience through Telegram bots. Blackjack is one of the most widespread casino games the main idea of which is to score 21 with your cards without exceeding it. On Mega Dice, you can find several options to join blackjacks, including lightning black, speed blackjack, first-person blackjacks, etc. 


Crypto casinos included in our list also provide a separate section for sportsbooks. Through this section, you can bet on any type of sports event in the world 24/7. If there is not an offline sports event available at a certain time, Lucky Block also enables betting on multiple virtual sports. Among the popular sports events included in the sportsbooks are football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket, soccer, and hockey. 


To conclude, there is a great variety of Telegram games that you can play in 2023. However, our top picks are gambling Telegram games, with the best one being Lucky Block casino. It is a crypto casino where you can enjoy thousands of slots, table games, roulette, poker and bet on a great of sports events – offline and virtual. Lucky Block also has an exciting reward system with a welcome package including a 200% bonus, free spins, and other reload bonuses. 

The casino has a Telegram bot which makes it easier to connect your wallet to the casino and enjoy the slots from Telegram. Other gambling Telegram game options are Mega Dice and TG.Casino bots. They will provide you with an exciting gambling experience with great security and anonymity. Suppose you are not into gambling. Our list of the best Telegram games includes a variety of other games in various categories. 

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Can you play games on Telegram?

Yes, due to Telegram bots, you can easily access different games on Telegram and play directly on the messaging app. The games can be of different kinds, starting from casino, poker, and chess to quizzes and relaxing games.

What are the best games on Telegram?

In our top ten list of the best Telegram games, we have picked Telegram games from different categories that are worth playing. The list includes casino games, poker, chess, quizzes, arcade, and action games, and many more. We consider Lucky Block to be the best Telegram game to play.

Is gambling allowed on Telegram?

The gambling Telegram games, introduced in our list, are designed by Lucky Block, TG.Casino and Mega Dice crypto casinos. These platforms are 100% licensed and secure casinos, so you can trust them, but before that check their features to make sure it meets your requirements. Additionally, if you come across any other Telegram game that provides gambling make sure that a licensed and secure casino designs it before providing any payment method details or funding your account.

Is downloading games from Telegram safe?

With Telegram game bots, you don’t need to download anything on your device, as you directly play the game within the Telegram app. The games included in our list are secure and safe as they are free to play, and they don’t require KYC verifications to let you play the games. As for casinos, the apps are connected to the casino platforms they belong, so you will actually fund your wallet on Lucky Block’s platform, not on Telegram.