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5 Best New Crypto Presales to Buy Right Now – Next 10x Altcoins Ready to Explode?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Five Best New Crypto Presales to Buy Right Now
Five Best New Crypto Presales to Buy Right Now

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Despite the current difficulties in the crypto market, future growth is still possible and crypto presales are frequently the ideal time to invest. This article will cover the top five potential crypto initiatives that currently available for advance purchase.

C+Charge Ecological Revolution’s Frontier

All parts of the world have been disturbed by climate change during the past years, which has resulted in extreme heat, environmental risks, a collapsing atmosphere, increasing ocean levels, and many other factors.

Solutions to reduce climate hazards have been cultivated by new cryptocurrency initiatives, which have also produced incentives that are enticing to potential users. C+Charge makes this list because of its tight perspective on upending the electric vehicle (EV) sector by giving everyone access to carbon credits.

A powerful peer-to-peer (P2P) payment mechanism is being developed by C+Charge to revolutionize EV charging and help users who want to charge their cars.

The answer offered by C+Charge is to both create charging stations on its own and cooperate with already existing businesses and networks, while enabling customers to pay with the native CCHG token and making it simple for them to locate charging stations nearby.

CCHG is available on presale and has raised over $1 million in their second stage of presale. The token’s price is set to increase by another 10.3% in stage 3, from the current price at $0.014 to $0.016 each token. Guide on how to buy CCHG token here.

Fight Out Drives Fitness to the Metaverse

Fight Out is creating a dynamic, distinctive metaverse where soulbound non-fungible token avatars may engage, mingle, and compete in real-world fitness activities. Fight Out reinvents Move-to-Earn. Fight Out will be the first platform to let users earn from all forms of exercise, including gym sessions.

Fight Out’s incentive-based, community-focused exercise method is distinctive. The M2E app rewards exercise goals with REPS tokens, combining financial incentives, friendly competition, and community engagement. This unconventional method provides a more immersive workout.

The presale of the FGHT token that powers the Fight Out Web3 ecosystem has raised over $4.1 million. Since the price rises every 12 hours, investors should buy tokens quickly. FGHT token will rise to $0.033 in mid-March from the current price of $0.021 at the time of writing.

Early investors receive substantial bonuses, they can receive up to 25% more FGHT tokens based on their purchase amount and vesting length. Fight Out contains a $15 million presale hard cap, which will end the presale early if it is reached before March 31. Guide on how to purchase FGHT token here.

RobotEra Next Level Gameplay

Web3 technology opens new gaming possibilities. RobotEra is the latest in high-tech metaverse creation, upgrading Minecraft-style games. This crypto project provides a metaverse platform for managing, discovering, and interacting with entertainment content.

This should work like other large metaverses. This innovative idea uses non-fungible tokens and virtual and augmented reality to let individuals learn virtual communities and economies while owning and selling a piece of the action. RobotEra’s simple new interface makes it accessible to all ability levels.

They want an immersive metaverse game with effortless Play-to-Earn. Grow sacred trees, sell NFTs, advertising, stake tokens, mine, explore, create, and battle on Taro to make money.

The TARO token, which drives the RobotEra world, is now in stage one of its presale and has raised $866k, at the time of writing the price of one TARO token is currently $0.020 and will increase to $0.025 in stage two presale. Guide on how to buy TARO token here.

The full list of the five best new crypto presales to buy in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more potential crypto presale reviews.

Meta Masters Guild Play-and-Earn Web3 Game

Meta Masters Guild the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild, is a brand-new presale that has just officially launched on the ERC20 network. Meta Masters Guild a next-generation Web3 gaming guild, creates mobile games for their members to make money under their Play-and-Earn concept.

They make thrilling games with tradable non-fungible tokens so their community may invest, earn, and exchange tokens. This is one of the best Play-and-Earn games. Meta Kart Racers is the most advanced of three platform games, planned to appear in 2023.

Instead of MEMAG, users will receive GEMS, a second, off-chain token that may be used to buy and sell in-game assets, which are held by players as NFT and tradeable. The MEMAG token is currently in the last phase of its successful presale and has raised $4.3 million to date. Guide on how to purchase MEMAG token here.

Investors can purchase tokens for only $0.023 each in less than four days. With the MEMAG token presale selling faster than expected, exchange listings have not been announced.


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