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Here’s Why GMX Price Has Pumped 30% in a Week

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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On December 1, when traders evaluated the decentralized exchange’s potential to develop as a significant threat to its main rival Uniswap, the price of GMX surged to its second-highest position in history. In a rebound that began on November 29 from a low of $40.50, GMX reached an intraday record of $54.50. The tweet from cryptocurrency analysis company Delphi Digital on the GMX decentralized exchange signalled the start of its surge.

The first time GMX outperforms Uniswap in terms of fees

Notably, GMX recently outperformed Uniswap in terms of daily trading fees, earning around $1.15 million as opposed to $1.06 million on the same day. This allegedly revived purchasing fervour in the GMX marketplace, causing its price to rise 35% to $54.50 later.


Additionally, GMX profited from the rising opposition to decentralized exchanges that emerged following the demise of FTX. With a 128% growth in yearly trading volume as well as a 31% increase in daily active users, the decentralized exchange’s income increased by 107%, reaching $5 million in November. In contrast, Uniswap saw an increase in daily active users of 8% and annualized income of nearly 75%.

According to GMX’s official statement, stakeholders receive a sizable percentage of all trading fees—roughly 30%—which might have contributed to its success, according to independent market analyst Zen. However, owners of Uniswap’s native token do not partake in the profits from the platform’s trading commissions.

Zen continued, stating that GMX is “obviously a buy as well as a hold during this bad market” and that it “consistently ranks as the single top earning procedure behind Uniswap.” An excerpt: “During weak markets, leveraged trading becomes prevalent.” The last time, FTX and Byte had significant growth. Here, I anticipate a similar tale. Little to no FDV overhang”.

The technicals of the GMX price are bearish

According to technical analysis, the current bull run in the GMX stock may be coming to an end.

On the daily chart, the price of GMX challenges its multi-month rising trendline resistance in anticipation of a likely retreat based on past tests of the same trendline and subsequent corrections. As a result, the token anticipates a move in the direction of the rising trendline.


Near the bullish divergence resistance at about $53, the selling pressure on GMX increased. The existing trendline resistance around $42, which is also the location of the GMX/USD pair’s 50-day EMA and 0.618 Fib line, might be reached by the pair if it continues to decline. In other words, by the end of 2022, the price of GMX may decline by over 20% from its present levels.

GMX: What is it?

A DEX that offers spot and permanent auctions with more than 30 times the power and influence of GMX is what the GMX platform is. Its inexpensive exchange costs and “zero price effect deals” are its primary selling factors.

Across a multi-asset liquidity pool, the DEX runs. Fees from such trading may be paid to those who provide liquidity. Swaps, leveraged trading, market making, and asset rebalancing all incur these expenses.

GMX hopes that its exchange solution will draw in users in addition to providers. It has also integrated the Chainlink (LINK) database to deliver “dynamic pricing” to the DEX in addition to its low costs. Additionally, it claims that its platform “uses an overall price feed to lower the danger of liquidations from transient wicks.”

What is GMX’s Dual Token?

A dual-token system powers the exchange. Its liquidity token, the GLP cryptocurrency, may be used to trade index assets. Investors can either burn the token to retrieve an asset or mint GLP using any index asset. GLP holders receive 70% of all swaps as well as leverage trading fees. The platform’s utility and governance token is the cryptocurrency GMX. The final 30% of fees are paid to those who stake the coin. Users of Arbitrum will be compensated in Ether (ETH), while Avalanche investors will get an AVAX yield.

Other High-Potential Cryptocurrencies

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

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Shareholders in cryptocurrencies may consider the D2T token issued by Dash 2 Trade to have intriguing potential in light of the tragic failure of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. With Dash 2 Trade, customers have access to social trading, chart patterns, a presale analytics tool, a strategy testing tool, as well as unique social indicators. Dash 2 Trade is a top-tier social trading and cryptocurrency analytics platform.

Dash 2 Trade may entirely rule the cryptocurrency trading business with all of these features. As a result, demand for the platform’s D2T token, which D2T customers must purchase to access all of the platform’s features, might significantly rise. (IMPT)

International environmental initiatives have never really been supported by bitcoin business participants. As the severity of worldwide warming and other environmental issues grows, the focus has shifted to green investments. Cryptocurrency investors now can select currencies like to safely and effectively reduce their carbon footprint. is developing an ecosystem to promote climate action by using carbon credits.


A comprehensive, user-friendly, as well as intelligent carbon offsetting system forms the basis of the ecosystem. The IMPT platform, which is believed to include thousands of global and sustainable enterprises, allows users to explore products while reducing carbon emissions. The green token for is presently available for pre-sale. IMPT has made almost $13 million as a result of its exceptional presale performance.

Calvaria (RIA)

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The new P2P cryptocurrency game Calvaria has investors and players interested. Players can gather NFT cards and engage in combat with one another. The narrative prowess of Calvaria is another distinctive feature that can grab many people.

Three distinct cities are included in the game, each with its special qualities. Additionally, combat cards in Calvaria are NFTs, making their purchasers the only owners of them. Furthermore, it has an integrated peer-to-peer market area where gamers may purchase and sell cards.

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