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This New Blockchain Platform Is Making EV Charging More Sustainable – Next Big Thing?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

EV crypto
EV crypto

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As the crypto market rebounds from the weekend sell-off that followed the collapse of some of the leading United States banks – that is the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank New York, and Silvergate Bank, they might want to align their investment goals with their moral frameworks.

Crypto projects have in recent years focused on solving real-world problems to help people live better while still earning from their investments. C+Charge is one of these exceptional projects with an interest in revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry.

This new ecosystem is bringing up a crypto-powered platform to help users earn blockchain-based tokenized versions of carbon credits every time they pay with CCHG after charging their EVs in selected stations.

C+Charge is the world’s first project to tap the power of web3 and decentralized technologies to transform the fast-growing EV industry. For a long time, the carbon credit industry has been a preserve of large corporations such as Tesla, the largest manufacturer of EVs, and BMW among others.

C+Charge Is The World’s First EV Charging Game Changer

The carbon credit industry has for a long time operated in a skewed manner, where big companies are incentivized to reduce their carbon footprint. Often the big firms perceive carbon credits as a tax they are willing to pay to pollute.

While businesses that emit less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the ultimate winners of this infrastructure, EV drivers who make their business profitable are unfairly left out.

C+Charge saw this gap and is committed to bringing change and inclusivity, especially for EV drivers. The carbon credit industry has been growing steadily from $760 billion in 2021 and is predicted to be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027.

Given this potentially massive growth, there is a budding need to democratize the carbon credit industry. Such a move would greatly benefit individuals driving EVs, selected businesses, and non-profit organizations.

C+Charge is utilizing blockchain technology to ensure secure and user-friendly peer-to-peer payments. This innovation allows station owners and managers to improve their operations while rewarding consumers. C+Charge is committed to promoting ESG investing and allows presale contributors to help power up EVs and earn profits in the transition to a carbon-neutral future.

C+Charge’s innovation does not end there because leveraging web3 solutions can solve numerous problems in the EV charging market.

Some issues that could be a thing of the past with C+Charge include fostering transparency around pricing (keeping in mind all transactions are recorded on the blockchain) and providing users with real-time information on the charging station status like wait times and available payment methods.

How Does EV Charging Work On C+Charge

C+Charge launched in 2022 and leverages the CCHG token to support activities in the ecosystem. The token facilitates payments for vehicle charging, regardless of location, and provides users with Goodness Native Tokens (GNT) as verifiable carbon credits.

This offering benefits users by providing a convenient and efficient charging method that promotes transparency and democratizes carbon credits for wider accessibility.

Overall, the platform incentivizes users to join the green movement while making the process simpler and more accessible through its unique system.

C+Charge stands out with its deflationary model since its inception. The network will burn 1% of its supply from circulation each time holders use CCHG to make payments.

Due to its first mover advantage, as the first project both on-chain and off-chain to revolutionize the EV charging industry, C+Charge presents a great investment opportunity suitable for investors seeking long-term growth.

C+Charge’s value is likely to keep growing in tandem with the EV charging market and the carbon credit industry.

Recently, the C+Charge made headlines after starting a weekly burn program for all the tokens not purchased in any of the presale stages. The maiden burn occurred on February 22 at 6.10 PM +UTC and destroyed 35,658,291 CCHG from stage 2.

The second burn worth 35,815,716 CCHG tokens left in stage 3 was removed from circulation on February 28 at 9.48 PM +UTC.

The team believes burning excess tokens would ensure C+Charge upholds its deflationary status in addition to having a positive impact on the token’s value. At the start of the ongoing presale, the C+Charge ecosystem had 1 billion tokens.

The C+Charge Design Focuses On Simplicity and Ease of Use

The C+Charge app and network use blockchain technology, providing users with pricing transparency and removing the element of surprise fees. This will enhance the user experience by offering total transparency.

The C+Charge system is fully transparent, and it can potentially integrate with more than 1.8 million charging stations worldwide due to its compatibility with OCPP 2.0, which is a global standard used to operate charging stations.

C+Charge Presale Hits $2.79 Million

Investors are piling up CCHG tokens in a fast-selling presale that has raised over $2.79 million. Potential investors can now use Ethereum (ETH) to buy CCHG in addition to the Tether stablecoin (USDT). In the event investors do not have ETH or BNB, they can use fiat money via various card payment providers.

Interestingly, those who buy CCHG today in Stage 1 will be in line for nominal returns of 80% when the presale ends on March 29 (see table below).

There is no vesting period for presale buyers, which means investors have access to their tokens as soon as they buy them.

C+Charge is one of the best crypto presales to buy in 2023 with the first listing on the BitMart exchange confirmed to take place on March 31. BitMart is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market with its services accessible in 180 countries.

As the presale proceeds, it’s expected that the rate of token sale will go up, hence, potential buyers are advised to seize the opportunity of purchasing at the current reduced cost. It’s important to note that Stage 6 will conclude in less than a week.

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