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C+Charge Collaborates with Pixia to Generate NFTs- Secures $3.4 Million. Take advantage of the Pre Sales Ending in 48hrs

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Cutting-edge self-scanning NFT creation platform has partnered with crypto-fueled electric vehicle (EV) charging network C+Charge to aid in their mission of democratizing EV carbon credits. It enables EV drivers to receive carbon credit rewards every time they charge up, and the gamifying software of makes this system even more enticing for EV drivers and investors.

C+Charge and Pixia Partnership Introduces 3D NFTs and Metaverse Integration for EV Drivers

C+Charge, a groundbreaking platform for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, is now offering a unique opportunity to earn carbon credits every time they charge up. This innovative system has been further enhanced with Pixia’s gamifying software, making it an even more attractive proposition for both EV drivers and investors alike.

As a result of a series of product upgrades and exciting announcements, C+Charge has become a hot commodity among investors. The presale has already raised an impressive $3.41 million, and with just 48 hours left, it is selling out fast.

C+Charge’s CCHG utility token has the added benefit of enabling payment for EV charging across multiple station networks worldwide.

C+Charge EV drivers can now leverage Pixia technology to create 3D NFTs of their vehicles, enabling entry into the metaverse and the gamification of EV charging payments and carbon credit rewards. This strategic partnership offers additional value to all holders of the C+Charge utility token, CCHG, strengthening the project’s leadership in the EV crypto sector.

Pixia’s integration into the C+Charge platform empowers users to visualize their EVs and associated carbon credits, while also granting access to the Metaverse virtual world. 

C+Charge Partnership with Pixia Enhances NFT Strategy and Gamification Potential

This integration further reinforces the authenticity of carbon credits, serving as a validation layer.

The C+Charge team recently announced its partnership with Pixia to boost the utility potential of NFTs created on its platform. According to a spokesperson, the collaboration will also enable C+Charge to expand its gamification capabilities within NFTs, particularly in conjunction with Metaverse partner XManna.

Furthermore, C+Charge’s integration of cutting-edge technology solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the EV crypto market. The spokesperson revealed that the platform is set to launch in less than a week, and the team is eagerly anticipating further developments once it goes live.

CCHG Token to be Listed on BitMart Crypto Exchange on March 31 – Possible 10X Returns

CCHG, a new token that can be purchased for $0.0235, is set to be listed on the BitMart crypto exchange on March 31. The token’s early investors, who bought in during the first stage of the CCHG presale for $0.013, are currently enjoying an 80% increase in value.

Despite the initial surge in price, it may still be a wise decision to invest in CCHG over the next two days to take advantage of the potential for significant growth once it begins trading. Analysts in the cryptocurrency space have predicted that CCHG could provide investors with a return on investment of 10 times their initial purchase.

BitMart, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, boasts more than 9 million users and a daily trading volume of over $400 million, placing it among the top 30 crypto exchanges globally.

C+Charge Launches Beta Web App for Community Testing: Offers Prizes for Participants, Along with $50,000 Giveaway

C+Charge Partners With Pixia

In addition, C+Charge has launched a beta version of its web app, which is available for testing by the community. To incentivize participation, the first 200 users to provide their wallet address can win a special prize, as well as the opportunity to win $300 in CCHG tokens. Interested users can set up an account and log in to the app by visiting on their mobile or desktop browser.

C+Charge is also running a $50,000 giveaway competition, with details available on their website. The competition is set to close in just four days, so interested participants are encouraged to act fast. You can take part in the giveaway here.

Additionally, the C+Charge website allows users to purchase CCHG tokens using either BNB or ETH by connecting a cryptocurrency wallet. However, users can also use a regular payment card to fund their purchases.

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