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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today December 16 – XDC, CELO, D2T, FGHT, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

crypto gainers
crypto gainers

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If you want to know which cryptos are now ruling the market, look no further. On December 16, 2020, some of the top gainers included XDC, CELO, D2T, FGHT, and TARO. Trying to keep track of these top performers will assist you in choosing where to spend your hard-earned income in the best way, whether you are an experienced trader or you’re just starting in the field of crypto exchanges. Let’s look at the causes of the most recent increase in the values of these particular cryptocurrencies and see what the future may hold for them.

XDC Network (XDC)

XDC Network

A 12-week viability mining effort for XDC was recently started by Hummingbot, a California-based open-source DeFi market-making software platform, on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and KuCoin. On Tuesday, this XDC-based campaign got underway. This was a significant step for the XDC System to unite sizable communities and offer liquidity.

The entire prize pool for the Hummingbot-XDC liquidity exploration campaign is 36,000 USD. According to Hummingbot, users may receive weekly incentives of 30,941 XDC on a cryptographic pair through this promotion. Additional incentives include a bonus reward of 5,000 Hummingbot Tokens (HBOT).

This XDC-based campaign supports the token pairings XDC/USDT and XDC/ETH as qualifying submissions. By setting up an automated XDC trading bot with a KuCoin/ trading account, users may take part in this promotion. On the XDC Contributor forum, a thorough set of directions has been provided. All these developments have increased the exposure XDC has, causing more investors to be a part of its overall ecosystem.


This is most likely the top reason why XDC has seen a decent spike in price and continues to stay on the same trend. Even on the weekly time frame, the token has managed to rise from $0.021 to the $0.025 price range. At the time of writing, the token seems to be having a minor correction and is trading around $0.024.

Celo (CELO)

CELO wants smartphone users to use cryptocurrency more frequently. It is simple to understand why smartphones are growing in popularity given the rising number of smartphone users. The project’s designers incorporated the stake method’s evidence to make it much more energy-efficient and futuristic.

Given that investors are more cautious with their portfolios, macroeconomic variables also have a part to play. The current global economic downturn has made the cryptocurrency bear market worse. CELO currently supports popular projects such as NFTs and Web3 applications. According to experts, these projects would eventually propel CELO to prominence. This is evident now as well since the token has been seeing a decent upward movement generally.


The token had a healthy correction a couple of days back when the price dropped from around $0.64 to $0.53. However, it managed to gain much strength in the past 24 hours and is currently trading in the $0.59 range again. However, this is a token that investors might want to wait and study for a bit. The RSI chart does show potential growth in the short term. However, there have been no major developments or announcements to help the token shoot up in the upcoming days. Despite all this, it can be a great investment option for those looking to hold a strong token for the long term.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Another cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum network is called Dash 2 Trade. It is made to assist you in improving your trading skills for cryptocurrencies. Offering a variety of technical indicators, improved on-chain data, and trading tactics, it also provides users with a strategic advantage for navigating the crypto industry.


Thanks to their unique grading system, users will have access to the most up-to-date social data, on-chain statistics, and presale market data. Investors have stuck with the currency because it swiftly delivers essential crypto trading indications. Due to the tremendous demand for the D2T token during the presale, top-tier exchanges are prepared to list it immediately post-launch, and expect a sizable volume of daily trading volumes once the token becomes live.

At the time of writing, the project is nearing the end of its presale with a $13.4 million hardcap, of which more than $10 million has already been filled. Such tremendous growth despite the current market conditions is indeed commendable.

FightOut (FGHT)

One of the best move-to-earn crypto platforms in 2023 is FightOut, which has been gaining massive traction since it was initially announced. Presale access to its native FGHT coin is opened and was welcomed with surging demand.

FightOut presale

Athletes who improve their fitness are rewarded with the FGHT cryptocurrency. They may get customized exercises and practice them with in-depth videos made by prominent instructors using the platform’s app. The exercises are intended to assist athletes in developing their endurance, cardio, strength, as well as technique as they prepare for boxing and MMA.

Users or athletes receive REPS as they finish training. Within the FightOut app, REPS may be used to pay for training supplies, private coaching sessions, merchandise, and more. The REPS rewards program also aims to motivate users to develop overall fitness. The number of REPS a user may earn from strength, cardio, endurance, as well as technical sessions are subject to soft caps. Therefore, by completing workouts in each of these categories, a person will receive the most REPS.

FightOut users also receive an NFT persona that helps them improve their fitness. This avatar may be used to participate in leagues, tournaments, and virtual bouts in the FightOut metaverse. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method for the FightOut community to showcase fitness advancements. Demand has been surging even more since the token presale is now giving out a 50% bonus for early buyers. While the presale started off only a couple of days ago, it has already raised a whopping $2.1 million at the time of writing.

RobotEra (TARO)

In comparison to the popular project Decentraland, RobotEra hopes to offer gamers more intriguing gaming mechanics and revenue opportunities. RobotEra offers players extra opportunities to win rewards in addition to player-versus-player contests as they explore and try to repair Taro’s destruction.

RobotEra Is the Coin to Watch

RobotEra has a native currency called TARO. Within the game, the token shall be used to buy and sell NFTs, even though owners of the virtual currency can bet it to gain additional units. This asset is currently available for presale, and similar to other presale projects mentioned above, has been amassing a massive community. The TARO token has created an exclusive utility for itself, and is in high demand for the same reason. For those investors looking to park their funds in a strong metaverse project, TARO may indeed be an excellent pick.

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