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$SPONGE Meme Coin Airdrop Video how to Participate and 2 New CEX Listings

SPONGE meme Coin Airdrop and Two CEX Listings
SPONGE meme Coin Airdrop and Two CEX Listings

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According to the most recent news, the viral meme phenomenon SpongeBob token has been listed on centralized exchanges Bitget and today, May 12th. In addition to that, the initiative is carrying out an airdrop for its backers.

SPONGE Successful Exchange Listings

Recently, SpongeBob (SPONGE) has taken the spotlight in the cryptocurrency community and has dethroned some of the best-known meme coins. The SPONGE coin, which was released on May 4 on Uniswap, became popular right away without even a presale.

Just after the introduction, the price increased thirty times, hitting its all-time high. Despite a recent fall, analysts predict that SPONGE will skyrocket 100x. After a brief pullback, SPONGE token demand is now increasing as one of the main factors behind the ongoing meme coin mania.

SPONGE has been on fire recently in terms of listing tokens. Bitget and, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, have both added support for the token.  Adding to an already rapidly expanding list, the team has announced that additional exchange listings are in the works.

In related news, the SpongeBob’s developers just announced that a top-10 cryptocurrency exchange will soon be listing the token. This is big news for the SPONGE cryptocurrency, even though the precise exchange isn’t being discussed just yet. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

The consistent connection between such fresh exchange listings and significant price increases is encouraging for individuals who presently own or intend to purchase SPONGE. Investors and prospective buyers can now anticipate the SpongeBob’s future prospects due to this exciting upgrade.

Find the full Sponge meme coin update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related videos. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury runs a Discord group with 12,000 members.

How to Participate in SPONGE Airdrop

Joining their Discord community and completing a few simple procedures, such as linking your Discord, Twitter, email, and wallet, is all that’s needed to take advantage of SPONGE token airdrop. After meeting the requirements for an airdrop, points will be granted for:

  1. Engagement in Discord and on Twitter. You must achieve a ‘Highly Engaged’ status to qualify (More info will be given on this shortly)
  2. Amount of SPONGE purchased
  3. Amount of SPONGE traded on Uniswap or (centralized exchanges do not count towards trading volume as they cannot see this)

Each week, the leaderboard will be refreshed, and new scores will be posted. Guide on how to buy SPONGE token here.

It’s Never Too Late to Get in SPONGE

There are a total of 40,4 billion SpongeBob, and the fact that their prices are going up exponentially shows that investors are very interested in it. As more people learn about this new meme coin, the number of trades has been going up quickly and is likely to keep going up.

If you want to learn more about SPONGE, the project website has more information, and you can use the widget to trade straight on Uniswap. Since the SpongeBob is still fairly new, there is a chance that it will grow more, which could help buyers make more money. See our SPONGE token price prediction here.

People in the cryptocurrency community are interested in how well the token could do, with some saying that it could do as well as or better than meme coins like PEPE. Despite remaining anonymous, the team has amassed a significant amount of support.


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