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Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out Breaks New Ground In The Metaverse – Be One Of The First Investors!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out
Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out

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The potential of fitness apps within the Web 3 space was never truly realized, but the new Move to earn crypto Fight Out is breaking new ground in this regard. It is reaching far beyond the norms of standard fitness apps and putting you, the fitness enthusiast, into the metaverse. It portrays a brand new way to interact with the fitness space while getting you “fighting ready” and making you money.

And the best part is that this token is currently on presale – which gives you a chance to become the first investor and rake in the profits that come with the listing. You can visit the official Fight Out website today to participate in the presale.

Fight Out token has raised more than $2 million, and you buy it right now at a discount price of 0.0166. And when this crypto goes live on CEXs and DEXs on April 5th, 2023, The price will rise to 0.0333.

Fight Out- A Fitness App within the Web 3 Space To Get You Fighting Ready

The Web 3 Space isn’t as flooded with fitness apps as one would aspect. While we can chalk it up to Move to Earn being a new thing in the crypto space, we can’t excuse the fact that within crypto – a year is equal to a century. And the M2E projects we have had so far – like StepFi and Stepn – have not scratched that itch of having a full-on fitness companion we can take to the gym and work out with.

There is only so much that you can count when only your “steps” are considered. Fight Out is different. It aims to get you in fighting shape. And to whip into that combat-ready version of yourself, it is:

  1. Bringing you a complete fitness app that tracks almost every fitness routine that you want
  2. Partners with some of the world’s best combat athletes for you to train from
  3. Collapsing the bridge between the real world and the metaverse by bringing you an IRL gym and entry into the metaverse

Fight Out’s Approach to Fitness – You Get Fit, and You Earn

What is the one thing that makes you gravitate toward fitness apps? Routine and a scale that you read to check your progress.

Fight Out is bringing that to you within the Web 3 universe. Completing the workouts brings you REPS – an in-app currency you can use in multiple ways.

You can use REPS to customize your avatar – SoulBound Avatar and your identity in the metaverse. Getting more customization to your avatar will bring you more points as you level up your fitness. That real and digital fitness approach is helping Fight Out break down the digital barriers to make you fight to fit in the real and virtual worlds.

And the other perks of this in-app currency are no less, either. REPS is your way to enter into real-life FightOut. These Web 3-focused gyms would have everything from scanners to better tools to make sure that no one gets to finesse the system and extract rewards – something that Stepn has gone through in the past.

And this move-to-earn approach becomes more accessible because of its low entry barrier. You don’t need to spend money on an expensive NFT to interact with the ecosystem. All you need to do is download the app – for free – and you will be given an NFT that would be an avatar – free.

You would be free to use some of the modules of this ecosystem. But to get access to the earning aspect and to gain entry into fitness competitions and challenges that reward you with NFTs and many IRL rewards, you will need the native token of this ecosystem – $FGHT.

Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out – A Token With More Perks that You can Imagine

You can do many things with the native crypto of the Fight Out ecosystem – FGHT.

You can use them to buy REPS – the in-app currency that we discussed before getting entry into challenges competitions and training, and you can trade them on a cryptocurrency exchange for profit.

But if you are willing to hold – stake your tokens – you will have access to staking rewards that are much more than APY.


Holding tokens or adding to a liquidity pool has always been rewarding. And while the minor interest reward is enough, it is time that we changed things a little bit – that’s what Fight Out devs believe in.

Thus, they made Stake-for-membership that, depending on how many tokens you stake and how long you stake them for, gets you the following perks.

  1. Gym Memberships
  2. Discount at the health center
  3. Free merch
  4. Access to a co-working space
  5. Third-party services
  6. One-on-one training session
  7. Limited edition NFTs
  8. Access to exclusive events.

Uses in the Metaverse

But if you want something more traditional – more in line with what metaverse crypto is supposed to do – you can also use FGHT tokens within the metaverse. These tokens are your access to leagues, tournaments, and special game modes.

But if you don’t fully want to participate but want to wager on the participants – a Peer-to-Peer wager facility also becomes open to you with FightOut.

Fight Out Presale is Live – With a Purchase Bonus

You invest early in a project with hopes of becoming an early mover – and it is here with Fight Out too. But you won’t only get the perk of investing in a project early; a bonus is also here.

Depending on how many tokens you buy, you will get more bonuses. Buy $500 worth of FGHT to get a 10% bonus, $750 for a 12% bonus, and so on. the purchase bonuses will go up 50%. So, with Fight Out, you have the chance of getting double perks.

Fight Out Gets Closer to Raising $3 Million

Stage 1 of the presale has a hard cap of 5 million, and FGHT has raised $2.8 million so far. A little more than 10 days remain for this presale phase to close.

At the time of writing, the token is selling at 0.0166 USDT and has set its listing price at 0.3333 USDT – a 50% increase from this phase.

Fight Out project is being backed by Block Labs, LBank Labs, and Transak.

Invest in the Fight Out Presale Now

2022 has taught us that if crypto has no use other than something to be sold – stay away. This is why our experts are always bullish about the projects that come along with multiple utilities – Fight Out is among them.

One look at the official whitepaper is enough is to know why the presale of this project is going to good. To participate, go to the official Fight Out website, connect your wallet, and swap your ETH or USDT for FGHT tokens.

And if you are a fiat user, don’t worry. Use Transak to buy ETH using your credit or debit card, and then make the FGHT purchase.

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