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Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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On April 5th, Fight Out‘s $FGHT token will be listed on the exchange, making them the first ever move-to-earn Web3 fitness platform. There is a significant amount of buzz surrounding the project since it has been able to draw top-tier boxers and MMA fighters.

UFC’s Amanda Ribas and Savannah Marshall have come on board as’s elite athlete partners. A few leading cryptocurrency exchanges have already announced their support for the listing, including LBank, BKEX, and BitForex. Unlocking The Potential Of Crypto Exchange With A Social Twist was established in 2018 and now has more than 6 million registered users, with over 500,000+ active monthly users and 40+ million in the ecosystem. Coinmarketcap statistics show that 24-hour spot trading volumes at the exchange exceed $733 million.

Weber Woo was the driving force behind the creation of Having been fascinated by blockchain technology since 2013, Woo’s first foray into the space was creating a bitcoin mining pool in 2016 before launching two years afterward. was at the forefront of integrating social networks into its trading platform, making it one of the earliest exchanges to do so.

Fight Out Closing In On $4 Million Raise As Investors Jump On The Bandwagon

Fight Out has recently raised around $4 million from its token presale. The value of the token increases every 12 hours and there is a 50% bonus given on each purchase. At present, one $FGT is priced at $0.01998 and after listing, it will be available for $0.0333 per token.

Move-to-earn is raising the bar when it comes to fitness by introducing a unique platform that merges physical exercise with virtual reality. It gives users the chance to take their real-world workouts and translate them into metaverse activities using personalized avatars.

Fight Out has launched a fitness app, with plans to open a number of exclusive gyms. They also have an innovative approach to earning rewards- the Move-to-Earn platform incentivizes users who engage in physical activity both at home and in the gym. Users can tailor their exercise routine to their goals and capabilities. Their achievements then get tracked in real-time and incorporate into the attributes of their digital avatar.

Get Up To 50% Bonus Tokens On All Investments And Vesting – Here’s How

FightOut has an attractive bonus program for presale investors. The amount of bonus tokens they receive depends on the size of their investment and the duration which they choose to vest it for. During the presale, investors who invest $50,000 or more will receive a 25% bonus upon vesting of 24 months. This bonus schedule remains unchanged throughout the duration of the presale.

All $FGHT tokens have a lock-up period of three months. After this period, holders can decide if they want to extend their vesting period. The vesting process begins after the presale has ended and the tokens will be gradually unlocked over the designated period of time.

Many investors choose to unlock their tokens in stages and can access the amount that has vested so far at any point. Thus, if an investor unlocks their tokens on a two-year vesting schedule, they are able to claim up to 50% of the total amount after one year.

Discover The Revolutionary Power Of FGHT & REPS Fight Out Ecosystem

Fight Out provides users with a revolutionary platform where they are rewarded for their physical activity and fitness training. Fight Out rewards its users with REPS, an in-app currency that can be used to purchase a variety of items from your avatar’s cosmetic designs to merchandise and remote consultations with skilled trainers and fight coaches.

FGHT token holders have a minimum vesting period of 3 months. They can extend the vesting period to secure more bonuses and show commitment to the platform’s long-term success. Additionally, advanced tiers are offered with a combination of investment and vesting arrangements.

The Fight Out platform presents a unique experience that blends together the health benefits of physical fitness and the potential of cryptocurrencies. As a result, it offers users an engaging and rewarding way to stay active. Investors looking to invest in these tokens should act quickly and visit the official website to take advantage of the current offer before prices go up and bonuses are no longer available.

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