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Crypto Moonlight Reviews Fight Out – New Move-to-Earn Crypto Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fight Out plat to earn
Fight Out plat to earn

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Crypto Moonlight reviewed the ground-breaking new Web3 fitness app Fight Out, which recently reached a significant milestone in its token presale. Fight Out aims to become the initial platform to let users profit from any sort of exercise, including gym sessions.

Crypto Moonlight Fight Out Overview

Move-to-Earn cryptocurrencies are a growing market that encourages physical exercise by rewarding users with crypto. Because it’s all centered around fitness and obviously moving and getting paid to do so, it’s definitely one of the best part entering the crypto space.

It’s a better solution than a lot of the other M2E initiatives in the crypto market. Being healthy in general is the best thing you can do for your body, and it’s impressive that the Fight Out platform has been developed because you can get active while also getting paid.

A fitness app powered by cryptocurrency that will be released by Fight Out later this year is already being hailed as a must-have exercise buddy. A platform that’s going to track physical activities and users can connect, communicate, and compete via a variety of real-world fitness challenges using their soulbound NFT avatars.

If you get in early enough with their token presale, you can generate a high return on investment, and you also get in at the best low price. The project is Certik Audit, one of the highest levels of security, and their white paper covers everything related to the entire fitness field. They do an excellent job of explaining their platform, ideas, and goals.

FGHT Presale

The promising start-up has now generated more than $4.1 million through the presale of the FGHT token that will drive the Fight Out web3 ecosystem. It aims to alter the fresh and quickly expanding Move-to-Earn crypto sector. Fight Out wants to encourage its users to start living healthily and to keep doing so.

Fight Out is providing an innovative method to resurrect or spark a desire for fitness for those who struggle to find exercise inspiration. Fortunately, individuals who want to join the fitness movement can get presale access at a massive discount. Guide on how to buy FGHT token here.

Early investors receive massive bonuses, and depending on their purchase price and vesting period, they may be eligible for up to 25% extra FGHT tokens. If the presale hard cap of $15 million is met before March 31, the presale will conclude early.

Fight Out Tokenomics


The 10 billion FGHT tokens are split into four pools:


  • Up to 9% of tokens (900 million) will be sold in the presale to raise funds to launch the project.
  • Up to 4.5% of tokens (450 million) will be given in rewards to early purchasers of FGHT.
  • 10% of tokens (1 billion) will be reserved for exchange liquidity. Any remaining tokens will be added to 76.5% token lock


  • 76.5% of tokens (7.65 billion) will be vested over five years and used for platform development and marketing costs in order to ensure long-term growth.

FGHT Raise

The presale will sell and reward 13.5% of FGHT tokens, raising up to $15 million to launch the app and operate the Fight Out facility. Unsold tokens are vested. FGHT tokens do not grant ownership rights in Fight Out  entity or its physical gym. Presale buyers receive 50% more FGHT tokens.

FGHT token purchases and vesting duration determine this. During the presale, the purchase and vesting bonuses may be modified or eliminated, with prior notice to the community.

FGHT Utility


To buy things in-app, one must utilize the REPS rewards token. REPS are available for earning or buying using fiat or FGHT. REPS acquired with FGHT receive a bonus of 25% more REPS.

Through their partner Transak, investors can buy FGHT using a credit card or through exchanges. They want to increase demand for the token by making FGHT the standard method of payment for REPS.

Metaverse Uses

FGHT is the Fight Out metaverse’s currency. Entry fees and prize pools may be required to compete in leagues, tournaments, or unique game modes. All metaverse purchases will be performed entirely with FGHT.

Peer-to-peer wagers (with friends or through Fight Out’s smart-matching engine) on high-profile matches will utilize FGHT. This may involve streamers, celebrities, legends, or other contestants.


Membership to Fight Out is supported by a stake-for-membership system in which the greater and longer the stakes, the greater the membership benefits. This will depend on the membership tier unlocked by the user.


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