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Investing in Cryptocurrencies in the UK

Planning to invest in cryptocurrencies? This is a step-by-step beginners guide on how to invest in cryptocurrencies in the UK. We cover how to make a good crypto investment portfolio, the best regulated exchange platforms to buy crypto assets on, and more.
Invest in cryptocurrency UK
Invest in cryptocurrency UK

The cryptocurrency market cap hit the much-awaited figure of $3 trillion in November 2021, showing the potential of decentralized currency. It has consolidated and held above $2 trillion heading in 2022.

While Bitcoin has been a trendsetter, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and others also deserve everyone’s attention as they support a wide range of use cases such as data storage, gaming, finance and the like.

Knowing this, should you invest in cryptocurrency in the year 2022? In this guide we’ll give an overview of the most important questions concerning Web3, how to invest in cryptocurrencies in the UK, how to build a good crypto investment portfolio, and the future of the best-performing financial asset of the last decade.

Best UK broker to invest in Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash
Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic
Binance CoinBinance Coin
Uniswap Protocol TokenUniswap Protocol Token
Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention Token
Shiba InuShiba Inu
Enjin CoinEnjin Coin
FTX TokenFTX Token
Bancor Network TokenBancor Network Token
Band ProtocolBand Protocol
Bitcoin DiamondBitcoin Diamond
Bitcoin GoldBitcoin Gold
Bitcoin SVBitcoin SV
Celsius NetworkCelsius Network
Curve DAO TokenCurve DAO Token
Energy Web TokenEnergy Web Token
Golem Network TokenGolem Network Token
Hedera HashgraphHedera Hashgraph
Huobi TokenHuobi Token
ICON ProjectICON Project
IOS tokenIOS token
RIF TokenRIF Token
Status Network TokenStatus Network Token
The GraphThe Graph
USD CoinUSD Coin
Wrapped BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin
xDai ChainxDai Chain
Kyber NetworkKyber Network
Machine Xchange CoinMachine Xchange Coin
Matic NetworkMatic Network
Ocean ProtocolOcean Protocol
OMG NetworkOMG Network
Orchid ProtocolOrchid Protocol
PAX GoldPAX Gold
Paxos StandardPaxos Standard
Reserve RightsReserve Rights
Multi Collateral DaiMulti Collateral Dai
Nervos NetworkNervos Network
Axie Infinity ShardsAxie Infinity Shards
Hoge FinanceHoge Finance
Alien WorldsAlien Worlds
Yield Guild GamesYield Guild Games
The SandboxThe Sandbox
Ankr NetworkAnkr Network
My Neighbor AliceMy Neighbor Alice
Origin ProtocolOrigin Protocol Chain Chain Token
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How to invest in cryptocurrencies in the UK?

Beginner investors should purchase cryptocurrencies from a platform which is licensed by top global authorities and allows him to make transactions in simple steps.

We recommend eToro as the best place to invest in cryptocurrency, which provides you with expert insights, trade-related information, educational courses, and more.

This investing site has gained operational licenses from regulatory agencies in the United Kingdom, US, Australia and Cyprus. Trusted by 20 million users, it’s a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a social trading platform where you can read expert comments, price analysis, trade news, and so on.

Its Copy Trader feature aids newbies in learning about crypto investing by allowing them to mimic the trades of the industry’s top traders. Any beginner would have no trouble navigating this trading platform and learning the intricacies of the digital finance sector by connecting with specialists and other traders.

Many cryptocurrencies have been listed on eToro, and you may purchase your favorite crypto asset from this reputable exchange by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Create your account with eToro

Invest in Crypto eToro

Open a free eToro account

Sign-up on the eToro website, and give your necessary details by clicking on the “Join Now” button. It only takes a few minutes to open an account.

The user will be required to provide its complete name, mobile number, email, password, and username. One can skip this process by directly registering with Facebook or Google.

