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yPredict AI Crypto Presale Raises $900,000 – Next 10x Crypto Launching Soon?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

yPredict AI Crypto Presale Raises $900,000
yPredict AI Crypto Presale Raises $900,000

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yPredict, a next-generation AI-based trading research and analysis platform, has reached the $900,000 mark in its YPRED token presale. Investors continue to see a lot of potential in the blockchain and AI combination.

The enormous fundraising success of some recent AI-powered cryptocurrency initiatives serves as proof of this.
One of them is yPredict, whose token presale is quickly selling out.

yPredict AI-powered Trading Platform

Trading signals, news, and social media influencers—all of which have the potential to be deceptive—are relied upon more and more by traders in an effort to avoid them and gauge the direction of the market. In the future, that’s terrible for the market and for investors.

For blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency payments to become widely accepted, the crypto market must maintain its reputation. That is the purpose behind yPredict. Users can subscribe to data-driven insights, validated analytic measures, and predicative market trends through the ecosystem of yPredict, which consists of Ai/ML professionals, financial quants, and traders.

These prediction models were created using cutting-edge financial prediction techniques and indicators generated from real-time alternative data. They are created by highly skilled financial data scientists and made accessible via yPredict marketplace through monthly subscriptions. It enables developers to make money off their expertise without using middlemen.

The marketplace, trading instruments, trading terminal, and high annual percentage yield staking pools of yPredict are its main features. To implement these powerful AI solutions, yPredict is working with some of the top AI developers from across the globe.

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yPredict  Token Presale – Selling Out Fast

Given that many other presale projects restrict a significant percentage of the currency supply for executives, analysts have deemed yPredict’s presale to be among the most fair currently available. Because of this, the incentive to perform a rug pull is significantly reduced inside the framework of yPredict’s tokenomics.

Additionally, investors won’t have to be concerned about significant insider token supply dips that could depress the price in the future because the crypto community was able to obtain such a significant portion of the token supply in the project’s early phases. YPRED is currently available via the yPredict presale for just $0.05.

From the anticipated listing price of $0.12, that represents a 140% savings. Early investors can therefore lock in not only a discounted yPredict subscription but also considerable gains from the token’s appreciation. Guide on how to buy YPRED token here.

Over $900,000 was raised in the presale, and over 90% of the current stage has been purchased. Investors don’t want to lag behind the price growth because the YPRED price will increase by 28.57% when the stage is complete. During the presale, investors can purchase YPRED using ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, or a credit card.

The full yPredict crypto presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also manage a Discord channel with 12k members, where users get trading tips and upcoming crypto presales.

YPRED Loaded with Utility

The foundation of yPredict’s ground-breaking AI-powered trading platform’s economy known as YPRED. You can have free access to the yPredict analytics platform if you purchased YPRED presale tokens. Free, active, and pro trader are the three membership tiers.

New users must pay a subscription fee in YPRED to gain access to yPredict’s premium features. Existing YPRED token holders will get 10% of these fees, incentivizing investors to hold onto their tokens while receiving a passive income stream. See our YPRED price prediction here.

Owners of YPRED tokens can participate in pools and stake their tokens for rewards each month. The AI-trading platform from yPredict is built to function with a premium price structure. As the platform continues to develop, more passive income sources will be revealed. More potent functionalities are included with the polygon-based token.

This consists of voting on the market, where you could receive alluring rewards. The platform’s model listing and delisting procedures adhere to a DAO governance structure. Each model that is put out to the market must therefore get the support of the people who will ultimately vote on it.

Unlike traditional trading solutions, which are frequently manipulated, the DAO ensures that the platform meets the needs of the community. Experienced developers, dealers, and investors from all around the world will be attracted to yPredict listing because of its high standards. Take part in the YPRED presale at


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