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Wall Street Memes Price Prediction – $WSM Price Potential in 2024

Wall Street Memes price prediction
Wall Street Memes price prediction

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – WSM has concluded its presale and can now be purchased on OKX.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, where prices have seen a notable upswing in 2024, there is one category that has particularly distinguished itself as the most lucrative since the beginning of the year – memecoins. Those well-versed in the crypto landscape are likely familiar with news stories highlighting the massive price surges experienced by various memecoins within very short timeframes. Among these light-hearted but potentially profitable digital assets, Wall Street Memes has emerged as the latest and most widely discussed addition.

In this price prediction, we will delve into the Wall Street Memes project, examining its potential for growth once the $WSM token is listed on exchanges, and exploring other factors that could cause the project to go parabolic in the upcoming months.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction

Crypto prices are often speculated based on their previous price movements. However, since Wall Street Memes is still in its presale phase, this factor cannot be taken into account. So, in order to predict the price of Wall Street Memes in the upcoming months and years, we need to look at other elements like current trends, the project concept’s significance, its community, and more.

In those fundamental analysis terms, our Wall Street Memes price predictions are:


As $WSM is set to be launched in 2023, it may be like the project performs well, given the current craze around memecoins. Wall Street Memes is set to launch at a listing price of $0.0337. Since the project is a small market cap initiative at the moment, even a low trading volume may be able to move the price considerably. While this may be a cause for high volatility in both directions, it could also mean a parabolic increase in prices.

A possible forecast is for $WSM token to be priced around the $0.10 range by the end of 2023.


Wall Street Memes is being launched at a time when top meme coins are enjoying a massive chunk of investment from crypto whales. However, this trend may die out by 2024, as all altcoins tend to retrace after their initial hype. WSM token’s price action will mostly depend on the support it receives from the community, in the form of social media posts, word-of-mouth endorsements and the wider state of the crypto markets since the token doesn’t hold much utility at the moment.

While growth may be slow, we still expect the token to be priced at around $0.15 – $0.20 by the end of 2024.


According to its website, Wall Street Memes is described as a community-driven project. Should it receive the anticipated level of support from its community in future years, developers could potentially leverage this backing to introduce innovative utility features and forge partnerships with prominent brands. This scenario has the potential to catalyze a significant surge in the token’s value, akin to the remarkable pump witnessed by Shiba Inu in the last crypto bull run. As a result, the price of $WSM may further ascend, potentially reaching the $0.35 mark.

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$WSM Price Stages During Presale

$WSM has a total supply of 2 billion tokens, with 50% (1 billion tokens) allocated for the presale phase. The ERC-20 token has set a hardcap of $30.577 million, and there is speculation within the community that this target may be achieved before the anticipated end of the presale.

Wall Street Memes

As of now, during the early presale phases, the token is priced at just over $0.025. However, this price is expected to rise once each specific target is reached. Each stage of the presale will see a price increase of $0.0003, with the listing price ultimately set at $0.0337.

Although the project has not provided a complete breakdown of the price stages for the presale yet on, it could be anticipated that the $0.0003 price increase will be consistent until it reaches the listing price.

What is Wall Street Memes?

Wall Street Memes is a meme crypto project that has been gaining attention recently, thanks to a massive brand name that it has built for itself in recent years. The project hasn’t launched a robust roadmap yet, and is currently without much utility other than to ‘tokenize the movement’, but is still attracting hundreds of investors on a regular basis.


In order to understand the significance of the project’s concept, however, it is vital to learn more about r/WallStreetBets, the small forum that shocked the financial world.

Originating as an online community on Reddit, Wall Street Bets became renowned for its unconventional trading approach and its collective influence in driving stock movements. The subreddit served as a hub for discussions, where members shared investment strategies, targeted heavily shorted stocks, and coordinated buying efforts.

