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yPredict AI Presale Selling Fast – Reached $870K Threshold as Buyers Flock In

YPredict AI Presale Selling Fast
YPredict AI Presale Selling Fast

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yPredict, a cryptocurrency powered by artificial intelligence, recently raised $870k in a stage 4 presale and is set to change the cryptocurrency industry. The yPredict token has not only piqued the interest of investors but also members of the cryptocurrency community, as it sold out in a couple of hours.

yPredict overview

By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, yPredict provides a trustworthy and safe prediction market that is transparent to all users. The $YPRED token is the native currency of the network, which operates atop the Ethereum blockchain.

Through implementing smart contracts, yPredict hopes to offer its consumers a decentralized alternative to centralized prediction markets. Users can set up and participate in prediction markets for a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and economics.

An additional component of the site is called “Social Trading,” and it allows users to replicate the trades of the platform’s most successful traders. yPredict’s main objective is to provide users with a transparent and decentralized platform for engaging in prediction trading, therefore increasing the prediction market sector.

What Features Does yPredict Have?

To anticipate market movements and enhance trading methods, yPredict employs cutting-edge AI technology. Here are a few solid reasons in favor of purchasing yPredict ($YPRED) if you plan to invest in the cryptocurrency market. There are four primary features of the yPredict ecosystem.

  • The yPredict Predictions platform uses AI and ML-aided predictive modeling to fuel this “free forever” platform. Therefore, yPredict Predictions is a wonderful way to bring new users into the ecosystem, making the project more popular and raising token demand.
  • The yPredict Analytics platform uses pattern identification, sentiment analysis, indicator analysis, and transaction analysis, to name just a few of the analytic tools available on the platform. yPredict Analytics is a freemium platform that offers free, active, and pro trader membership tiers.
  • The yPredict Marketplace is what makes this cryptocurrency so promising and competitive. Through the yPredict Marketplace, creators of AI and ML may offer traders monthly subscriptions to their prediction models. yPredict’s marketplace fee is 20%, with holders of $YPRED receiving 10%.
  • The yPredict Terminal is a strong trading platform that interfaces with the app’s other capabilities. This integration enables fast order execution based on signal warnings.

What Is the Purpose of the yPredict Token?

It is essential to analyze the utility of the $YPRED coin in order to acquire an understanding of whether or not it is one of the greatest presales. The $YPRED token will serve as the primary utility token for the yPredict ecosystem and will be the driving force behind all of its components.

Traders and investors will be able to make purchases on the yPredict program using the token. Investors can stake their tokens for the chance to win staking incentives in the form of the $YPRED token. Developers that use the application to offer their services will be able to earn passive revenue using the $YPRED token.

Token holders have the opportunity to participate in the DAO, which casts votes on significant issues concerning the project. This includes analyzing prediction models to guarantee that the market will only acknowledge the most reliable trading signals.

The key factors that are boosting interest in the coin are traders who are utilizing it to buy services and investors who believe that the price will rise. In addition, the fact that the project will produce a “real yield” indicates that there will be an ongoing demand for $YPRED, which has the potential to have an optimistic effect on the price of the cryptocurrency in the years to come.

Investors shown a significant amount of interest in yPredict

Traders, who frequently find that existing tools are not capable enough to satisfy their demands, have shown a great deal of interest in the platform that yPredict provides. The waitlist for the project currently has more than 20,000 traders on it, and it is quickly expanding.

The undertaking has been covered by significant monetary news publications, such as Benzinga, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance, among others. The yPredict team is comprised of seasoned professionals in the fields of both artificial intelligence development and trading.

The leadership team’s members have a combined total of more than 25 years’ experience in big data, machine learning, and software development. CoinSuit has performed a complete KYC verification and audit of yPredict.

yPredict tokens offering several advantages

The yPredict tokens are decentralized applications that run on the Polygon blockchain. This provides a number of benefits, including compliance with Ethereum, scalability, security, and an all-around favorable experience for creators. Visit our guide to the best altcoins to buy here.

Even though other blockchain options might also provide some or all of these benefits, the Polygon community is well-known for being welcoming to people of diverse backgrounds and extremely appealing to developers. The quantity of YPRED tokens is capped at 100 million, which ensures that each token will always have a value that is proportionate to its scarcity despite the ever-increasing number of people holding it.

The project’s DAO is also available for use. In a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model, YPRED holders vote on whether or not a model should be included in the marketplace. This method of decision-making is fair as it promotes transparency and equality.

Additionally, by incorporating the DAO governance mechanism for developer model submission, yPredict is able to maintain strong analysis rules on the platform. This enhances the platform’s attraction to traders, investors, and other developers who are looking for a trustworthy and dependable marketplace.

yPredict Presale Stage 4 is nearing its end

Traders will be required to purchase a subscription to yPredict in order to gain access to all of the AI-powered capabilities of the platform. yPredict’s native Polygon-based currency, $YPRED, can be used to purchase services at a large discount.

In addition to this, traders have the option of staking $yPRED in order to participate in income sharing. Stakeholders in $YPRED are entitled to a 10% revenue share from each new subscription. At the time of listing, it is anticipated that the entire supply of $YPRED will be 100 million and the market capitalization will be $6.5 million.

A purchase of $YPRED can be made right now through the yPredict presale for the low price of $0.05 per token. This is a savings of 140% compared to the projected listing price of $0.12.

In this way, early investors have the opportunity to profit from the token’s future value and a discounted yPredict subscription. The current stage is over 95% sold out, and the presale brought in over $870k. Before entering the next phase, the price of $YPRED will climb by 28.57%, so investors should act quickly to avoid missing out.

During the presale, investors have the option of acquiring $YPRED with ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, or even a credit card. See our details on how to buy AI coins here.


A great deal of capital is being invested in AI research and development, proving that this is the technology of the future. There is a great opportunity for growth at the intersection of AI and decentralized technology. yPredict is a promising project with a wide range of capabilities according to its unique characteristics and applications.

The platform might be a major player in the cryptocurrency market by 2023, and in its early stages, the presale offers an exciting chance. To take part of the presale visit


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