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C+Charge Presale Ends in 2 Days, $1.3m Worth of Tokens Left – Last Chance to Invest in EV Future

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

C+Charge crypto
C+Charge crypto

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C+Charge is in its last presale stage and about to list on exchanges. This eco-friendly token has generated a buzz in the crypto and automobile worlds simultaneously. The seamless fusion of blockchain technology for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging has changed the game for good. 

If you have unanswered questions about the C+Charge platform and how it works, here is all you need to know about this project and why you must act fast. 

What is C+Charge?

C+charge is a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that seeks to make charging solutions available to EV users with the carbon credit system. Our environment is battling numerous pollutants, and most countries opt for clean and renewable energy sources.

Electric Vehicles aim to eliminate or reduce the carbon footprint and preserve the environment. C+Charge supports that initiative by providing the proper framework to enable this process. 

The mobile app will soon launch as part of the road map. This app will help users track the nearest EV charging points and also provide updates on the vehicle’s health. 

How Does It Work?

CCHG tokens power the ecosystem and are currently on presale. CCHG serves as the currency for EV owners to obtain carbon credits. After a successful charge, users earn rewards as CCHG tokens convertible to carbon credits. Also, the C+Charge app supports other purchases besides paying for a recharge.

The C+Charge app aims to create a democratic system where EV drivers will receive carbon credits for a recharge. 

C+Charge Web Version Released

The C+Charge web version is currently in beta testing and offers exciting benefits. The first 200 users to submit their wallet address can win special prizes and up to $300 worth of CCHG tokens. 

The web version is available to the community, while the iOS App Store version is approved and verified.  A user can set up an account in a browser either on a desktop or mobile device. There is a $50k giveaway on the C+Charge platform with all the procedures detailed on the official website. 

CCHG Staking Using Carbon credit Swap

CCHG holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards using carbon credit swaps. These swaps are part of the features of the Kyoto protocol. C+ Charge recently partnered with The Recharge and hope to conquer Korea’s electric-charging network. 

 The Recharge runs on Ethereum, BNB, Kucoin Smartchain, Solana, and HuobiEco blockchains. Both partners share one common goal to combat carbon emissions.

Analysts Bullish On CCHG

CCHG is in its last presale stage and will list on the BitMart crypto exchange on Friday, March 31, 2023. Users that purchased these tokens in the first stage at $0.013 will gain an incredible 80% at the end of presale even before it starts trading.

Some Analysts, like Jacob Crypto Bury, predict that CCHG will have 10x gains for early investors. Although the presale is in its last stage, it is not too late to benefit from it. The BitMart exchange boasts over 9 million users with a daily trading volume exceeding $400 million. This will benefit CCHG once its starts trading. 

Presale Time Table

Stage Price Percentage of Tokens Number of Tokens $ Value End date Remaining stage tokens burn
Stage 1 $0.01300 15% 60,000,000 780,000 8th Feb 0
Stage 2 $0.01450 15% 60,000,000 870,000 15th Feb 35,658,291
Stage 3 $0.01600 15% 60,000,000 960,000 28th Feb 35,815,716
Stage 4 $0.01700 15% 60,000,000 1,020,000 1st March
Stage 5 $0.01800 10% 40,000,000 720,000 8th March
Stage 6 $0.01900 10% 40,000,000 760,000 15th March
Stage 7 $0.02000 10% 40,000,000 800,000 22nd March
Stage 8 $0.02350 10% 40,000,000 940,000 29th March
400,000,000 6,850,000

The presale will terminate on March 29, with the prices most likely to increase once it is listed.

How To Buy CCHG Tokens

Several methods to buy CCHG tokens involve connecting your wallet using BNB or USDT, among others.

  1. Connect Your Wallet

You can purchase CCHG directly from your crypto wallet. Ensure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use a wallet supported by Wallet Connect, such as Trust Wallet. 

MetaMask is best suited for a desktop browser, while Trust Wallet is suitable for mobile devices. After selecting your wallet type, click on Connect Wallet. 

  1. Buy With BNB

If you have a minimum of $15 worth of BNB, proceed with this option. Input the amount of CCHG you wish to purchase and click on Buy with BNB. Next, you confirm your transactions and pay gas fees.

  1. Buy With USDT (BEP-20)

You need at least $20 USDT and $10 worth of BNB to use this option. Input the amount of CCHG you want to purchase, and note that $15 is the minimum. Next, click Convert USDT, then approve the application to purchase.

  1. Top Up BNB With a Card

If your BNB is low, you can top up your balance with your card. Click on the Buy BNB with card option that will appear once your wallet is connected.

Trust Wallet, a multi-chain wallet, is your best option for mobile users. It can connect to the C+Charge website using Wallet Connect. Select Binance Smart Chain as the network to connect successfully. 

Additional Benefits Of C+Charge

  1. Multiple Platform Integration Option

The C+Charge network and app are OCPP 2.0 compatible. This allows it to integrate with the universal standard that controls electrical charging stations worldwide. Therefore, C+Charge has the potential to integrate into 1.8 million charging stations worldwide.

  1. Transparent And Standard Pricing Plan

The network provides transparent pricing for EV drivers with no hidden charges or fees. There is total transparency across the network, which yields a satisfying customer experience.

  1. Carbon Credit Rewards

EV users will earn carbon credits for recharging and driving their vehicles when they use the CCHG tokens on the C+charge network. Also, a method enables token holders to gain carbon credits through a reflection program. 1% of transactions will go to purchasing carbon credits for distribution among token holders.


C+ Charge engages in token burns in a bid to combat inflation. Whenever a user pays with CCHG for charging, they are eliminated from circulation, thus maintaining the supply and demand dynamic of the network. 

As charging stations increase, the number of tokens removed from circulation will also increase. This system will keep inflation in check on the ecosystem.


Q: What is the CCHG token used for?

The CCHG token is the accepted currency for charging electric vehicles in numerous charging stations worldwide. Token holders will earn carbon credits for using the C+Charge platform. 

Q: How do I charge EV with CCHG tokens?

Access the C+Charge database to locate partner stations where the C+charge wallet can pay for the successful charge. When the CCHG app launches, the process will be easy for users to comprehend

Q: What kind of EVs charge with the CCHG tokens?

The CCHG tokens support charging a wide range of vehicles besides passenger cars. City buses, delivery vans, trucks, and any commercial EVs are supported. The diverse utility makes it a project that will stand the test of time and reward investors. 

Q: When will I claim my CCHG tokens?

You can claim your CCHG tokens after the presales. However, the platform will provide updates for CCHG holders. 

Q: Is there a whitepaper?

CCHG is a legitimate project with a whitepaper available for users to get familiar with the vision and direction of the project.

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