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IMPT Price Prediction: Get Into This $15M Coin Before Presale Ends in 4 Days?


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The presale is finally coming to an end in a few days now. Since the beginning of its presale, IMPT has been one of the few cryptocurrencies that have been able to garner investor attention, while also working towards the greater goal of creating an environmentally friendly blockchain approach. Amidst all the ongoing conversations, the community has been speculating that the native token of the crypto project, IMPT, will be released early on some of the most popular crypto exchanges such as LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap as the team had subtly mentioned on several social media platforms previously.

After quite an enthusiastic response to its Presale, the IMPT Project is finally looking at an optimistic Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Here’s what’s up with the Impact Project and why you should be a part of it. Read till the end to find out about other such crypto projects you can be on the lookout for.

IMPT Presale: Why Should Investors Consider Buying?

The ongoing IMPT presale is one of the hottest presales that crypto investors may come across in the space at the moment. At the time of writing, the IMPT presale has already crossed the $15 million mark, making it one of the best-performing crypto presales of all time even. It is scheduled to go on till the next 4 four days.

This means that the crypto project has already sold around 783 million IMPT tokens out of 1.26 billion IMPT tokens up for grabs, at a price of $0.023 per token.

What Is So Special About IMPT?

IMPT Crypto price prediction

The Impact Project started with an aim to revolutionize the existing carbon credits industry and how it functions. was announced in the early months of 2022, and its presale was able to instantly grab the attention of some of the biggest brands. Some of the largest retailers in the world have become a part of the IMPT ecosystem, and that too in such a short span of time. Overall, there are more than 10,000 brands that have already agreed to collaborate with them on the same.

What makes IMPT special is the fact that it is working towards democratizing climate change efforts in one or the other way. With the help of the IMPT platform, an individual and a big retailer can come together to create an impact. The entire platform is quite easy to use, and intuitive. Users can buy, sell or retire their carbon credits on the IMPT Carbon Marketplace or simply buy products from the platform where IMPT tokens will automatically be added to their wallets. Combining both of them is the IMPT social platform, which helps the entire community come together and showcase their impact score, i.e. a reward for fighting against climate change.

Other Crypto Projects With Ongoing Presales

The crypto market is maturing and evolving each day. Moreover, investors are now looking for projects that are not only popular with everyone but also feature real utility. Here are some of the upcoming crypto projects, currently at their presale stage.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Bitcoin Price Prediction - Will BTC Price Breakout Above The $16k Barrier Today

Another crypto project that’s garnering plenty of attention is Dash 2 Trade. It defines itself as a world-class crypto analytics and social trading platform that’s made keeping in mind the best for every user. The Dash 2 Trade platform enables every investor to gain access to some of the best available resources and information.

This enables every investor to make an informed decision, on the basis of the available data. Some of the best features of the Dash 2 Trade platform include:

  • Trading signals
  • Backtesting and strategy building
  • Social sentiment analysis and on-chain analysis
  • Scoring systems to participate in crypto presales
  • Crypto listing alerts
  • Trading competitions

The D2T token is the native token of the Dash 2 Trade platform. It is an ERC-20 token belonging to the Ethereum network and gives users access to the features available on the platform, and the other advanced trading tools.

RobotEra (TARO)

Buy RobotEra on Presale

The RobotEra is a unique crypto project in its own sense. It features a metaverse world, in which the entire team is planning to create a sandbox-like project. However, one caveat is that to many, the project seems quite similar to Sandbox. The project also claims that its P2E ecosystem will be different and stand out from the rest of its competitors.

These are some interesting things that players can enjoy doing on RobotEra:

  • Construct buildings and create NFTs
  • Create lands or robots
  • Submit original works to be displayed in museums
  • Explore places and find rewards
  • Build a new metaverse with different communities and lots more

Currently, the Presale for RobotEra’s native token $TARO is ongoing, with 21 million tokens already being sold, and about $420,000 being raised.

Calvaria (RIA)

Buy Calvaria

Another interesting project that has been gaining massive traction is Calvaria. It is a card game in which players compete with one another with the help of cards, and create their own tailored strategies. This is what makes the entire thing interesting. The game might have very few chances where two strategies will ever match. This keeps the players hooked on the game.

All of this is made possible with the help of RIA tokens. The RIA tokens are again an ERC-20 token for buying in-game resources and more. Currently, the Calvaria Presale is active, and is on Stage 5, with more than 70% progress. Several members of the community have already started considering the token to be a potential top gainer.

Conclusion: Is IMPT The Right Crypto For You?

The thing with the Impact Project is that it isn’t just another crypto project that you come across and buy because of the hype it creates. For someone who’s planning to buy IMPT, it is quite clear that they stand for something, and believe that the Impact Project has the ability to bring a change and create an impact when it comes to climate change. IMPT plans on changing the entire carbon credits industry, and with the right brands with the project, plus a robust roadmap, all of it does seem quite plausible.

Projects like IMPT and other upcoming crypto projects such as Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, and Calvaria are focusing on providing something of value to their users, whether it’s entertainment or something else. It certainly seems that these projects may be set for some really great gains in the upcoming weeks.

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