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Fight Out Cruises Past $4 Million In Presale – Disruptive Coin Set To Be Top Gainer Of 2023 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fight Out M2E app
Fight Out M2E app

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Fight Out M2E app

The fitness industry is continually advancing, with the recent surging popularity of move-to-earn (M2E) apps igniting a new trend in digital fitness. These applications provide rewards as an incentive for users to exercise regularly, encouraging them to become healthier while having fun

Recent market studies reveal that the global M2E fitness apps market was estimated at $391.7 million in 2021–and it is projected to expand exponentially with an 18.3% CAGR by 2030.

This rapid growth can be attributed to several catalysts such as ever growing smartphone adoption, increasing healthcare expenditure, rising prevalence of obesity, and more athletes opting for these applications.

Advances in technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are also driving the adoption of such tech in the fitness space. Consumers no longer need to visit gyms and fitness clubs; they can now exercise at home while avoiding the crowds. This has led to an increase in demand for apps and wearable devices that leverage these modern technologies.

Despite its promise, the market is not impervious to challenges. Digital literacy and skills are lacking in specific areas, network coverage is weak or non-existent in some places, security issues remain unresolved and trust concerns regarding data privacy may also inhibit growth in the space.

However, the unexpected emergence of COVID-19 has drastically changed people’s perceptions on wellness, causing a huge number of individuals to switch to home fitness apps as an avenue for monitoring their activities while obtaining rewards.

Among a deluge of fitness apps, Fight Out stands out as an innovative leader. The platform will bring together advanced technology, secure blockchain rewards solutions, and a vibrant community to add a unique twist to the move-to-earn fitness app space.

Fight Out is looking to transform the idea of fitness as we know it through personal training plans, rewards for physical activity, high tech gyms, and local and global fitness communities. In 2023, they will be launching their gyms worldwide that are outfitted with cutting-edge Web3 technology, with an ambassador program featuring world-renowned athletes that will teach classes at gyms and provide online content.

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How Most Gyms and M2E Fitness Apps Fall Short

According to the IHRSA, a large number of individuals have difficulty sticking to a fitness regimen, resulting in gyms losing about half of their new members within six months. Some of the most cited reasons include lack of progress, inspiration, and a sense of community.

Customers often see quick results, known as “beginner gains”, but this soon plateaus due to a lack of guidance, knowledge, and personalized workouts.

Improper guidance can also lead to muscular imbalances and joint problems, hindering further progress.

Traditional gyms are also often perceived as solitary places, lacking the community aspect that is crucial for motivation and improvement. Although boutique fitness options have become popular, they can be expensive and lead to injury without proper monitoring and customized workout plans.

The sedentary nature of many lifestyles, including extended desk time and excessive screen use, has contributed to the rise of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

With the arrival of Web3 and M2E technology, the fitness industry has a new chance to tackle these issues. Fight Out, for instance, will provide a comprehensive fitness solution through its M2E app and gym network that will directly address the above challenges.

Fight Out’s Holistic Fitness App Combats Loneliness, Lack of Motivation

The Fight Out fitness app offers a comprehensive approach to fitness regimes, taking into account not only strength and cardio, but also overall wellness.

One of the app’s innovative features is the NFT avatar that serves as the user’s digital fitness profile, which is permanently linked to the user and cannot be bought or sold. By completing workouts at home or in a gym, users earn REPS tokens and can also compete against other users to earn additional tokens. These tokens can then be redeemed for discounts on app subscriptions, gym memberships, personal training sessions, and merchandise such as athletic wear, supplements, and workout gear.

Fight Out is also planning to open physical gyms globally, starting with the first gym planned for the fourth quarter of 2023. These gyms will feature cutting-edge equipment and services, as well as Web3-powered features like digital mirrors displaying the user’s fitness profile and sensors tracking workouts for ongoing advising and insights.

The gyms will also serve as community centers, where users can connect and participate in special events and expert classes led by well-known athletes who are part of Fight Out’s ambassador program.

Fight Out M2E Fitness App Experiencing High Demand During Presale

The Fight Out M2E app and gym chain, which offers real-time tracking of fitness activities and social competition, is attracting a significant number of investors to its $FGHT cryptocurrency. The innovative concept, which, as mentioned, allows users to monitor progress through an NFT avatar and compete with friends, sets it apart from other move-to-earn (M2E) programs.

When a user reaches their fitness goals, their avatar levels up, opening up new opportunities to earn rewards through battles with other users’ avatars.

With the backing of key players in the industry such as LBank Labs,, Transak, and BlockMedia Labs, Fight Out is poised for success and generating a lot of excitement in the investment community. The presale has so far raised over $4mn, ensuring the that the project will launch with more than enough backing to successfully bring it to the masses.

The platform offers lucrative presale bonuses of up to 50%, making it even more appealing to investors. The team also recently announced another exchange listing upon launch at, which follows announcements that the FGHT token will be listed on three other top exchanges: LBank, BKEX and BitForex. Check out the recent Binance Live video to learn more about the project.

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