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4 Crypto Experts on the Best Crypto Coin to Invest In Right Now

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Best Crypto to Invest Right Now
Best Crypto to Invest Right Now

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Green cryptocurrency C+Charge started to make waves near the end of January, and now, only 24 hours remain till the conclusion of its presale. C+Charge has turned heads since the beginning, and by raising $3.5 million in the seed funding rounds, many crypto influencers have come out to voice their opinions about where this green crypto is heading.

Most of them are bullish about the future of this eco-friendly crypto, including our resident analyst Jacob Crypto Bury – who has included CCHG in one of his latest lists of the best crypto investments.

C+Charge – Using Blockchain to Solve EV Problems

EV vehicles have started to make homes on the roads, but the pace isn’t fast enough. C+Charge understands the problem with this and has come up with a blockchain-powered solution to fix it.

Lack of information and lack of rewards is what stops the EV system from growing – and C+Charge aims to fix it by rewarding users with carbon credits. That has been made possible through C+Charge’s partnership with FlowCarbom

C+Charge has partnered with many other EV organizations and other brands – including Waygate – an IOS application that allows users to take images and turn them into 3D assets that can be minted as NFTs.

Early movers of C+Charge now have made 100% gains as the price of the native C+Charge token went from $0.013 to $0.0235.

What are Crypto Traders Saying about CCHG Token

Online communities in the crypto space have rallied with CCHG – touting it as the best altcoin to buy right now, thanks to its great fundamentals and green nature. Here are some of the excerpts from crypto YouTubers that who have covered it.

Jacob Crypto Bury – This Token can Thrive in the Future

Jacob Crypto Bury is one of the emerging names in the crypto space known to keep an eye out for major crypto presales with great upsides. C+Charge was another one of the assets that came onto his radar:

“C+Charge is using blockchain technology to remove the current bottlenecks to EV growth. Fun fact, the UK government by 2030 is set to make EV charging stations mandatory for everyone. C+Charge’s emergence in light of that could prove big in the country – and beyond.”

Jake Gordon Crypto – C+Charge Might be the first real-world use case for a cryptocurrency project

With over 25k subs on YouTube, Jake Gordon crypto is one of the reasonable names in the crypto space which also think that CCHG might be one of the best tokens to buy right now.

he has mentioned that after a slew of less-than-good crypto projects that only had NFTs to show their use case, C+Charge is a great asset to invest in.

“C+Charge could be the first, the very first use case for the project from the ground up”

– he was noted saying. He also added that traditional NFT projects have gotten annoying with time, and a more utility-focused approach needs to be taken right now.

Crypto Gains – Charging your Car and Earning Crypto – It is a Game Changer

With over 100k subscribers, Crypto Gains is a trusted name that was noted saying the following:

“This is one project people should be on the look out for. Good fundamentals, good team that knows what it is doing, good tokenomics and roadmap. And if you are getting rewards for charging your car – that in itself as a game changer.”

Crypto Ellis – This can be a world-changing crypto project

Another major crypto trader to have touched upon C+Charge is Crypto Ellis.

This trader has the most bullish prediction about C+Charge, saying that this token has the potential to change the world.

“C+Charge has the potential to reach $1 billion market cap thanks its fundamentals. Few projects are doing what it is doing and if the project really takes off – may be a $1 billion market capitalization isn’t far for it.”

C+Charge is coming to Bitmart

C+Charge is about to close the doors to its presale in less than 24 hours. The token has already raised upwards of $3.5 million, and the listing date is 31st March 2023. Bitmart will be the first exchange to list this asset.

The app is already available for a demo that you can try by clicking this link.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to lose out on listing gains, we suggest visiting and becoming an early mover now.

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