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Meta Masters Guild has Raised $1 million in Its Presale – Less Than 24 Hours Left Before Price Increase

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meta Masters Guild has Raised $1 million
Meta Masters Guild has Raised $1 million

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Meta Masters Guild, one of the best P2E offerings, has just crossed its $1 million benchmark. And since the end of this presale stage is marked at $1.12 million, you have less than 24 hours to participate in this project.

Meta Masters Guild is a P2E crypto that eyes to increase the blockchain adoption rate with its gameplay-centric approach.

The Meta masters presale has seven stages, with the price of MEMAG tokens in the last stage being 0.0235 USDT. Investing in this presale in the next few hours will net you 225% gains even before the token’s listing.

Meta Masters Guild has raised $1 Million in its Presale

Meta Masters Guild is one of the newest crypto offerings to have appeared this year, and the crowd is more than bullish about it due to its gameplay-centric nature.

That enthusiasm has pushed people into the FOMO, and the native MEMAG tokens of this project are now going fast.

The seven-staged presale has 350 million tokens dedicated to it out of the 1 billion total supply. The project started with a private sale where the price of this crypto was 0.007 USDT, and the current price is 0.01 USDT.

Meta Masters Guild aims to raise $4.97 million through its presale. The project has put no maximum cap on its presale – which is further driving more demand for this cryptocurrency.

Other than dedicating 35% of the tokens to the presale, Meta Masters has put 5% of the tokens to provide liquidity to DEX – decentralized exchanges and 10% for CEX listings. Tokens left for the ecosystem, the team, and the company and the ecosystem are to be vested linearly over a period of 36 months.

The remainder of the tokens, however, including those in the presale and those to be listed, won’t have a vesting period.

This approach will ensure the token’s scarcity once the presale concludes – a factor that can pump the price of this asset in a major way.

Meta Masters Guild – The World’s First Web 3 Mobile-Gaming Ecosystem

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-focused Web 3 gaming guild. It is not a game by itself but an ecosystem that provides a platform for decentralized gaming through mobile phones and, through that, makes the gaming ecosystem more sustainable for all.

To achieve sustainability, Meta Masters Guild aims to create games that are fun to play. The ecosystem will provide a low barrier of entry to developers who can bring fun gameplay concepts to life without worrying about tokenomics and earning mechanics.

Meta Masters Guild has already taken care of those two factors using two tokens. Gems and MEMAG.

Gems are in-app currencies that players earn as rewards. They can then spend it on NFTs or other in-game assets. Earning-centric players can swap Gems for MEMAG tokens.

After earning MEMAG tokens, players can then directly cash them through the platform as USDT or ETH – a process that won’t have any transaction fee. Or, they can funnel these tokens back into the ecosystem to make it flourish more.

Games By Communities

Meta Masters Guild aims to create multiplayer games that even non-crypto gamers are interested in playing. Games like PUBG-mobile took major strides in the mobile gaming space and grew even in regions where gaming was not very prevalent.

Wanting to replicate that success, Meta Masters Guild will build games with the help of the community. The gameplay concepts that we discussed, which will be brought to life by developers, will be given by the members of the community.

Meta Masters Guild invites anyone who has an interesting gaming concept to join the community built for the gamers, by the gamers.

Fun Factor as a Strategic Element

Meta Masters Guild is aware of the humbling truth that if everyone is aiming to earn through games, the P2E ecosystem will become unsustainable. It thus puts forward a “fun comes first” approach where it promises that the project’s blockchain integration, earning mechanics, and tokenomics won’t get in the way of fun.

The project’s primary goal is to create games that are appealing to players on the non-crypto side of the aisle. It will bring in more players that are interested in gameplay rather than earning. The balance of players thus established will maintain the economy of the ecosystem – bringing long-term upsides to this project.

Meta Master Model – Play and Earn

“The concept of Play to Earn is false”- that’s what the devs at Meta Masters Guild. It is a right idea that stems from the fact that solely earning-centric P2E games have not been able to retain the attention of the crypto crowd for a long time.

Another point to note is that none of the crypto games till now have been unable to entice non-crypto gamers. In a bid to bring these games to the blockchain gaming space, Meta Masters follow the model of Play and earn.

Users will come for the gameplay and stay for the gameplay. And those who engage with the ecosystem in positive ways and add value to it will earn rewards such as:

In-Game Assets for Performing Well

Meta Masters is also going to breach the eSports scene. Players of those games will get highly valuable in-game assets.

Community Giveaways and Events present

Meta Masters Guild is also organizing community giveaways and events. One of them is live – the $100k giveaway.

Players to buy MEMAG tokens worth $100 will automatically enter the lucky draw pot. Increase your chances of winning $100k worth of MEMAG tokens by completing the tasks mentioned on the official website.

Meta Masters Guild is also a thoroughly vetted project. The smart contract has been verified by CoinSniper, and the team has been KYC verified by SolidProof.

Here are the details to keep in mind to participate in the presale –

Token name – Meta Masters Guild

Presale Stages – 7

Token Type – ERC-20

Token Symbol – MEMAG

Decimals – 18

Token Contract Address – 0x6E39A587691b8c9D4341cE0A960998ED6F537AF6

Presale Contract Address – 0x9675a3628d29f9709f81259803802f2188770870

Current Stage Supply – 63 million MEMAG token

Current Stage Price – $0.01

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