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New Coin Listing to Watch Today — Dash 2 Trade IEO on 5 Crypto Exchanges

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Dash 2 Trade, a crypto intel and social trading platform went live on five cryptocurrency exchanges today.

As for the dashboard of this project – that’s poised to go live in April, and those who bought the native token – D2T – during the presale or on the exchanges it has gotten listed in – will be able to use it on the crypto intel platform. 

Dash 2 Trade Live on CoinMarketCap

The token has already gone live on CoinMarketCap. The data shows that the current 24-hour volume of Dash 2 Trade is $3,430,872, and the price is $0.035876, as per CoinMarketCap. The Dash 2 Trade token now ranks at #2633, and the price is down 13.73% in the last 24 hours. There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 D2T tokens which is circulating.

Dash 2 Trade Goes Live on Five Cryptocurrency Exchanges – And The performances are great

After generating more than $15 million during a token presale, Dash 2 Trade successfully launched their D2T token on a variety of decentralized and centralized exchanges. 

D2T is the token that will fuel Dash 2 Trade’s professional-grade cryptocurrency trading intelligence platform. On several platforms, including, BitMart Exchange, LBank Exchange, Uniswap, and many more in the pipeline, investors who participated in the pre-sale may now claim and exchange the D2T tokens they purchased.

According to statistics provided by the Uniswap exchange that was cited by DEXTools, the price of D2T had a short surge that took it as high as $0.075 after it was listed. If investors in the presale had been successful in selling at the peak price of $0.0556 per share, they would have made a profit of 34% on their investment. 

There was also a price surge of $0.06 when Dash 2 Trade got listed on and $0.12 when it got listed on Bitmart.

Traders are currently waiting to see whether investors would purchase the dip of this once highly sought-after token because sell pressure has subsequently caused the token’s price to drop below $0.040.

The beta version of Dash 2 Trade’s platform is currently being tested. This platform is going to host a wide variety of helpful features, such as technical indicators, social sentiment, on-chain metrics, a token listing alert system, and a strategy back-testing tool. Dash 2 Trade is as of now, undergoing beta testing of its platform.

While the first-day trading has not given people the 10x value they anticipated, people are gradually responding to it positively, and we might see some uptick soon. 

What Makes Dash 2 Trade Unique?

The Dash 2 Trade presale token monitoring and the points system are one of the company’s unique selling advantages in comparison to those of its rivals. The system’s primary function is to perform thorough research on presale projects. The fact that presales have traditionally been able to offer the highest returns on cryptocurrency investments despite the fact that they are still perceived to be hazardous makes this potentially extremely important tool for investors.

Trading platforms have, in general, failed to provide enough support for presale analytics up to this point. One possible explanation for this failure is that it might be challenging to get trustworthy data. The scoring mechanism that is used by Dash 2 Trade is informed by both automatic algorithms and human analysts working in tandem.

Full Dash 2 Trade Dashboard will go live in April

The beta version of the presale dashboard that drove more crowd interest and forced devs to create an overfunding round will drop as a full version in April. That will allow those who bought the tokens during presale or the exchanges to find worthy presale investments to become early movers. 

Presales are often seen as goldmines in crypto – they present high rewards, but the risk they carry is also high. 

But that is not the only feature that Dash 2 Trade is dropping in November. All major features of this platform will become open to subscribers in April 2023. These features include

  1. Event stream – Automated signals for coins that will be updated once a week
  2. Strategy builder – Dash 2 Trade will drop the first version of the strategy builder and backtester. Users will be able to create strategies and share them with others – turning this tool into a community-driven attribute where all traders will be able to learn from each other. 

The team is also preparing to launch a trading competition – which won’t come in April – but soon after. 

The competition will test users’ knowledge about crypto and polls and reward them with D2T tokens. And prediction competitions – held once a week – will reward users with BTC tokens. 

Backed by a strong team that has already shown its mettle as the people behind Learn 2 Trade, a community of 70,000, Dash 2 Trade is one project that has the potential to change the crypto space for the better. 

For those who want to check out on the verifiability of this project, they can check out the audit by Solid Proof and the KYC verification certificate by Coinsniper.

How to Buy Dash 2 Trade Tokens?

Follow these steps to buy Dash 2 Trade tokens which can give you 10x by the end of this year:

  • You need to invest in either Ethereum or Tether. Dash 2 Trade allows users without a crypto wallet to purchase ETH with a debit or credit card as well. Download Metamask wallet if you’re trading from your desktop and Trust Wallet if you’re trading from mobile devices.
  • In order to purchase Dash 2 Trade tokens, simply visit any of the exchanges mentioned in this article where the token is listed to buy your Dash 2 Trade tokens.

Why Should You Invest in Dash 2 Trade?

Thousands of people who would never have considered investing before are now participating in the cryptocurrency market. It’s fascinating, and it may pay off handsomely if you know what you’re doing and act swiftly enough. 

In the past, though, finding all the information required visiting several different websites, which was a time-consuming process. If you’re an investor, Dash 2 Trade was built by investors, for investors, so they know precisely what you need to know to make sound crypto investment decisions.

This system compiles all of the data and returns the final result. Dash 2 Trade’s spectacular presale was mostly driven by the fact that the D2T token is required to access the platform’s extensive resources, despite their streamlined organization and presentation. Investors may examine all of the capabilities of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard in greater detail in the beta edition.

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