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YouTube Influencers Predict These Cryptos Might 20x In June Altcoin Season

yPredict Presale
yPredict Presale

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Nowadays, YouTube influencers are providing comprehensive knowledge and perspectives regarding the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Going by the same trend, we have listed down the best altcoins that famous YouTube influencers predict are going to explode in June 2023.  Read ahead to know these cryptos and find out the ways through which you can invest in the same.

Top Cryptos To Buy in June 2023


Launched in the second quarter of this year, yPredict aims to combine the world of crypto and artificial intelligence with its features. The crypto community is viewing this platform as the next generation’s premier trading research and analysis tool, which is why it is getting popular in investor circles.


Due to its cutting-edge technologies, long-term perspectives, and doxed professional team, yPredict seeks to deliver insights and predictions with the help of AI tools to the crypto community. The platform features analytical techniques, financial forecast tools and methods, and a lot more things that deliver precise insights and analysis in a brief period.

Reasons to Invest in yPredict

YouTube Influencers are going bullish on yPredict due to its amazing features. Famous YouTube channel, Cilinix Crypto, which has thousands of subscribers, has listed the following reasons to invest in yPredict:

Amazing Platform

Ever since its launch, yPredict has been making headlines due to its unique concept. The project involves a unique AI-powered crypto trading and market intelligence platform.

yPredict Token

It offers analytical tools for trading, prediction models, financial prediction metrics, pattern recognition, sentimental analysis, and a lot more. Top AI developers and industry experts from all across the world have designed these features.

Team Behind the Project

Another reason behind investing in yPredict is the reputed team behind this platform. The developers behind this project are fully known in the trading circles. They are among the respected personalities of the crypto industry on social media channels like Linkedin. They have documented credentials, which brings an element of transparency to the qualification of the team. The smart contract of this platform is also fully audited by a reputed body.

Great Tokenomics

yPredict owes its strong brand value to its great tokenomics. Its token is based on the Polygon chain keeping in mind its future growth and utility. The total supply of these tokens is 100 million. At the time of writing, YPRED, the native token of yPredict, is going through the fourth stage of its presale, where users can purchase it for a discounted price of $0.05. Its price will go up to $0.07 as soon as its presale enters the next phase.

How to Buy yPredict?

To purchase YPRED tokens, go to the official website of Enter the USD amount which you want to invest in YPRED. You will get multiple coin options for buying these tokens; select the desired coin that you want to swap for YPRED tokens. Provide your email address and follow the on-screen instructions for completing the transaction. After this, you can claim your YPRED tokens by clicking on the claim button after the conclusion of presale.


Ecoterra is another crypto project that has interested crypto investors with its unique concept of ‘recycle-to-earn.’ The platform rewards its users who recycle materials such as plastic, cardboard, glass, etc. Its credibility is also enhanced by its auditing with a well-reputed firm, Certik.


The project primarily has four points of interest, recycle2earn application, carbon offset marketplace, recycled materials marketplace, and impact trackable profile. Recycle2Earn is one stop destination on Ecoterra that allows its users to recycle tokens.

Users have to scan the barcodes on items like glass and plastic with the help of the Ecoterra app. Afterwards, they get tokens for recycling their waste items or using eco-friendly equipment. They also have to upload their RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) receipts for receiving their Ecoterra tokens.

Reasons to Invest in Ecoterra

Altcoin Daily, a YouTube channel with more than 1.3 million subscribers, has suggested its viewers invest in the eco-friendly crypto project, Ecoterra. Given below are the possible reasons that make Ecoterra a great investment option for you:

Eco-friendly Objective

With the increase in global warming and climate change, people are becoming environmentally conscious, which is why they prefer to invest in green projects or projects that cause minimum climate change. Since Ecoterra rewards its users with tokens for recycling items, it has become an attractive investment destination for crypto investors who are looking to invest in green crypto projects.

Ecoterra presale

Unique Features

Ecoterra ecosystem combines the recycle2earn application, carbon offset marketplace, recycled materials marketplace, and impact trackable profile. With the help of the recycle2earn application, users can earn tokens for recycling items, while they can purchase carbon offset directly from the carbon offset marketplace. Through the recycled materials marketplace, multiple companies from all over the world can offer recycled materials to users. At last, the “Impact Profile” section will display the points earned by users on the basis of their recycling activities.

How to Buy Ecoterra?

The presale for Ecoterra is currently going on, where these tokens can be purchased for a price of $0.00925. The project has already gained $4.8 million from its presale and will be looking forward to exchange listing with a price of $0.01.

To purchase Ecoterra tokens, visit the official Ecoterra website, and click on the “Connect Wallet” button. After connecting your wallet to the website, select the crypto token that you would want to swap with Ecoterra tokens. Enter the required details, and complete the transaction. You can claim your tokens once the presale is over.


The month of June is going to give huge gains to crypto investors. A lot of presales of unique crypto tokens are currently going on, which allow users to invest in these projects at an early stage for a discounted price. Going by the project concept, developers’ team, social media outreach, partnerships, and tokenomics, there is no doubt that yPredict and Ecoterra are the great investment option for crypto enthusiasts right now.

As a lot of meme coins are also having their presale, if you want to diversify your portfolio with meme tokens, then Wall Street Memes will be the best option for you to do that. A strong social media community with which influencers like Elon Musk have also interacted is backing these tokens. Also described as the next Pepe coin, WSM (Wall Street Memes) tokens are introduced by the team of developers which was behind the success of record-breaking NFT sales, Wall St Bulls.

Soon it will be listed on tier-one exchanges, such as OKX or Binance. Its social media reach of more than one million followers has made its presale one of the trending topics in trading circles. Currently, it can be purchased for a discounted price, which will increase after its listing. Read more in our Wall Street Memes price prediction post.


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