Step 2: Get your identity verified

Complete the know-your-customer (KYC) process by providing your identity proof with necessary documents. Your account will be verified within minutes.

Etoro bitcoin buy

Invest in cryptocurrency and other asset classes on eToro

Step 3: Deposit money into your account

Once you have completed the KYC process, you are supposed to deposit money in your account by pressing the ‘Deposit Fund’ button.

You can choose any payment method from the following to make your deposit. These options are credit / debit cards, PayPal, Bank transfer, E-wallets Skrill and Neteller, Trustly, Rapid transfer and more.

eToro fund account deposit methods

Step 4: Purchase your cryptocurrency

Now, it’s time to buy your favorite cryptocurrency.

Search for the required cryptocurrency in the search box at the top – for example ‘Bitcoin’ – and then click on the trade button on the next screen. Enter the amount you want to buy on the box that pops up, and open the trade.

You can safely hold your crypto on eToro as a long-term investment, as its a regulated exchange (overseen by the FCA in the UK) and provides a free secure crypto wallet.

Open eToro Account

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Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

If you are excited about digital currencies but are unsure about investing in them, here are some reasons which can make you start investing in cryptocurrencies as soon as possible:

Decentralization of cryptocurrencies gives you control over your assets

Trading in cryptocurrencies is decentralized in nature, which means that there is no involvement of any third party in your trading transaction. You have complete control over your assets, and you can store these cryptocurrencies without any external influence. Further, its prices are also not determined by any exchange or broker.

Cryptocurrencies are mostly deflationary in nature

Cryptocurrencies are usually limited in supply, which makes them deflationary in nature. In other words, purchasing power gets increased with time. Most cryptocurrencies are pegged with an algorithm that puts a maximum limit on their total supply.

Cryptocurrencies are transparent and secure

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed because of their transparency and security. The usage of blockchain technologies in crypto transactions makes them secure and transparent and enhances investors’ confidence to make a humongous investment. Further, the presence of open-source and publicly-verifiable technology makes cryptocurrencies the favorite among all traders.

Crypto investment could give you big returns

The fact that cryptocurrencies give lucrative returns on investment is not unknown among the general public. If one can make an informed investment based on expert advice, price history analysis, and other important factors, then one could reap humongous returns on its investment in both short-term and long-term.

The availability of different cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin helps in diversifying the portfolio of the investors and also increases the probability of gaining wealth in their transactions.

Crypto trading provides you with the necessary independence and flexibility

Every trader wants to dive into the world of trading at a convenient time. The 24/7 accessibility of the crypto market allows all investors and traders to make their trading decisions at their convenient timings after doing proper research and analysis.

These things provide you with some amazing reasons to start investing in cryptocurrencies soon.

Invest in crypto uk

Major cryptocurrencies and their market cap

Where can you buy crypto in the UK?

Finding the right trading platform can sometimes be a tough task for beginners. Therefore, we have compiled a list of places that provide a user-friendly interface for cryptocurrency trading.


Overall, this platform is the best place to buy cryptocurrency in the UK. It was established in 2007 with its head office in Canary Wharf, London. Licensed by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), this platform generates investors’ confidence as it operates under the supervision of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and other global bodies.

One can easily buy cryptocurrencies by making their account with some simple steps. Further, it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to make sure that users’ transactions are safe and secure on their platform.

Apart from all these features, this reputable crypto broker charges competitive fees, operates low minimum deposit, and ensures a healthy trading experience by its user-friendly design.

Visit eToro

Your capital is at risk


If you want to experience crypto trading by maintaining your anonymity on the trading platform, then Evonax is the right trading platform for you. Founded in 2016, Evonax allows its users to deal in cryptocurrencies with zero trading fees. This feature of zero transaction fees distinguishes its platform from other service providers.

This platform has its presence in more than 100 countries all over the globe, and investors from different regions have reposed their trust in this platform. Its user-friendly interface is backed by secure technology that keeps the sensitive data of its users safe.

