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yPredict Presale Continues to Grab Stronger Investor Interest As It Achieves Impressive Milestone Of $750K

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In an exciting development for the yPredict project, the highly anticipated presale has reached a significant milestone. This results from investors fervently acquiring tokens ahead of an expected price surge of 28.5%. The presale has garnered tremendous attention, driven by the project’s innovative features and promising potential.

yPredict is a cutting-edge AI/ML-based platform utilizing advanced prediction algorithms and blockchain technology. Its value proposition has created a buzz within the investment community. With the presale in full swing, the project has gained even more momentum as it surpassed a remarkable milestone of $750,000.

The yPredict Token’s Presale Rises

The overwhelming response from investors can be attributed to yPredict’s utility. The platform allows users to participate in decentralized prediction markets, allowing them to predict outcomes across various domains.

With its emphasis on transparency, decentralization, and accuracy, yPredict has positioned itself as a game-changer in prediction.

In the meantime, investors can purchase each yPRED token at $0.05. However, they can expect this price to rise to about $0.07 during stage 5 of the presale. Following this stage will be the launch of the token on recognized digital currency exchanges. This will occur later in 2023; at that time, the token will trade at $0.12.

This presents a huge opportunity for investors who would take the step to purchase the token now. They can expect a whopping ROI of approximately 140% when the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) kicks off.

Notably, the hype of the yPredict presale has brought it under the radar of several analysts who believe it is currently one of the fairest options on the market. This is due to the large proportion of the token left for supply which is different in the ongoing presales of other tokens.

Aside from this, the token promises to be a haven for investors, as it will prevent chances of rug pulls, according to its tokenomics. In other words, investors won’t have to worry about running at a loss due to the decline of insider token supply.

The Introduction Of yPredict’s Ambassador

yPredict has also announced the launch of its AI Ambassador Program and Partnership, which will significantly boost its ongoing presale. This program aims to build a strong community of users and drive the platform’s adoption. It will achieve this objective by rewarding and reorganizing early buyers of the token during the presale.

It explained two main methods by which it will carry out this program. The first method will involve an investment and social support requiring more than $5,000 worth of $YPRED. As stated in the tweet, the second method will involve hyperactive social media promotion.

The yPredict AI Ambassador Program seeks to foster engagement, awareness, and education about the platform’s innovative features and benefits. This is a significant milestone for the yPredict project, as it seeks to expand its user base and reach a broader audience.

 By leveraging the power of community-driven initiatives, yPredict hopes to build a strong and loyal user base that will contribute to its success.

yPredict is also looking to improve the scalability of its AI product. As such, it has collaborated with ShubPy to make this vision becomes a reality.

The Right Timing For The Ambassador Launch

The ambassador program launch comes at a crucial time for yPredict, given the introduction of unique AI technology, ChatGPT, in November last year. The introduction of the yPredict ecosystem may attract the interest of several tech enthusiasts.

According to yPredict’s Litepaper, it promises to be a cutting-edge trading and crypto research platform offering access to multiple AI-driven signals. It will also provide pattern recognition, social/news features, and breakouts to digital asset investors and traders alike.

The platform features state-of-the-art data insights and predictive models designed by top AI developers. Notably, the AI marketplace will create an avenue where experts can regularly earn by providing data research and model predictions in the form of trading signals. Traders can access this feature by simply subscribing to it.

Presale Success Of The yPredict Token

Furthermore, the success of the presale can be attributed to several factors. First, yPredict has assembled a talented team of AI industry experts, data scientists, and developers dedicated to delivering a state-of-the-art product. Their expertise and commitment have instilled confidence in potential investors, driving their interest and engagement.

yPredict’s strategic partnerships and collaborations have enhanced its reputation and increased its exposure within the cryptocurrency community. By forging alliances with established industry players, the project has gained credibility and created a strong foundation for its future growth.

Additionally, yPredict’s transparent and well-defined roadmap has provided investors with a clear understanding of the project’s vision, goals, and expected milestones. This transparency has instilled trust and confidence among potential backers, fueling the presale’s momentum.

The Possibility Of The 28.5% Price Rise

In the meantime, intending and existing buyers of the yPredict coin is open to multiple ways to purchase the token. These payment methods include MATIC, card usage, Binance Coin, and Ether.

As investors eagerly scoop up yPredict tokens, there is mounting anticipation for the upcoming 28.5% price rise. The presale participants hope to capitalize on this expected surge in value, maximizing their potential returns on investment. The predicted price increase signifies growing confidence in the project’s viability and long-term success.

The utility potential of the yPredict token is another major driver of its price. $YPRED is already seen as a significant support for the developing AI trading system. This fact raises the possibility of wide adoption of the token. Notably, to access the premium features of yPredict, users will have to pay a subscription fee, which could support its price growth.

Moreover, the $YPRED token holders will receive 10% of the subscription fee. This will encourage investors to HODL their coins as they take advantage of the passive income stream. The system also offers monthly rewards to token holders when they engage in staking their coins in pools.

Furthermore, there are different membership levels on the yPredict trading platform, including the free (freemium) active and pro trader pricing models. As such, those who wish to participate without paying can also get involved in the system.

Additionally, the team has designed the system to split the token supply of 100 million into two main parts. On that note, buyers will access 80% of the token supply during the public presale. The remaining 20% will also be split into three parts in the following manner:

  • 5% will go to development
  • Another 5% will be allocated to the treasury
  • Finally, 10% will go into liquidity purposes

The essence of the system’s design is to ensure as much control of its price as possible – a move to drive its price to the anticipated 28.5%.

However, it is essential to note that investments in presales and cryptocurrencies carry inherent risks. Potential investors should conduct thorough research, understand the project’s fundamentals, and assess their risk tolerance before participating in such offerings.

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