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Trader Predicts This New Play to Earn Crypto Game Could Be the Next Decentraland or The Sandbox

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Analyst Jacob Bury posted an update on the Meta Masters Guild presale, tipped to be the next big crypto game, and the state of the cryptocurrency market.

It’s globally acknowledged that many people have made money with Play-to-Earn crypto, as many ecosystems offer high upside potential. A large number of individuals have also now expressed an interest in upcoming game Meta Masters Guild – the following is a more in-depth overview of their outstanding presale.

Watch a recent Meta Masters Guild presale update and crypto market update in the video above. Follow his YouTube channel for more new crypto ICO reviews and crypto updates.

What Makes Meta Masters Guild Exceptional

In a recent piece published by Cointelegraph, blockchain gaming businesses were cited as stating that casual gamers are hesitant to play games with blockchain technology. However there is one good game might change this perception, and that game is Meta Masters Guild. One of today’s most predatory industries is gaming.

Large gaming firms own the rights to all of our favorite games, but they don’t build them to the appropriate standards and employ predatory monetisation techniques to generate billions every year without giving anything back to the core player base that makes these games so great. Despite the fact that user reviews are the foundation of great games, the industry disregards them. The Meta Masters Guild fight against this.

MEMAG Token Presale Quickly Selling Out

The Meta Masters Guild has seven stages of presale. Within the first three weeks of its presale, the MEMAG token presale was successful in raising $1.55 million. There are only three days left before the MEMAG token prices increase, and the current price per token is $0.013.

For early investors, this stage of the MEMAG token presale is preferable since you will receive a three times return on your investment once it is launched. Guide on how to purchase MEMAG token here. 

Meta Masters Guild Games

They are developing top-notch mobile games that enable their members to benefit profitably from their contributions to the MEMAG ecosystem.

Meta Kart Racers

Meta Kart Racers will be the first game that Web3 game developers produce. Gamearound are still in their development. A PVP racing game designed for mobile devices is called Meta Kart Racers. In order to get away from the evil Meta overlords, players compete in the Meta Kart Championship.

For track performance, Gems can be earned then traded in for tokens. In Meta Kart, players receive actual rewards through skill-based competition, resource gathering, and a player-driven cycle.

Meta Masters World

Their metaverse is known as the Meta Masters World. A game of exploration in a massive virtual universe. It will be an open world game with less structure. Players of Meta Master World can explore, gather resources, and compete. Players will have limitless access to content and options. All in-game items will be NFTs, and they foresee a thriving marketplace where users can swap their stuff freely.

Raid NFT

Raid NFT is a fantasy fighting game in which players select a warrior class and fight in a difficult environment. Gems and NFTs are awarded as a result of challenges and game advancement. Players can compete for tokens and other rewards in PVP mode. You can play solo or in the arena in NFT Raid. In the fighting arena, players can find special equipment and challenge worthy opponents. Upgrades boost your power.

Current Situation of Crypto Market

We are not yet in an alt season, but we are still deeply immersed in the Bitcoin season. Over the past week, numerous altcoins have experienced enormous price increases, and if we look at the daily time frame, many altcoins are currently seeing price increases. Checking the Crypto Unicorn Index, which shows how many different crypto assets currently have a market capital exceeding one billion dollars.

We can see that fifty one unique coins have over one billion a market cap, whereas in 2018, during the bull market, only thirty nine coins had over one billion a market cap. This time around, we’re essentially at the peak of a bear market, so it’s really interesting to see the growth of all these coins. See our guide to the best crypto winter token to invest here.

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