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Dash 2 Trade Launches on Five Exchanges — One to Watch in 2023

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dash 2 Trade Launches
Dash 2 Trade Launches

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a one-of-a-kind analytics and social crypto trading platform that offers investors trading signals, forecasts, and social analytics to assist them in making educated decisions. To further broaden its worldwide reach and assist it in realizing its mission, the company’s native token, known as D2T, has been launched on 5 major exchanges LBank, BitMart,, Changelly, and Uniswap.

More on Dash 2 Trade

 Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency analytics and social trading platform of the highest caliber that makes it simpler for investors to make decisions based on accurate information. 

It provides users access to signals, analytics, and social trading tools for any style of trader. A trader is able to detect and analyze the fundamental causes that impact the price of cryptocurrencies by making use of the actionable insights that are enabled by the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem.

Dash 2 Trade specializes in those signals that can have the greatest actionable impact, such as technical indications, listing alerts, social metrics, presales, and more. Signals can arrive in a wide variety of formats. 

Dash 2 Trade’s exclusive features include a unique scoring system for participating in crypto presales, crypto listing notifications to take advantage of fresh listing announcements, trading contests for subscribers, and more. 

The site also provides trading signals that give buy/sell chances in the market, on-chain research to detect trending coins and social sentiment, and a strategy builder tool to make trading and adopting new strategies easier.

Dash 2 Trade has an overarching goal of becoming the best of its kind in the world. In pursuit of this goal, the company works hard to deliver as much value as it can to its users by offering them trading signals that can be acted upon, on-chain analysis that is easily accessible, and all of the trading tools that are required to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

What Makes D2T Token Stand Out?

The Dash 2 Trade token, or D2T, is the primary unit of exchange inside this system. Once launched on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-20 token, the D2T token will be the sole source of fuel for the Dash 2 Trade platform. It provides customers with access to a crypto analytics platform, as well as signal and social trading functionality.

D2T has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with 3.5% reserved for private sale, 66.5% reserved for public sale, 5% going into the competition pool, 5% reserved for talent acquisition, 5% reserved for liquidity, and the remaining 15% reserved for project growth fund and development.

At the time of writing this article, Dash 2 Trade’s trading volume shot up by $4 million and is already listed on major exchanges like LBank, Uniswap,, BitMart and Changelly Pro. 

When the token launched on, the price jumped to $0.06 before tumbling down to $0.02. This is despite the fact the Dash 2 Trade has had a super successful presale with the presale round raising more than $15 million.

Dash 2 Trade Subscriptions Based On Smart Contracts Made Available From April

The community is presently beta testing a presale part of the dashboard where users will be able to access all of the platform’s various features. This is very crucial as there is a large risk factor at play, considering the rate of returns.

Users may rapidly grasp market trends by using the Dash Score, which is one of the main ingredients of analytics, as well as other data supplied in the presale area, such as social metrics, to delve further into token profiles for even richer data. With that in mind, the Dash 2 Trade team has recently announced that subscriptions based on smart contracts will be made available to the public in April.

Those investors who subscribe to Dash 2 Trade will have access to features (which will be available in the month of April) like the event stream, where investors will receive autonomous and actionable data of coins which will be updated on a daily basis, the presale section where investors have access to daily presale market update over and above all the features available in the beta version and the strategy builder feature which allows investors to battle test various investment strategies in a simulated environment before actually investing a single dollar. 

Last but not the least, certain features which are yet to be released, like the trading competition feature, will be made available to investors very soon and is already in the works. Some of the competitions which will be held will involve users predicting the price movement of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, where if the users predict it correctly, they will be rewarded with Dash 2 Trade tokens.  

An interesting point to note here is that as the number of users participating in such prediction competitions increase, the data which the team collects serves as a robust analytical measure that can be included when users want to back-test strategies.

These are but a few of the many useful resources that the Dash 2 Trade group of brokers and financial analysts is developing. Having worked with the 70,000-strong Learn 2 Trade financial trading community, the crew is well-equipped for the task at hand.

With the premium edition of the dashboard, you’ll have access to social trading, automated trading APIs, copy trading, learn while you earn academy, technical alerts, curated indicators, charting, bots, and much more. SolidProof has performed a comprehensive audit of the Dash 2 Trade smart contract code, and CoinSniper has validated the project’s team members.

Final Word

At the time of writing this article, Dash 2 Trade is at the $0.021 price point. There are various tools on the Dash 2 Trade platform that may help any investor get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency market while simultaneously reducing their exposure to risk. 

These features are designed to help investors take calculated risks after battle-testing their strategies and maximize profits. 

Since it is anticipated that the price of Dash 2 Trade tokens will continue to increase in the foreseeable future as an increasing number of exchanges list the token, this moment represents a final opportunity to acquire some of these tokens at a historically low price. 

Do keep in mind that Dash 2 Trade is listed on only 5 exchanges till now and as the days go by, the number of exchanges listing this token will increase, thereby impacting its price.

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