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Buy Bitcoin UK Bank Transfer – Full Guide

We review where and how to securely buy Bitcoin with bank transfer in the UK, at a cryptocurrency exchange with low fees.
Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer
Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer

Bitcoin is the very first and highest valued digital currencies in the online cryptocurrency space, and over the last decade has taken the financial markets by storm, outperforming the S&P 500, Gold, Oil, and any other common investment option. It been especially profitable compared to open a savings account with a bank, which have seen interest rates decline in recent years to lower than the inflation rate.

It’s no surprise that many retail investors are looking to transfer some of the funds in their bank account to an exchange to buy Bitcoin. Fortunately the best regulated cryptocurrency exchanges support this payment option. Deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer are instant, and incur less fees than using a debit or credit card. 

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    Buy Bitcoin with a UK Bank Transfer – Quick Guide

    1. Choose a Bitcoin exchange – we recommend eToro
    2. Create an account
    3. Deposit funds into your account, selecting Bank transfer from the payment method drop-down menu
    4. Search ‘Bitcoin’ in the top menu
    5. Click ‘Open Trade’ and select an amount of Bitcoin to buy

    How to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer Step-by-Step

    Based on our research, we consider eToro as the best broker to buy bitcoin via a bank transfer. In this section, we will detail step-by-step how to go through the deposit process with eToro.

    Sign-up with eToro 

    To register on eToro, click the “Join Now” button on the eToro’s homepage. This will open you a registration window where you must fill in the necessary information, including your email, username and create a password. You also need to provide some personal details (name, surname, phone number, etc.) to complete the registration process. 

    eToro Registration

    Verify Your eToro Account

    Once you have verified your account through your phone number and email, you need to complete the more complex verification process. The latter requires you to verify your address and identity. 

    Fund your Account via Bank Transfer

    To fund your account, you need to click on the “Deposit Funds” button at the bottom left of the platform. As a payment option, you must select a bank transfer in response to which you will get an email and a transaction ID, which you need to use to transfer money from your bank account. If you do everything correctly, as explained on the eToro website, your account will be charged within 4-7 business days. 

    eToro bank account

    Buy Bitcoin UK Bank Transfer Option on eToro

    Buy Bitcoin with a Bank Account

    Now when you have a verified and funded account, you can start buying bitcoin. For this purpose, write down BTC on the search bar. Then click “Trade” at the top of the screen and insert the total amount you’d like to invest. Make sure to double-check everything before you finally press “Open Trade.” If you see the amount of BTC on your account, it means you have successfully completed the trade. 

    Buy Bitcoin

    Pros & Cons of Using Bank Transfers to Buy Bitcoin

    In this section, we detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying bitcoin with a bank account. These factors will make it easier for you to decide if this payment option meets your needs or not. 


    • It’s a widely accepted payment option, so you will find several brokers supporting bank account transfers.
    • It’s a cost-effective option – top brokers usually don’t charge additional fees for it.
    • Bank transfer is a perfect method for buying bitcoin in large amounts.
    • It’s a straightforward and secure process. You can do it in some simple steps.


    • Transactions usually take longer to complete – up to 7 business days.
    • No limitation on the amount of BTC you can buy can be a bit challenging, as you may invest more money than you can afford.

    How to Withdraw Bitcoin from a Brokerage Account

    When you register for an online account on a brokerage platform, in most cases, you need to create a personal account where your purchase is transferred. Sometimes crypto exchanges do not provide personal accounts and require that you transfer your coins to a digital bitcoin wallet. But you can create a personal account with most of the top brokers and even on the CFD trading platforms. 

    With so many brokers providing this service, you may be a bit confused about which one to choose. For more information about the best bitcoin accounts, visit our guide, where you will also learn how to open your free BTC account.

    Where to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer – Top List

    Selecting an appropriate broker to buy bitcoin with a bank account is one of the essential factors in the whole process. A good broker will allow you to complete your transactions simply and quickly. Plus, it offers pretty competitive trading fees, which means less money on the extra costs and more profit. 

    However, with hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, it becomes difficult to find the best one. For this purpose, you need to check many of their features including pricing system, safety, regulations, etc. Still, this may take a world of time. We have good news for you – to ease the process, we have already researched and checked several crypto brokers and introduced below top brokers to buy bitcoin with a bank account.

    eToro – Best Trading Platform to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfers

    eToroOur first go-to when it comes to buying Bitcoin with a Bank Account is eToro

    Featuring the trust of more than 20 million users, eToro’s popularity stems from other pivotal factors on why users choose to use this platform from the many others, starting from the very fact that it charges no commissions for its transactions. What this practically translates to is that you can buy bitcoin with a bank account with no hidden charge or extra payment. 

