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FightOut Crypto Presale Earn Free Cryptocurrency for Working Out – Best Move to Earn Token?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Visit FightOut Presale
Visit FightOut Presale

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FightOut is a new move-to-earn web3 platform, it was just launched this month and raised over $2 million in its token presale. The potential is extremely massive as they aim to entirely dominate the fitness industry. It has a fitness app and gym chain where you can actually have real life workouts in the metaverse and compete in the metaverse at the same time.

The complete details of the FightOut the new move-to-earn platform are covered in the full video above, subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto updates and reviews.

What is FightOut

FightOut is a move-to-earn platform that rewards users for completing workouts whether lifting alone in a gym or attending group fitness classes remotely from their living room. User workouts are personalized to their goals and ability, measured using the latest smart tech. FightOut building a M2E fitness app and gym chain that gamifies the fitness lifestyle. Users are rewarded for completing workouts and challenges, earning badges, and growing the community.

FightOut Platform

The FightOut platform is the bridge between Web2 users and the Web3 world. An account is created using an email address and subscriptions can be purchased in-app. Users will be motivated to buy using $FGHT (our native token) through a 25% discount. The process is made simple for Web2 users to onramp via Transak and uses our custom-built FightOut wallet.

Once this first purchase is made, the Web2 user is conditioned both to pay with FGHT over fiat, and to make in-app purchases without solely relying on earned REPS (our in-app currency – more on that below). Simplicity and incentives will drive mass adoption and increase the demand for FGHT tokens.

Users NFTs and Metaverse

App users can mint their own digital NFT avatar when creating an account. This is their FightOut self, and is soulbound, meaning it cannot be sold or transferred. The data collected from workouts and achievements are converted directly into stat points for their avatar – a direct representation of each user’s training, progress, and achievements

FightOut (FGHT) Presale

The native ERC-20 token of FightOut is FGHT, it is the center of the FightOut ecosystem, they launched a crypto presale this week and has been raised over $2 million, $1 USDT is equivalent to 60.06 FGHT token. A total of $10 billion FGHT tokens are available, of which 60% will be allocated during the presale, and the 30% will be given as reward for early investors depends on token purchased.

In total up to 90% of the FGHT tokens will be sold and rewarded in the presale to early adopters, allowing them to raise $100 million. There’s also bonuses from 10% – 25% depends on your purchase.

FightOut Tokenomics

The $10 billion FGHT tokens are split into three pools:

  1. 60% of tokens will be sold in the presale to raise funds to launch the project.
  2. Up to 30% of the tokens will be given as rewards to early purchasers of FGHT based on the amount purchased and the vesting period selected.
  3. 10% of the tokens will be used for liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Any remainder will be used for platform growth.


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