This grassroots movement resulted in remarkable price surges, with some stocks experiencing unprecedented gains. For instance, GameStop (GME) saw its share price skyrocket by over 1,500% at its peak, reaching an all-time high of $483 per share. Similarly, AMC Entertainment (AMC) witnessed a surge of approximately 2,850%, with its stock price surging to a peak of $72 per share.

The unexpected and substantial price increases observed had a major effect on the overall financial environment, surpassing predictions and causing disruptions to traditional market dynamics. This shift also led to established financial institutions struggling to deal with the influence exerted by individual retail investors. These developments align with the fundamental concept underlying Wall Street Memes.

Note however that $WSM has not made any claim to be the official coin of the Wall Street Bets Reddit, a claim that was made by other projects such as Wall Street Baby (WSB). The project’s developers have an existing background from Instagram, Twitter and the NFT space rather than Reddit.

What Drives the Price Of Wall Street Memes Token

Wall Street Memes have emphasized specific features that could potentially fuel the project’s popularity in the coming weeks, acting as catalysts for its growth. Some of the most evident ones are:

A Massive Social Media Following

Wall Street memes

The creators of the well-known Instagram page, wallstbets, are behind the development of the Wall Street Memes project. With over 500k followers on Instagram and a substantial following on Twitter, the project already has exposure to more than 1 million social media users. This ability to attract a large number of investors during a volatile period is a promising sign that indicates the potential for further growth.

An Active NFT Project and Community

It is a common practice for memecoins to include NFTs as part of their roadmap, and often these NFTs become a significant aspect of the projects themselves. In the case of Wall Street Memes, they have already launched a successful NFT collection called Wall St Bulls, which experienced a complete sell-out within a remarkably short span of just 32 minutes in 2021. The project recently dropped another NFT collection, which goes to show that it is still as active, despite the NFT industry not being in the bull run it was in 2021.


NFT projects are typically vital components of memecoin projects as they align with the brand personality and thematic concept on which they are based. In the case of Wall Street Memes, the NFT collection focuses on finance-related artwork, perfectly encapsulating the project’s theme.

Strong reputation in the Crypto Industry

While not reaching the same level of popularity as the real Wall Street Bets Reddit community, Wall Street Memes has established itself as one of the largest and most vibrant crypto communities within the crypto sphere. It stands out with its extensive Instagram following, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Additionally, the project has already engaged in collaborations with various crypto projects and actively interacts with influential figures in the space, such as Elon Musk, on platforms like Twitter.

Given its significant reputation within the sector, community members are optimistic that the project will be listed on several tier-1 exchanges, including Bybit or Binance. Such listings would provide the token with increased exposure, potentially leading to a rise in value.

Airdrop Opportunity

The developers of Wall Street Memes are actively pursuing various avenues to generate more exposure for the project during its presale phase. In addition to their strong social media presence, the project offers an airdrop opportunity that has garnered significant excitement among investors, evident from the enthusiastic posts on social media by existing project members.


Furthermore, the inclusion of merchandise as part of the overall Wall Street Memes ecosystem further contributes to its potential success. These collective efforts indicate that the project may experience positive gains in the coming months once the token is officially launched.

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Wall Street Memes Profit Potential – A Case Study

Wall Street Memes stands out from many recently launched memecoin projects due to its established presence in the crypto space. The project’s significant community and the existing demand for its NFT collection make it comparable to projects like ApeCoin. ApeCoin, although a larger project, initially gained attention through social media buzz. It was after the peak of its NFT collection that the cryptocurrency associated with the project was launched, leading to a remarkable surge in its price.

Shortly after launch, the token’s value skyrocketed from around $8 to over $23 within just a few days. This rapid price increase came as a surprise to many investors, as ApeCoin became one of the first tokens to achieve such popularity primarily based on the utility of its NFTs.

If Wall Street Memes can achieve even a fraction of the growth seen in the example of ApeCoin, it wouldn’t be surprising for the token to reach its 2024 prediction within a shorter timeframe, potentially less than a year. However, this is contingent on a stable and positive crypto market environment, the absence of negative press about the project, and the potential for partnerships with other brands or cryptocurrencies.

