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yPredict New Presale AI Crypto Launch – Next 10x Crypto

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

yPredict New AI crypto presale
yPredict New AI crypto presale

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yPredict is a trading analysis initiative utilizing AI. It offers data-driven insights that guide users towards making more informed trading choices. It eliminates market disruption and provides quick-to-understand metrics to highlight the best trading opportunities.

What is yPredict

To help professionals in making better decisions, yPredict provides a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. Users are able to find the best indications for their assets with the use of yPredict’s more than 100 chart pattern identification alerts and AI-driven technical analysis.

Market forecasting has becoming difficult. For instance, numerous platforms currently use sophisticated algorithms to carry out crypto exchanges. Those programmed have a continuous impact on cryptocurrency price structures. That is why finding trustworthy information is difficult for traders.

This leaves traders with no statistical advantage and forces them to rely on news and public opinion. yPredict can help in this situation. The platform offers traders a variety of tools that give them insights based on data and analytical measures.

yPredict is revolutionizing the way developers, traders, investors, quants, and analysts work by utilizing AI, giving them the ability to make more accurate decisions and obtain a competitive advantage in the market.

See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here. Platform Features

Decentralized Marketplace

The advice or signal provider market is rife with amateurs who lack a track record that can be verified to support the profitability of their signals. This industry mainly relies on a trust-based strategy, yet it costs you money because it is supported by false prior performance results and fabricated customer testimonials. is a marketplace for trading signals and market research. It enables data analysts and AI/ML engineers to charge a subscription fee for their model forecasts. Before a new model is made available on the platform for a subscription, it will first be examined by DAO members. This trial-based approach of reviewing new models stops the sale of any poor-quality models.

Subscription Payment

To access the yPredict ecosystem, new users must have YPRED tokens, and current holders receive 10% of each new subscription in YPRED tokens.

Trading Swap Fee

Every trade made through the built-in trading platform will result in a swap charge, of which 15% will be shared by holders of YPRED through the staking pool.


Holders can stake their YPRED tokens and earn rewards in the form of higher annual percentage yields (APY).

Play to Earn

Do you have a sense that you have an understanding of the market’s pulse? Earn a portion of the YPRED reward pool by placing directional bets.

Learn To Earn

The portal provides resources packed with educational modules and quizzes, and following successful completion of each one, it rewards users with YPRED tokens.

Watch the video above to find out more about the yPredict crypto presale, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto-related videos. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury runs a Discord channel with over 12,000 members where users may find trading advice and learn about upcoming crypto presales.

YPRED Token Presale

YPRED is currently available for purchase during the ongoing stage four token presale. According to the yPredict whitepaper, the presale phase will receive 80% of the total 100 million token supply. As expected, it has become a top crypto presale of the year. 

The platform has already raised over $900,000 in funding. The presale is divided into a total of eight stages, with the price increasing with each stage. Investing in YPRED tokens during the presale offers early investors a discount. The current price of YPRED coins is $0.05, and the YPRED listing price is $0.12. Guide on how to buy YPRED token here.

YPRED Tokenomics

The YPRED tokens were created to support the development, prosperity, and economy of the yPredict ecosystem, which consists of developers, quants, analysts, and traders. Its major purpose is to meet the needs of two key players in the yPredict ecosystem.

  1. Developers – Developers are being rewarded for putting their prediction model on the platform. Millions of AI/ML developers now have the possibility to earn money passively as a result.
  2. Traders – Can use YPRED to purchase subscriptions to the predictive models that are listed on the platform, and these models provide real-time signals. They also have free access to the yPredict analytics platform and high APY staking reward pools simply by purchasing the YPRED token.

Design and Technology

yPredict tokens required a blockchain technology solution to support the token’s growth and use case. Among numerous blockchain technology possibilities, the developers chose to develop and deploy their coins on the Polygon chain.

It has various advantages, including ETH compatibility, scalability, security, and developer experience. Other chains in the industry provide some or all of these features, but they found the community to be the most inclusive and appealing value proposition for developers in their use case.

They created YPRED tokens with a limited number of 100 million to ensure that each token retains a decent value as their holder’s community matures over time.


Through its platforms, yPredict provides four main features: a marketplace, trading tools, a trading terminal, and high APY% staking pools. Holders of YPRED coins have the following options within the yPredict ecosystem.

  • Free access to the yPredict platform for analyzing currency with data-driven insights and metrics.
  • Utilize the yPredict Marketplace to pay for subscriptions for predictive models.
  • Get paid to cast votes on the market.
  • Participate in staking to get high APYs. Contrary to most staking pools, it lacks fixed liquidity derived from a predetermined token supply. 10% of each new user’s YPRED deposit serves as the source of liquidity for these pools, ensuring that APYs remain constant.

Token Allocation and Vesting

  • 80% Presale – 50% unlock at TGE, 6 weeks lock, 6 months vest
  • 10% Liquidity – 100% unlock at TGE
  • 5% Treasury – 50% unlock at TGE, 6 weeks lock, 6 months vest
  • 5% Development – 50% unlock at TGE, 6 weeks lock, 6 months vest

Why YPRED is a Good Investment

A cutting-edge analytics tool for cryptocurrency investors and traders is being developed by yPredict. It provides cutting-edge financial forecasting techniques and analytics to improve trading performance. Additionally, yPredict enables AI developers to charge subscription fees for their prediction models.

The platform is holding a presale for its native coin, YPRED. The major transactional currency of the yPredict ecosystem, YPRED, has a number of platform-based utilities. YPREDS are built with only 4.5m MC at listing, compared to similar projects with vastly inferior offerings that share a token MC of at least 50–100m.

Access to the top 1% of AI developers’ yPredict Analytics base models. Unlike any other publicly accessible predictive models, these ones can anticipate the prices of well-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu with incredible accuracy (minimum buy required: $250). See our YPRED price prediction here.

Token holders can earn up to 45% in quarterly staking rewards from the platform’s 10% token fee for each new subscription. The industry average for staking returns is 5-10% APY, however they have opted to share a percentage of subscription revenue with their token holders via this pool, which has the potential to generate quarterly returns of up to 45%.

Access to platforms inside the yPredict ecosystem, including state-of-the-art trading terminals at a reduced cost, data repositories, prediction platforms, analytical tools, and marketplaces. To take part of the presale visit


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