    Another plus with eToro is when you buy Bitcoin via Bank Transfer, eToro gives you a wallet option where you can safely store your Bitcoin on a 24/7 basis. eToro’s digital wallet can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play. 


    • Trusted by over 20 million users
    • Social trading platform with no management fees
    • Supports multiple payment options
    • Over 2,400 shares and 250 ETFs


    • Charges inactivity fees after a year of not being active

    Visit eToro

    Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

    OKX – Buy Crypto Using Bank Transfer on P2P Trading

    OKX is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 350 cryptocurrencies listed that you can buy using bank transfers. OKX LogoHowever, trading crypto via the spot exchange is only possible using debit or credit cards. Buying Bitcoin using a bank transfer is possible in both standard trading and P2P trading facilities. 

    With P2P trading on OKX, users can “create their own marketplace” and trade crypto with others in their local currency. However, the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading this way is rather limited. At press time, only USDT, USDC, BTC, ETC, TUSD, and DAI are the cryptocurrencies that you can buy using P2P trading.

    OKX offers both CEX and DEX to users – which is essential since the platform is not available in major regions like the USA. With OKX CEX, users can trade crypto via spot trading, margin trading, and derivates trading markets. They can also interact with the OKX Earn and make passive gains by holding cryptocurrencies.

    With OKX DEX, users can swap cryptos on the platform.

    Overall, OKX is a good place to buy Bitcoin using bank transfer, for it is one of the 112 fiat methods to deposit funds on the platform. Other alternatives include UPI or EWallet because they are available on OKX.


    • Over 350 cryptocurrencies are available
    • Both crypto and fiat payment modes
    • Spot trading, derivatives trading, and margin trading facilities are available
    • P2P trading facility available


    • Not available in the US

    Visit OKX

    Bybit – Crypto Platform Supporting Fiat Deposit 

    Launched in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange known for providing inclusive ways to buy and sell crypto. Bybit LogoIt is possible to buy Bitcoin using fiat methods on Bybit, but these methods involve credit and debit cards.

    Deposits are made using three listed methods, EWallets, credit cards, or debit cards. Unlike OKX, where bank transfers are possible on P2P trading, Bybit doesn’t have the facility of fiat deposits of any kind through P2P trading.

    Bybit has listed over 100 cryptocurrencies and allows traders to buy and sell over 300 crypto trading pairs. The platform features an affordable fee model based on maker/taker. The fee is reduced depending on VIP and Pro tiers, which are determined by a user’s trading volume.

    To make trading easy, Bybit also offers multiple facilities, including copy trading and trading bots. With copy trading, users can copy trading signals from successful traders. And with a trading bot, users can automate their crypto investment process.


    • Supports over 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Has over 300 crypto trading pairs listed
    • Spot trading and margin trading are available
    • Offers P2P trading facilities
    • Supports fiat and crypto payment methods


    • Not available in the US

    Visit Bybit

    Bitpanda – Best Platform to Buy Bitcoin in the EU

    BitpandaBitpanda is among the first cryptocurrency exchanges that come to your mind when looking for a good platform to buy bitcoin through bank transfer.

    Founded in 2014, BitPanda has soon become one of the most reputable exchanges due to its exceedingly easy-to-use platform and fast registration process. It’s primarily famous inside the EU as the platform offers very cost-effective trading in European countries. 

    If you want to be one of the 1.2 million people using Bitpanda, you can register as a new member in 2 easy steps. First, insert your personal details; after submitting, the system prompts you to have your personal identification document in hand.

    Secondly, a short video call notification will pop up on your screen. Once you accept the call, a Bitpanda customer care agent will personally verify you as the original account holder. This safe account validation system is one of the fastest compared to other platforms.

    Bitpanda’s ease of use is also featured in its simple trading platform, where even the most inexperienced can easily get the hang of online trading and purchasing digital assets. Plus, it has a good customer support service that usually responds quickly and appropriately. Currently, Bitpanda features 50 different cryptocurrencies, and the company is currently investing in growing even further.

    The platform supports various payment options that include bank transfers and accepts payments in different fiat currencies. As for its fees, it charges payment for order flows or otherwise known as taker and maker fee, which is already incorporated into the cryptocurrency price. BitPanda also charges deposit fees, but it’s completely free when using a bank transfer option inside the EU.


