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yPredict AI Raises Over $932,000 – Is This the Next 10x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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yPredict, an AI-based trading research and analysis tool, raised $932k in a stage 5 presale and is set to transform the cryptocurrency market. The yPredict coin has not only caught the attention of investors but also of people in the cryptocurrency community.

The blockchain-AI combination continues to excite investors. The massive fundraising success of a few recent AI-powered cryptocurrency efforts demonstrates this. One of them is yPredict, whose token presale is almost completely sold out.

yPredict Token Presale Selling Fast

Analysts consider yPredict’s presale to be among the most fair currently accessible, given that many other presale projects restrict a major portion of the currency supply for CEOs. As a result, the incentive to perform a rug pull is greatly diminished in the context of yPredict’s tokenomics.

Furthermore, because the crypto community was able to secure such a large share of the token supply in the project’s early stages, investors won’t have to worry about significant insider token supply decreases that could reduce the price in the future. YPRED is currently available for $0.07 via the yPredict presale.

The presale raised over $932,000, and over 90% of the current stage has been purchased. Investors do not want to be left behind in terms of price growth, as the YPRED price will rise by 28.57% when the stage is completed. YPRED can be purchased during the presale with ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, or a credit card.

This represents a 140% savings over the estimated listing price of $0.12. As a result, early investors can lock in not only a cheap yPredict subscription but also significant gains from the token’s appreciation. Guide on how to buy YPRED token here.

yPredict’s AI-Powered Generate Huge Hype

Given recent advancements in AI technology (such as the introduction of ChatGPT last November) and a surge in interest in AI’s different use cases, it’s not surprising that yPredict has been turning a lot of heads in the crypto community.

The crypto market must preserve its reputation in order for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency payments to become generally recognized. That is the goal of yPredict.

Users can subscribe to data-driven insights, proven analytic measurements, and predictive market trends via the yPredict ecosystem, which includes AI and ML experts, financial quants, and traders. These forecasting models were developed utilizing cutting-edge financial forecasting methodologies and indicators derived from real-time alternative data.

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They are developed by highly qualified financial data scientists and made available through the yPredict marketplace via monthly subscriptions. It enables developers to profit from their knowledge without using middlemen.

yPredict intends to launch the full version of its analytics, repository, and marketplace platform by the end of 2023, according to the project’s whitepaper. To implement these powerful AI solutions, yPredict is working with some of the top AI developers across the globe.

yPredict Launches Ambassador

yPredict’s viral crypto presale has just received a significant boost, with the web3 start-up announcing a new ambassador program and collaboration.
The new initiative is “aimed at recognizing and rewarding early investors who have been advocating for yPredict and spreading our vision through various forms of social media,” according to the startup.

Meanwhile, yPredict has formed an alliance with ShubPy, which will collaborate closely with yPredict to help scale its AI-powered offering. ShubPy is described as “a trusted development partner with extensive experience in scalable solutions” by yPredict. See our details on how to buy AI coins here.

YPRED Infused with Utility

The YPRED economy is the foundation of yPredict’s ground-breaking AI-powered trading platform. If you purchased YPRED presale tokens, you will receive free access to the yPredict analytics platform. The three membership tiers are free, active, and pro-trader.

To acquire access to yPredict’s premium features, new users must pay a monthly fee in YPRED. Existing YPRED token holders will get 10% of these fees, enticing investors to keep their tokens while earning a passive income. See our YPRED price forecast here.

Each month, YPRED token owners can join pools and stake their tokens for rewards. The yPredict AI trading platform is designed to operate on a premium price structure. More passive income opportunities will be introduced as the platform evolves. The polygon-based token includes more powerful capabilities.

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This entails voting on the market, for which you may be rewarded handsomely. The model listing and delisting procedures on the platform follow a DAO governance structure. Each model that is released to the market must therefore garner the support of those who will ultimately vote on it.

The DAO ensures that the platform satisfies the demands of the community, as opposed to traditional trading platforms, which are routinely manipulated. Because of its rigorous criteria, experienced developers, dealers, and investors from all around the world will be drawn to the yPredict listing.


A substantial amount of money is being invested in AI research and development, demonstrating that this is the technology of the future. There is a lot of room for growth at the convergence of AI and decentralized technology. yPredict is a promising project with a wide variety of capabilities based on its unique traits and uses.

The platform could be a big participant in the cryptocurrency industry by 2023, and the presale offers an interesting opportunity at this early stage. To take part of the presale visit


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