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Sheriff Network Reviews FightOut Crypto Presale – This Move-to-Earn Passive Token Could 10X Your Money

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Crypto YouTuber Sheriff Network reviewed  the platform that connects physical fitness journey with a virtual one FightOut and its native token FGHT. FightOut’s huge ecosystem around the Move-to-Earn mechanism improves flexibility and interaction.

Sheriff Network FightOut Review

This is the time of year to generate money, so what could be more fun than maintaining a healthy appearance and earning money from it? The good news is that your workouts just got more enjoyable and profitable with the new Move-to-Earn platform FightOut.

FightOut will keep track on your actual exercises and boost your avatar’s stats as you advance, which essentially implies that as users advance in their fitness journeys, their soulbound avatars change as a direct result of their work and advancement.

FightOut has announced that legendary UFC fighter Amanda Ribas will be officially joining the team as their newest ambassador. The news was shared on the official FightOut Twitter page.

Following their presale, FightOut has significant ambitions for the future, including the development of the FightOut platform, the purchase of numerous physical gyms, and the continuous onboarding of FightOut ambassadors for customized training programs.

FGHT Token Presale Stage One Almost Over

At the time of writing, there is only a little amount of time left till the price start to increase. The price will have increased by 100% by the end of stage two. Currently the stage one of FGHT token presale has raised $3.4 million. Up to 13.5% of the FGHT tokens will be sold and rewarded to early buyers during the presale.

This could raise up to $15M, that would be enough to launch the app and open the FightOut gym. Any tokens that may not purchase will be vested. For the avoidance of doubt, having FGHT tokens does not give you any ownership rights over the FightOut entity or the physical FightOut gym.

FightOut – Being Fighting Fit

Every combat athlete develops strength, muscular endurance, cardio, technique, and mental fortitude to battle. To avoid injury and prolong their careers, they maintain their muscles and joints with intensive wellness routines. Combat athletes succeed in diverse areas based on natural talent and stylistic preference, despite the need to achieve and maintain high baseline levels. Guide on how to buy FGHT token here.

‘Fighting fit’ and’styles make fights’ are developing FightOut. Earning mechanisms will push users to build and follow well-rounded fitness routines, but they will have plenty of room to customize their workouts and excel in their specialties.

FightOut Platform Bridge Between Worlds

FightOut connects Web2 users to Web3. Email addresses create accounts and in-app subscriptions. A 25% discount will incentivize FGHT purchases. Web2 users can easily onramp via Transak and use our bespoke FightOut wallet. After this first purchase, Web2 users are conditioned to pay with FGHT over fiat and conduct in-app purchases without using REPS.

Convenience and rewards will boost FGHT coin adoption and demand. The application helps users get “Fighting Fit”. On register, users set their goals, fitness background, available equipment, location, desired activity styles, time available, and excluded activities or muscle groups. For personalization and accountability mechanisms, the app tracks nutrition, sleeps, and other statistics.

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FightOut Gym

FightOut will run the first big Web3-integrated gym. This actual facility is meant as a brand hub for the project, strengthening the FightOut community, growing the app user base, and building demand for paid in-app features and items, increasing FGHT’s use for in-app purchases.

In-app content drives project success. FightOut will shoot live and on-demand classes, exercise instructionals, courses, ambassador material, and masterclasses at the gym. The gym also offers special events, in-person or remote private training, and avatar utility for FGHT token holders.


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