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Play-to-Earn Platform Meta Masters Guild Kicks Through $4 Million Raised in Presale – Next Stage Price Hike Imminent!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Play-to-Earn Platform Meta Masters Guild
Play-to-Earn Platform Meta Masters Guild

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Play-to-Earn platform Meta Masters Guild,  one of the best ones to have come out this year, has crossed its $4 million target, and the MEMAG price can increase at any moment.

Meta Masters Guild arrived at the end of 2022 and has been on the way to becoming one of the best crypto presales of 2023.

This project employs a unique approach to Web 3 gaming, involving mobile devices and strategically implementing ‘fun” as a factor to entice more players.

The Meta Masters Guild has seven presale stages, and with the recent crossing of $4 million, it is about to enter its last stage, where the price of one MEMAG token will increase to $0.023. Those who still want to be early movers and make gains from presale stage appreciation should buy MEMAG tokens now.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Crosses $4 Million – Twitter Celebrates

The crypto winter of 2022 brought a great level of negativity about crypto to light, but it also led to the emergence of many presale cryptocurrencies to the fold. These assets gave individuals a chance to become early movers and had multiple presale stages – and to top it all off – all of them were utility cryptos.

2023 is no different. Meta Masters Guild is another crypto with major utilities. While presale gives this crypto a short-term upside value, utilities give it long-term potential.

Meta Masters Guild had many short-term gain seekers rejoice as the token crossed the $4 million threshold. Multiple early investors have come out in appreciation of this asset and have said that “this crypto is gonna be great.”

Meta Masters Guild has seven presale stages, with the price of MEMAG tokens appreciating from $0.01 in the first stage to $0.0235 in the last stage. Those who invested during the first stage would make 2.3x returns even before the cryptocurrency land on the exchanges.

However, those who couldn’t participate in the project during its early stages still have time, as stage seven still remains. A visit to the official website will allow these investors to buy these tokens in the 11th hour.

Play-to-Earn Platform Meta Masters Guild – Using “Fun” As a Strategic Element

Web 3 games aren’t fun. Despite how hard these words sound, they speak the truth. Play-to-Earn projects have been little more than earning mechanics dressed as games. And since games were an afterthought, the adoption rate for blockchain gaming space has suffered.

Those who are interested in such projects are often crypto enthusiasts that are mostly in for the earnings and less for the games. And since everyone wants to earn, the GameFi ecosystem becomes unsustainable – especially when non-crypto gamers still frown at the prospect of blockchain gaming.

“Fun is the missing element”, believes Meta Masters Guild, and to bring it into the crypto space, devs are doing away with the play-to-earn and instead adopting play-and-earn.

Play and Earn is a novel terminology Meta Masters Guild is using to say that it won’t let tokenomics and the earning mechanics get in the way of fun. The project wants to bring non-crypto gamers that can have fun playing games. That would increase the proportion of game-centric players, making Meta Masters guild a sustainable ecosystem – probably the first of its kind.

Projects like Axie Infinity, while OGs, have failed to maintain healthy earnings for players. As more people win, winnings are distributed among more people. It diminishes rewards and makes players leave, Meta Masters doesn’t want that to happen.

Meta Masters Guild is Making Fun Games Viable on Web 3

Graphical bottlenecks have always been one of the biggest reasons why of the web 3 gaming projects have failed. They overlook the hardware limitations of Web 3 and still try to show high promises.

Meta Masters Guild has thus chosen the path of mobile gaming. It is the world’s first mobile gaming platform in blockchain, bringing easy-to-use tools for devs to create games. This P2E project will use its community-centered approach to bring fun gaming concepts to life that will help onboard multiple gamers from the non-crypto side of the aisle.

Games like Meta Kart Racers and Raid NFT are already in development, and Meta Masters World is also coming up.  Meta Kart Racers is a play on Mario Kart but in the metaverse, and Raid NFT is a strategy game set in the Meta Masters metaverse. With games like these, investors believe that Meta Masters may possibly do what it is set out to do – making web 3 gaming more appealing to non-crypto gamers.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Stage 6 About to Be Over – Invest Today

Meta Masters Guild presale is heading towards closing its doors for stage 6, which will commence the last stage. The pace of this fundraising puts Meta Masters Guild right beside the fastest presales of 2022.

Do not miss this opportunity. Even though Bitcoin has recovered to above $20k, the crypto market is still volatile. Take better investment decisions away from the volatility of the crypto space by visiting the official website to invest in MEMAG before the last stage commences.

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