    • A reputable crypto exchange inside the EU
    • Supports multiple deposit and withdrawal options
    • Free deposit through bank transfer
    • Supports payment in 5 fiat currencies
    • Good customer support
    • Quick and simple platform


    • Higher fees for non-European users
    • US customers are not accepted
    • Not regulated platform

    Visit Bitpanda


    CoinbaseIf you are a US citizen, Coinbase can be your best choice to buy bitcoin with a bank account. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a licensed cryptocurrency broker operating in all United States, except for Hawaii. The platform can boast of its simple-to-use interface and a wide selection of crypto assets to trade. 

    Coinbase can be a bit confusing when it comes to its fee structure. Still, it is pretty much easier to understand when you pay through bank transfer, as long as there are no fees for this payment option.

    The exchange also takes trading fees which vary from $0.99-$2.99 depending on the amount of BTC you buy. Apart from its standard account, Coinbase also offers a Coinbase Pro account which charges less fee and provides a more advanced platform than a Standard account.


    • More than 50 cryptocurrencies are available
    • Offers additional Coinbase Pro account
    • Offers Coinbase Wallet
    • Highly-reputable platform in the US
    • No fees for bank transfer
    • A simple-to-use platform for beginners
    • Lower account minimum


    • Higher than average trading fees
    • Offers only email support

    Visit Coinbase

    Gemini – Buy Bitcoin with a Top Secure Crypto Exchange

    Founded in 2014 and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services, Gemini allows traders to buy, sell and store digital assets. Gemini goes strong on security and is the world’s first SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 crypto custodian.

    As Gemini stands as one of the safest ways to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer, the platform is very concise on its fee schemes and doesn’t hinder any information from their 13 million users.

    Besides being a good trading platform for beginners and advanced traders, Gemini also offers peer-to-peer trading. One minus for the platform is that it charges a bit higher fees. Trading fees, for instance, may reach up to 1.49%, depending on the trading platform. The platform also has a low minimum to start trading, a simple-to-operate interface, and a mobile trading option for Android and iOS users.


    • Provides a very secure trading
    • Good trading platform for beginners and experts
    • A wide selection of cryptocurrencies
    • Peer-to-peer trading available
    • Available in 50 US states
    • Low account minimum


    • Slightly higher fees compared to other crypto exchanges

    Visit Gemini

    Coinmama – Buy Most Popular Cryptos via Bank Transfer

    Coinmama is among the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges and has ten crypto assets available for trading. It can be a good selection for newbies in this field, as long as it offers a simple platform to conduct transactions quickly and easily. 

    The company boasts of multiple payment options where you can also buy Bitcoin with a Bank Account. Coinmama has also been praised for their excellent customer service, which they call “Happiness Heroes.”

    Coinmama is a secure platform in the sense that it does not hold any personal information from its users. Additionally, it does not offer you a crypto wallet, which means your funds are not stored on the Coinmama platform, so they cannot even be hacked.


    • Ten popular cryptocurrencies are available for trading
    • You buy and sell bitcoin directly from the company
    • Accepts several payment options
    • It does not hold your information and funds
    • Good customer support


    • No mobile app is provided for iOS users
    • Higher trading fees
    • No wallet is provided to store your Bitcoin

    Visit Coinmama

    What to Bear in Mind When Buying Bitcoin Through Bank Transfers

    All in all, here is what you need to know if you want to buy bitcoin with a bank account. 

    Popularity: Buying bitcoin with a bank account is a trendy method nowadays. As long as several cryptocurrency exchanges accept this payment option, you won’t have a problem finding a good broker for this purpose. 

    Safety: This factor is among the most crucial ones you need to consider when making online purchases. The bank account is among the most secure options for buying bitcoin. Bank accounts cannot be easily hacked, plus your bank will follow so that your transfer is completed without any troubles. 

    Broker: If you want to trade Bitcoin, almost half of your success depends on the brokerage platform you select for it. Though the net is filled with several brokerage platforms that accept bank account options, not all of them offer valuable services. So, you need to do thorough research to find the broker that best suits you, or choose a broker from our list of the top brokers to buy bitcoin with a bank account. 

    Limitations: Bank transfer option is also best for buying bitcoin in large amounts as long as there are no limitations on the amount of BTC you can purchase. In contrast to this, there are usually limitations when you use e-wallets or bank cards. 

    Fees: Here is one more plus for the bank account option – it’s considered one of the most cost-effective options, as long as you can deposit or withdraw money through this payment method almost free. 

    Speed: Perhaps, speed is the most striking disadvantage when buying bitcoin with a bank account. It usually takes 3-5 business days to transfer money to your brokerage account using a wire transfer method, which is typically a bit longer than other payment methods. 

    Buying Bitcoin with Bank Transfer – Safety and Security

    Buying bitcoin with a bank account is one of the most secure methods in the US. When you conduct a transaction in Bitcoin, it usually goes through a standard regulatory procedure that protects both the buyer and seller from being cheated. You will also be given a tracking number to follow your funds and know when they will be transferred to your brokerage account.