It’s worth noting that even after a price decline, ApeCoin still maintains a market capitalization of approximately $1.8 billion. If Wall Street Memes can close this gap to some extent, it would have the potential to become a token with significant growth potential, potentially achieving a 50X or even 100X return on investment.

What Advantages Does Wall Street Memes Hold Over its Competition?

Wall Street Memes distinguishes itself from many of the recent memecoin projects by not being the brainchild of newcomers to the crypto industry. Instead, it is spearheaded by a group of individuals who have been actively involved in the crypto space for a significant period. This experience sets them apart and instils confidence in the project’s potential.

When considering memecoin investments, popularity among enthusiasts is a key factor. In this regard, Wall Street Memes has a considerable advantage, boasting an established community of over 1 million followers across multiple social media platforms. This existing base of supporters provides a solid foundation and indicates strong interest from potential investors.


Moreover, the project draws inspiration from the widely recognized and influential finance community known as Wall Street Bets. Leveraging the association with this popular community could serve as a catalyst for the project’s value appreciation. The widespread recognition and popularity of Wall Street Bets may attract attention to Wall Street Memes, further driving its growth.

Given the developers’ extensive experience in the crypto space, it is reasonable to expect that they possess a network of contacts that can contribute to the project’s growth. This network can help facilitate the generation of utility, establish business collaborations, and provide other valuable resources for Wall Street Memes. These factors collectively provide the project with a significant advantage over many competing projects.

The Wall Street Memes presale has begun to attract attention from influencers, being featured in the video below as the best crypto to buy now.

See our guide on how to buy Wall Street Memes token.

Wall Street Memes Social Media Channels

As highlighted earlier, Wall Street Memes stands out from other memecoins primarily due to its notable social media presence. Although the project is still in the process of building an active community of investors, it has already amassed a substantial following. While not all followers may become investors, this heightened level of exposure increases the potential for a larger number of token holders in the future.

At the time of writing, Wall Street Memes has established a presence on several social media platforms, including:

  • Instagram The project has a significant following on Instagram, where it engages with its audience and shares updates, memes, and related content.
  • Twitter Wall Street Memes actively utilizes Twitter to connect with its community, engage in discussions, and interact with influential figures in the crypto space.
  • Discord This is where the community can engage with other holders and participate in various activities to explore and learn more about the project.
  • Telegram Like almost every other memecoin project, Wall Street Memes also has a growing telegram channel, where is keeps users updated about any developments within the project on a regular basis.

It’s worth noting that while these platforms currently represent the project’s social media presence, additional platforms or channels may be added in the future as the project continues to grow and expand its reach.


Wall Street Memes was been launched as a presale project on May 26th with good timing and a compelling concept, backed by an established social media following and NFT project. While there are many meme cryptocurrency projects, the experienced team behind Wall Street Memes is expected to drive its price upward, potentially leading to substantial profits for investors in the near future.

The official launch and subsequent listing on crypto exchanges following the presale will be closely watched to observe how the price of $WSM evolves. It promises to be an interesting period as the project enters the next phase of its development.

Update – WSM has concluded its presale and can now be purchased on OKX.

New OKX Listing - Wall Street Memes


Wall Street Memes
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection - Wall St Bulls
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk
Wall Street Memes

FAQs on the $WSM Token

What is the total supply of $WSM token?

The total supply of the $WSM token is 2 billion, of which the presale is set to distribute fifty percent (1 billion tokens).

Is Wall Street Memes launched by Wall Street Bets?

The Wall Street Bets and Wall Street Meme communities arent directly associated with each other. However, there are similarities in the overarching theme of both community led entities.

Does Wall Street Memes already have an NFT collection?

Yes, the Wall Street Memes team has an active NFT collection too, that is popular among many within the NFT community. The Wall St Bulls on OpenSea.