As mentioned earlier, there is no requirement of giving your Know Your Customer (KYC) information to this platform. This information would only be required in case users require any assistance from their customer support program.

Visit Evonax


Founded in 2012, Coinbase operates not only as a trading platform but also as a crypto wallet. It has over 73 million verified users in over 100 countries. Further, it is trusted by more than 10,000 institutions and 185,000 ecosystem partners.

For a beginner, this is one of the easiest places to buy, sell, or deal in cryptocurrencies. It ensures that users’ information remains safe and secure on its platform, and provides a healthy trading experience to all its users. For ensuring extra security, it deploys two-factor authentication (2FA) for storing the bulk of cryptocurrencies.

It charges fees for trading on its platform and is home to a plethora of digital currencies. Users have to submit a minimum deposit to start trading on this user-friendly platform.

Visit Coinbase


Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange as far as the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies is concerned. Founded in 2017, Binance company has made humongous success within just 4 years from its inception.

Users do not have to pay any fees for their deposits on this crypto exchange, however, fees are generally charged whenever users do any trading on this platform. This fee gets reduced whenever BNB is used by the investors on this platform.

Known for its liquidity, this exchange uses high safety and security standards to ensure the non-tampering of any users’ sensitive data. It allows trading in more than 500 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Users are required to submit their KYC information to start trading on the Binance exchange. Apart from its exchange-specific services, this platform also provides services related to staking, conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency, etc.

Visit Binance

Best cryptocurrency to invest in

What should be the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Every beginner has this same question whenever he starts planning his investment in the crypto market. Looking at the current price trends, Bitcoin should be the ideal investment avenue for every trader if he is planning to earn enormous returns on his investment.

Ever since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has always made headlines on the crypto price charts. Its popularity is the reason why cryptocurrencies have made their mark in the financial market in recent times.  If any investor wants to have a stronghold in the crypto market, then Bitcoin should come out as its obvious choice since this single most currency accounts for around 40% of the overall market capitalization.

Bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin price chart on eToro

With a market capitalization of about $3 trillion, this cryptocurrency has recently hit an all-time high in 2021 ($69,000 in November 2021). Often recognized as the leader of the pack, Bitcoin has been accepted by many businesses, including Visa and Tesla, for making payments. Its feature to get accepted in form of a currency distinguishes it from many other currencies and brings multiple benefits to its users.

Since Bitcoin long-term price predictions expect its price to go as high as $330,000 by the end of 2025, it remains the best one to go for investment in terms of long-term growth.  The deflationary tendencies of this currency have ensured that it retains its price dominance on the crypto charts.

Though this crypto has also seen bearish trends, however, it is less vulnerable to price crashes than other altcoins because of its strong fundamentals, and old market presence. Given the increasing adoption of this currency in mainstream use, this currency unravels enormous prospects for its investors and traders.

This digital gold has seen the rise of more than 9 million percent from its meager launch value of $0.08 in 2009. For all the above reasons, you should buy Bitcoin at the earliest before its price crosses $100,000.

Invest in Bitcoin

Your capital is at risk

Major cryptocurrencies to invest in

Apart from Bitcoin, crypto price predictions of many digital currencies have made headlines in recent times, which have them a lucrative investment avenue.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum comes second to Bitcoin in terms of its market capitalization in the entire crypto ecosystem. It is the front runner altcoin in the decentralized financial market, which uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, though it is planning to make a switch proof-of-stake platform.

This decentralized, open-source blockchain network allows the creation and usage of many smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) without any third-party interference.

These all features make Ethereum the best alternative to Bitcoin. Ethereum has come a long in its aim of creating a decentralized collection of financial products which could be accessed by any person around the world irrespective of nationality, faith, or any other parameter.

It has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies since its launch in the financial market. Having seen a rise of over a hundred thousand percent in value from its launch, Ethereum has been able to bring a smile to the face of its investors many times.