    How to Store Bitcoin on a Digital Wallet 

    Bitcoin Wallet to secure coins safelyUnlike stocks or other trading assets, cryptocurrencies have an advantage – you can withdraw them from your brokerage account and store them in a digital wallet. It allows you to keep your crypto assets more secure as long as crypto wallets are decentralized and there is less possibility of being hacked. 

    So, if you have a large amount of bitcoin and aim to store it for a long time, it would be more reasonable if you create a bitcoin wallet and transfer your coins from your brokerage account. You can select either a hot storage wallet or a cold storage wallet.

    The difference between these two is that hot storage wallets are apps you download and install on your device. In contrast, cold storage wallets are physical equipment that keeps your access to your bitcoin offline. 

    For more information about BTC wallets and to learn how to create your own BTC wallet, visit our guide about the best bitcoin wallets for beginners. 

    Buying Bitcoin Anonymously using Bank Transfers

    When you buy bitcoin through crypto exchanges, you cannot remain fully anonymous, as long as you provide some personal information, your card or bank account details, etc.

    But the top brokers, who collect all these details about you, have a strong privacy policy not to provide any of your information to a third party. It means that only you and your broker may know about your Bitcoin purchase. Plus, when you withdraw your BTC from your brokerage account, even your broker cannot track how you use it further.


    In short, the bank transfer payment option is one of the most widely accepted methods to buy Bitcoin. There are two reasons why this method is so popular. Firstly, it’s safe; secondly, it’s very cost-effective. If you choose to deposit or withdraw money from your brokerage account through wire transfer, you can do it either free or at low prices. 

    If you want to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer, you will find several brokers that accept this payment option. But to make your trades more effective, you need to select the one with better policies and conditions. To help you during your selection process, we have researched and made a list of the top brokers that stand out in their fee structure, regulations, safety, etc.


    Where to buy bitcoin with bank transfer online?

    To buy bitcoin through a bank transfer option, you need to select a brokerage platform that operates in your country and accepts deposits through this method.

    How to buy bitcoin instantly with a bank account?

    To buy bitcoin instantly with a bank account, you need to select a brokerage platform that makes bank transfer transactions quickly. But this is sometimes challenging as the bank transfer option usually takes longer to fund your account than most other payment methods. With some brokers, it may even take up to 10 business days. However, top brokers, like Coinbase, usually take up to 3-5 business days.

    Is it safe to buy bitcoin with with bank transfer?

    The bank account is one of the most secure options to buy bitcoin, but your safety also depends on what brokerage platform you choose for trading. Top secure brokers and exchanges usually have licenses and regulatory solid systems.

    How to buy bitcoin with bank transfer?

    To buy bitcoin with a bank account, firstly visit the brokerage platform and register for an online account. When you finish the registration and verification process, you need to deposit funds into your account and select the bank account option. When your money is transferred, you can finally start buying bitcoin.

    Where to buy bitcoin with bank transfer?

    There are various cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerage platforms that offer such a service, so you need to find the best one for you. For us, eToro is the best platform worldwide to buy bitcoin through bank transfer.

    What are the advantages of buying Bitcoin via bank transfer?

    The most significant advantage of buying bitcoin via bank transfer is that this payment option is more cost-effective as long as no extra fees are charged when you deposit money through wire transfer.

    How to use eToro to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer?

    To buy bitcoin with eToro, log in to your eToro account. The broker has a robust system, so your account must be verified to trade on eToro. After the verification, you can finally deposit money via the wire transfer option, and when your account is charged, you are ready to buy bitcoin.

    How to use BitPanda to buy bitcoin with bank transfer?

    To buy bitcoin on BitPanda, follow these three easy steps - sign up for an account on BitPanda, use your ID to verify your account, and start buying bitcoin with bank transfer as a deposit option.

    How to use Coinbase to buy bitcoin with bank transfer?

    You can buy Bitcoin via a wire transfer on Coinbase in some simple steps. Visit the Coinbase homepage and log in to your account, or sign up for a new one if you still don't have an account. After successfully registering and verifying your account, you can now deposit money via wire transfer and purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase.

    How do I buy and sell bitcoin with my US bank account?

    You need to have a verified brokerage account in both cases, which you need to fund through wire transfer. To buy bitcoin with a bank transfer, visit your brokerage account, search for BTC and fill in the amount you want to buy. To withdraw your earnings into a bank account, you must sell your BTC and transfer your cash, selecting a bank account as a withdrawal option.