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C+Charge Concludes Final Lap of Presale in 24 Hours, Last Chance to Buy – Announces New NFT Collaboration With Waygate

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The C+Charge Presale
The C+Charge Presale

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C+Charge ($CCHG), the most talked about electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, has announced a new partnership with The Waygate as it sets out to integrate the metaverse into its vibrant ecosystem.

C+Charge and The Waygate partnership will provide 3D non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and capturing technology to all members of the EV charging platform.

The latest string of partnerships has garnered interest from global investors, who remain keen on investing in the fast-rising token presale.

Currently, the token presale is selling fast, with a staggering $3.47 million raised already, and just 24 hours before its presale concludes.

Partnership With The Waygate Capture Technology: A New Addition to C+Charge Rich Strategic Collaborations

C+Charge is building a sophisticated peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations built on blockchain technology. The platform allows drivers to receive carbon credits rewards when they charge their EVs.

Over recent weeks, the C+Charge development team has rolled out new partnerships to strengthen the fast-growing ecosystem of EV projects and take the carbon credits industry into the mainstream. One such is The Waygate capture technology project.

The Waygate platform is a reputable smartphone application that enables anyone with a mobile phone (Android or iOS) to capture physical objects in the 3D revolution and mint them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs.)

Last year, the capture technology project rolled out its Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) technology which will undoubtedly provide 3D scans for C+Charge members’ EVs and NFT minting.

The Waygate technology features a powerful series of capturing capabilities called LiDAR, short for Laser imagining, Detection, and Ranging.

This range of features will not only enable members of the C+Charge platform to mint NFT avatars that bridge into the metaverse world, but they will also be able to connect them to compatible maintenance, insurance, and various systems.

For example, members can use the Waygate capturing technology to scan documents and validate vehicle conditions for insurance purposes and maintenance status.

Incorporating the Waygate app into the C+Charge ecosystem bring endless possibilities, such as entertainment, carbon credit rewards, gamified EV system, and mitigating the effect of climate change by enticing more drivers into adopting electric vehicles.

The P2P EV payment system development team has been working tirelessly to integrate more partnerships and products into the platform before its token exchange listing approaches on Friday, March 31st.

Less than a week ago, the innovative platform announced its partnership with The Recharge, one of the industry-leading open-source incentive solution platforms, to open South Korea’s electric vehicle (EV) charging and utility technology markets.

C+Charge asserts that the new development will open its platform to access South Korea’s spate of EV charging infrastructures and enable users to stake its native token, $CCHG, through carbon credit swaps.

Last Chance to Buy $CCHG – First Exchange Listing in 3 Days

Currently, $CCHG is on its last lap of presale and set to conclude in less than 24 hours.

The digital asset is trading at $0.0235, the price at which the token will be listed on BitMart, one of the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The innovative exchange has over nine million satisfied users and processes $400 million worth of trading volume daily – so this is an ideal venue for the $CCHG debut.

Users who purchased the crypto token at its debut presale stage have already made a nominal profit of 80%.

Nonetheless, investors who purchase $CCHG will enjoy high returns on investment considering the project’s eco-friendly concept and recent range of strategic partnerships, which will act as a catalyst for its appreciation in value when it gets listed.

According to crypto experts, there’s much anticipation that the EV-charging platform could generate ten times over stellar gains for investors.

Furthermore, investors keen to purchase the crypto asset now will benefit from the burn strategy. The development team of C+Charge has announced that after the presale concludes, 80 million unsold $CCHG tokens will be burned.

This development is set to boost the value of the digital asset already purchased by presale participants.

C+Charge is also running a $50k giveaway competition. To participate, users must visit the official giveaway page and follow onscreen instructions.

Additionally, the platform asserts to reward the first 200 members who submit their wallets on the recently released web version of its app with $300 worth of $CCHG tokens.

Hurry now to invest before the presale ends!

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