Experts believe that this crypto price would increase in the upcoming years as Ethereum long-term price predictions suggest that it would cross the figure of $15,000 towards the end of 2025.

The recent price trends show the bullish run of this crypto in the crypto market.  With the increasing application of decentralized financing in every sector, Ethereum would continue to make its mark with the use of its DApps and DeFi technology.

Many investors are keeping their eye on Ethereum 2.0 as it is expected that this upgradation would give stiff competition to the king of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin.

Considering the chances of huge gains in the forthcoming years, investing in Ethereum could provide a high ROI.

Invest in Ethereum

Your capital is at risk

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is one of those cryptocurrencies that operates on a proof-of-stake blockchain platform called Ouroboros. This cryptocurrency is ranked 6th in terms of its market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market. It is a popular alternative to Bitcoin and uses fewer energy costs for validating transactions.

Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, the same man who founded Ethereum. Despite their similar founder, these two currencies operate on a different system. Cardano uses a proof-of-stake Ouroboros consensus mechanism, while Ethereum uses a proof-of-work blockchain system.

Cardano aims to be the “most environmentally sustainable blockchain platform”. The proof-of-stake mechanism provides Cardano a competitive advantage over other Blockchain technology. The goals of this cryptocurrency are to increase interoperability, scalability, and sustainable development.

This year saw a great run of this crypto on the market chart where Cardano was seen overtaking Litecoin, Dogecoin, and even Ripple to becoming, at one point, the third-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Cardano is forecasted to have positive momentum in the crypto market due to its increasing presence in the smart contracts arena.

Should you invest in Cardano? Yes, Cardano’s price will soon be in two digits as per the expert’s predictions. Cardano long-term price predictions show that it would get to the figure of $10 by the end of 2025. Further, this crypto also invites investors’ attention due to its resilient nature as its price does not fluctuate much in the event of a market crash. Because of its promising performance in the last few years, Cardano finds a good place in your investment portfolio.

Invest in Cardano

Your capital is at risk

Ripple (XRP)

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. XRP Ledger uses this currency to make international currency exchange and remittances. This crypto is generally utilized as a form of a bridge between transactions involving different currencies on the XRP network. XRP is currently the 8th largest cryptocurrency in terms of its market capitalization.

XRP is generally very speedy, less expensive, and more scalable when compared to other digital currencies and payment methods like SWIFT. The proficiency of Ripple in making payments can be estimated from the fact that it could process 1,500 transactions per second when compared against Bitcoin (7 transactions per second) and Ethereum (15 transactions per second).

XRP is impossible to mine as is a pre-mined asset and already 100 billion tokens of XRP were created by its ledger. Coming to the long-term price predictions for Ripple, it is expected to reach $4.58 by the end of 2025.

Should Ripple find a place in your portfolio? Yes, Ripple is a promising investment as this crypto will play a big role with the increasing adoption of cross-border payments and with the growing integration of finance with technology.

Invest in Ripple

Your capital is at risk

Small cryptocurrencies to invest in

Every investor needs to keep track of prominent small cryptocurrencies which can be a good source of revenue if invested smartly. Given below are some important cryptocurrencies which should be followed on regular basis:

Dogecoin (DOGE)

The year 2021 has been the year of Dogecoin. Based on the popular “doge” meme, this crypto bears the picture of a Shiba Inu on its logo. Dogecoin did not receive much attention from the investors during the beginning of 2021.

The tweets of Elon Musk on this meme coin brought bullish growth on its price charts. Soon, its listing on popular trading platforms like Coinbase generated the confidence of the traders for this cryptocurrency. Consequently, this year saw the all-time highest figure of this crypto, i.e. $0.74 (£0.55), thereby registering over a twenty thousand percent rise in its value from its launch in 2014.

