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Meta Masters Guild: The Next Big Thing in Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming, Invest Now, Price Set to pump 30% Today

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Next Big Thing in Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming
Next Big Thing in Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming

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Meta Masters Guild aims to unlock the value in gaming for players while taking a play-and-earn approach. With a goal of creating the most-played crypto games of 2023 and beyond, Meta Kart Racers and the Meta Masters Guild platform present a valuable opportunity for investors.

In just two weeks, the leading play-to-earn gaming platform Meta Masters Guild, which is growing in popularity quickly, has raised more than $1,054,000 from investors.

The second phase of the seven-stage buyout is supposed to conclude in six days, although it will probably end soon.

The $MEMAG reaches Stage 3 after the fundraising total of $1,120,000 has been reached. The price of a token will then increase by 30%, from $0.01000 to $0.01300.

Invest now for a price increase of 129% once the presale expires

The presale comprises seven stages in all. When the presale reaches its conclusion, the price of $MEMAG will be $0.02300, a 129% premium over the existing offer price.

Investors don’t have to worry about the project overpromising and failing to execute because it has set a very modest goal of obtaining $4.97 million to finish its plan.

Prospective investors must act quickly to secure a spot at the beginning of this fascinating new games project since they have little time to waste.

The most sustainable play-to-earn cryptocurrency is being proposed by Meta Masters Guild

The Meta Masters Guild’s sales pitch: a fun way to generate money that is sustainable

Without a doubt, P2E was one of the revolutionary uses of cryptography. The first performance of Axie Infinity, for instance, is evidence of its disruptive potential.

However, that success was short-lived due of the method P2E was designed, which prioritised income through tedious in-game duties over enjoyable gameplay.

By putting the focus on entertaining and interesting gameplay, Meta Masters Guild does away with all of that.

Analysts expect Meta Masters Guild to grow 10 times faster than the average play-to-earn cryptocurrency this year, which may not come as a surprise.

Making games that are entertaining to play should, of course, be the A, B, and C of any game enterprise if you want players to keep returning for more.

According to Meta Masters Guild, games must be fun to play in order to gain popularity online and in the marketplace.

The key to virality is not the amount of money can be earned playing a game, but rather, a highly addictive engagement.

Players’ value in gaming is being unlocked by Meta Masters Guild, but it does so by adopting a play-and-earn strategy.

Play-and-earn may seem like a straightforward concept, but up until now, the crypto-gaming industry has not fully embraced it.

By creating a strategy and platform that are focused on long-term growth, Meta Masters Guild hopes to exceed the early successes of Axie Infinity.

The team is avoiding short-term economic models that can draw speculators trying to make a fast cash but who have no commitment to or interest in the games.

Meta Kart Racers, the project’s debut game, will serve as the crusader in achieving this goal.

By 2023 and beyond, Meta Kart Racers might surpass all other cryptogames in popularity

With a variety of play-and-earn opportunities, Meta Kart would be free to play.

The game will be available on mobile devices as part of the company’s plan to build the largest casual mobile gaming crypto platform in the world. A browser version will also be available.

Players in the P2E option have the opportunity to win uncommon NFTs as well as earn Gems through in-game action.

Users can choose from a variety of exciting racing tracks and their favorite drivers and karts to somehow get started using Meta Kart.

Play alone in classic arcade mode or put your abilities to the test in player-versus-player matches.

Players can purchase and improve their drivers and karts first from Meta Masters Guild Store either using gems or MEMAG tokens.

In arcade mode, you could also play and earn to win uncommon NFTs. Once acquired, Meta Masters Guild NFTs represent 3D-rendered playable characters in-game.

Research revealed that this particular format was a widely popular and expanding segment of the games business. Therefore, Meta Masters Guild chose it. According to Statista data, the total income made inside the racing games category in 2022 was $2.68 billion.

The excitement of racing is very different from the monotony of badly executed P2E farming forms

Partners in game creation and blockchain technology are available from Meta Masters Guild.

In the experienced hands of game creation studio Gamearound, the Meta Kart videogame is currently in an advanced state of development.

Other partners include the blockchain development company RWaltz, whose work on product development for the Probit platform, 100XCoin, as well as BTC Bizarre, is also included.

Recently, Gamearound created a game for Boohoo, a billion dollar apparel shop.

Two other games by Meta Masters Guild are currently in the concept stage.

The build, discover, and conquer smartphone game Meta Masters World was produced by Gamearound.

Raid NFT, the third game, will soon begin development.

Anyone who has a cryptocurrency wallet can purchase $MEMAG

Early Web3 decentralized gaming backers of Meta Masters Guild stand to profit significantly from their investments in the fastest-growing area of the leading entertainment market.

Everyone in public is welcome to participate in the Meta Masters Guild presale. To purchase $MEMAG using either ETH or USDT, connect your cryptocurrency wallet, including Metamask or Trust Wallet, at the website.

Wrapping Up

Meta Masters Guild presents a unique opportunity for investors to enter the play-to-earn crypto gaming market with a sustainable and enjoyable approach. With a goal of becoming the most-played crypto game of 2023 and beyond, Meta Kart Racers and the Meta Masters Guild platform have the potential for significant growth. The current presale offers a 30% price increase and a 129% premium at its conclusion.

With a dedicated team and a long-term growth strategy, Meta Masters Guild is poised to become the next big thing in play-to-earn crypto gaming.

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