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MEXC To List SpongeBob, As $SPONGE Is Ready For Upsurge

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The hottest meme coin, SpongeBob, is taking the market by storm. The Pepe challenger, $SPONGE, will commence trading on 11th May at MEXC, the 7th-ranked centralized exchange (CEX), from 10:00 UTC. The great news indicates that $SPONGE will be trading on six centralized exchanges from Thursday. Notably, the hottest meme coin has been doing well. For the past two days, it has been the number one most traded coin on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

On the other hand, it took Pepe three weeks to get its first CEX listings, but $SPONGE achieved that goal in less than 48 hours. Pepe is down 18% in the past 24 hours, as $SPONGE is still the top returning meme coin. Although it’s not entering its fifth day of trading, the SpongeBob token, ranked by 7 days, is up by 1,290%, creating a buzz in the market.

According to CoinMarketCap, meme coins are the top-performing category of coins today. Their average price is up 51%, beating all other crypto categories. Additionally, a data site called CoinGecko ranks MEXC 7th with a trust score of 9 out of 10. Notably, MEXC has a 24-hour trading volume of $777 million. Other meme coins, such as Pepe and Turbo, feature in MEXC’s top five trading pairs, as $SPONGE will soon join them on the platform. The popular exchange is based in Seychelles and has markets in 180 spot trading pairs and 125 futures.

Nonetheless, other CEXs listing the SpongeBob token include LBank, Toobit, CoinW, BTCEX, and Poloniex, where the coin started trading yesterday.

MEXC Global Kickstarter and Listing schedule for $SPONGE

Here is the listing schedule for the SpongeBob token. The deposits are open starting today at 10:00 UTC. The voting period will occur from today (9TH May) at 10:00 to 10th May at 9:50 UTC. The voting results will be revealed on 10th May at 10:20 UTC, as trading is set to commence on Thursday (11TH May) and withdrawal on Friday (12th May) at 10:00 UTC.

$SPONGE is ready for a 147% upsurge

The crypto market has calmed over the past 12 hours, with the Asian session seeing Bitcoin hold its value above the $27,500 level. This relatively timely background will favor some meme coins, including $SPONGE, where trading history is still in its exceedingly early days. Notably, the near-term upside for $SPONGE bulls is 147% movement, which was set on Sunday by the all-time high of $0.0024.

Most new buyers and bulls will be encouraged to take new positions at the current price level of $0.001053 as $SPONGE consolidates while eyeing a breakout. The downside risk is limited by strong support at $0.0006513. At the time of writing, $SPONGE is the No.5 trending coin on the leading decentralized exchange trading data site Dextools.

Does the Shiba Inu team have a hand in $SPONGE’s birth?

Nonetheless, rumors are circulating that the team behind Shiba Inu may be involved with the project, as $SPONGE continues to trade at number one on top DEX site Dextools. The coin certainly has significant whale interest, which helps explain its healthy trading volumes. However, it should also be noted that the coin has built up its number of holders across a broad range of buyers.

SPONGE has attracted more than 9,500 holders, demonstrating the project’s enormous momentum. Nonetheless, in just a few days, the platform has a super active Telegram group numbering 18K. Notably, its Twitter account has accumulated an excess of 36K followers. Additionally, even Elon Musk’s buddy Matt Wallace has started following $SPONGE on Twitter. Significantly, Toriant, a Crypto Guru, dubbed $SPONGE the “hottest meme coin,” taking the market by storm.

SpongeBob token still has the most robust liquidity on Uniswap

$SPONGE continues to have the most robust liquidity of all coins trading on the top decentralized exchange Uniswap. Across the Uniswap V2 and V3 Pepe, with a market cap that has slipped back to $800 million, it has a total of $17 million in locked liquidity. On the other hand, $SPONGE, with a market cap of 5% (42 million) the size of Pepe’s, has a total of $11 million locked liquidity.

However, $ SPONGE’s much higher proportion of locked liquidity to market cap indicates that substantial interests back the coin. Notably, it means that the price is much less likely to be moved by the activity of short-term whales, which, unfortunately for Pepe holders, is what may be coming to pass in that market. Furthermore, $SPONGE has the third highest Uniswap V3 decentralized exchange trading volume, excluding Wrapped ETH and stablecoins.

Best Utility Memecoin - Spongebob

Many investors are eager to get involved in $SPONGE, hoping to replicate the success of Pepe Coin. One can purchase SPONGE tokens using wETH on the Uniswap DEX or directly from the SpongeBob Token website. With all the hype surrounding SPONGE, it’s no wonder investors are eager to get involved.

Experts predict that $SPONGE could eventually be listed on the top 10 exchanges like KuCoin and Binance. Further, as there will be more CEX listings, there will be more liquidity for a trading pair, providing a solid platform for the price to advance rapidly.


SpongeBob is trying to ride the meme coin wave and hoping to make its holders parabolic gains quickly. The inclination to buy meme coins is high. It is worth noting that now might be the right time to buy it. So, if you want to strike wins while the meme coin market is hot, buy SpongeBob tokens today. The investor can jump on the project at the official Sponge to buy the $SPONGE token.

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