Currently, this cryptocurrency has been ranked 11th in terms of its market capitalization. This open-source digital currency has an uncapped supply, which means there is no upper limit on the number of Dogecoins that could be mined.

Its popularity has made its usage possible for mainstream purposes, for instance, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit use Dogecoin for the purpose of rewards and tipping systems respectively.

The potential future trends for this crypto signal a positive sign towards the investors. The meme coin is expected to go as high as $0.64 by the end of 2025. However, the nature of the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, and one could not invest in any digital currency by merely considering the immediate past performance and potential future trends.

Therefore, consider investing in Dogecoin only after doing the background research, price analysis, and after considering the experts’ advice and market trends.

Invest in Dogecoin

Your capital is at risk

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu was launched in August 2020 for giving some competition to Dogecoin in the crypto market. It was founded on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 1 quadrillion coins. Within a short period, this cryptocurrency has gained significant traction in the digital finance market.

The fact that it has been launched to give competition to Musk’s favorite coin has provided it the much-needed attention of the investors.  It is currently ranked 13th in terms of its market capitalization in the crypto market. Further, its recent listing on the largest US-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, increased its value by the whopping figure of 40%, thereby bringing this coin into the spotlight.

The price of this cryptocurrency varies between the amount of $0.00000667 and $0.00000701 with an average daily trading volume of $219 million. The thing which makes this token more unique is its special dog icon. This icon has motivated many artists around the globe to ensure that it gets secured in the non-fungible token market.

Despite the entire buzz around this coin, a lot of work is required to make sure that it becomes a promising asset in the eyes of investors. Though it is predicted that its price would touch the mark of $1 in the upcoming years, however, the long-term investment could only be made in this crypto after carefully assessing its prospects, price history, and other important trade-related factors.

From the angle of short-term investment, this token becomes the right place to pour money as its price usually gets high whenever this coin is in the headlines.

Invest in Shiba Inu

Your capital is at risk

Polkadot (DOT)

DOT is the native token used in the Polkadot network. Polkadot is a protocol that enables the transfer of any data or asset across the blockchains. It unites multiple blockchains across its network and ensures high security and scalability. DOT is used on this platform for securing the network or for connecting new chains.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Polkadot uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for securing its network and validating its transactions. Further, users on this network have the opportunity to earn rewards in DOT by staking and participating in the network.

Currently, this cryptocurrency has been ranked 9th in terms of its market capitalization. A total of 1 billion DOT tokens have been allocated by Polkadot currently. Its first initial coin offering (ICO) took place in October 2017. It was launched with a total of 2.24 million tokens for $0.29.

Experts believe that DOT price would highlight a bullish run on its price chart. Its value is expected to reach $146 by the end of 2025. Since DOT is a more sustainable project with strong fundamentals, it is better to invest in this crypto from the long-term perspective.

Invest in Polkadot

Your capital is at risk

New cryptocurrencies to invest in

The advantage of making an early investment in new cryptocurrencies is unparallel as it allows you to get potentially strong crypto at a low price, which later on gives you humongous returns when the digital currency displays soaring prices on its market charts.

Given below are some of the new cryptocurrencies which are having the potential to be in the top 10 cryptos in the upcoming years:

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is a decentralized blockchain system that allows scalability and interoperability among multiple blockchains. ATOM is the native cryptocurrency of this platform. It is a proof-of-stake chain, which allows its users to stake ATOM tokens for maintaining the network.

This blockchain system aims to allow faster and cheaper decentralized applications to run on their blockchains. Interchain Foundation (ICF) has backed Cosmos by financing its blockchain projects.

The native Tendermint BFT byzantine fault-tolerant consensus engine is used by Cosmos for ensuring that the processing time of blockchain transactions does not take longer time. Further, the Cosmos SDK platform allows developers to develop convenient frameworks for integrating blockchain technology with real-life projects.

Similarly, the IBC protocol from Cosmos promotes compatibility among the blockchains by allowing easy transfer of data or communication.

Cosmos is currently ranked 33rd in terms of market capitalization with its value predicted to increase in the upcoming years. The second half of 2021 saw this crypto hitting its all-time high figure of $44.80. It has witnessed tremendous growth of more than 400 percent from the beginning of this year.

Experts have predicted a decent future for this digital asset. It is believed that ATOM would cross the boundary of $100 by the end of 2026. Considering the huge prospects of this crypto, investors will start investing in Cosmos to ensure high returns in the forthcoming times.

Invest in Cosmos

Your capital is at risk

Curve (CRV)

Founded by Michael Egorov, a Russian physicist in 2015, Curve DAO is a newly founded decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that is built on the Ethereum network. This automated market maker protocol has its token, CRV, that was recently launched in 2020. The native token is used for voting on governance by getting locked for a while.

Further, this decentralized finance platform allows its users to swap between ERC-20 tokens, for instance, stable coins (USDC and DAI) and Ethereum-based Bitcoin tokens (WBTC and renBTC).

Curve allows users trading of cryptocurrencies using pools of these digital assets maintained by the users. Users could also earn fees through their deposits on this platform. Currently, this token is having a market capitalization of $1,740,403,258 and is ranked 73rd in terms of its market cap.

By 2025, the price of Curve is predicted to reach the lowest possible figure of $14.44. Looking at its current trading price of $4.02, its value is expected to multiply three times of its current figure. Therefore, this crypto comes out as a good investment option for all those investors who are planning to invest in new cryptocurrencies for longer periods.

Invest in Curve

Your capital is at risk

Solana (SOL)

Solana has been touted as the “Ethereum Killer” by many crypto enthusiasts. It is a decentralized computing platform that attempts to sort out the limitations of Ethereum. This platform uses SOL to pay for transactions.

A combination of a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a proof-of-history system is used to enhance the scalability of this blockchain. It is estimated that Solana could execute around 50,000 transactions in a second without compromising with decentralization.

SOL saw its dream run in the year 2021 where it provided enormous profits to its retail investors. This crypto has witnessed a huge price rise from $0.75 to $214.96 in early September. The launch of the Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs, a prominent NFT project, on its platform has provided a huge impetus to Solana in terms of its growth and popularity.

Apart from this project, Solana also allows the running of many crypto apps on its platform like Ethereum. SOL has seen a growth of over 100% since August 2021, and experts believe that its bullish run on the price chart would continue for some period. Further, its price is predicted to get as high as $4,263 by the end of 2023. Within a short period, it has managed to rank 5th in the market capitalization index of the crypto industry.

SOL looks to be a good long-term investment, however, from the point of short-term investment, investors have to do some background research and monitor the market before taking any immediate call.

Solana, as a platform, is also having a bright future in the crypto industry as it is already a host to a plethora of projects on its platform.  Projects like Serum, Chainlink, and Audius are quite well known in the digital finance industry.

These all things clearly indicate that Solana is having huge potential for being a long-run player in this volatile market.

Invest in Solana

Your capital is at risk

Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022 for the long-term

The Crypto industry is known for its price fluctuations or volatility. Over the years, this industry has seen both significant price rises and heart-rendering market crashes.

In light of the variable nature of this market, it is necessary to not pump your entire resources into a single currency as you stand the possibility of losing everything in case that currency crashes on the market chart.

For all these reasons, experts have always advised you to diversify your portfolio if the investors are opting for long-term investments. Here, we will give you some recommendations regarding what all cryptocurrencies are best suited for your long-term investment, and how much percentage of your money you should allocate to every single crypto.

Bitcoin will be the obvious first choice if any investor is aiming for long-term growth. Market projections show that the Bitcoin price could cross the mark of $300,000 by 2025 and $380,000 by 2027.

With an increase in acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream usage, Bitcoin’s importance will continue to soar as this is the widely known crypto among the general public after all.

However, you can’t risk out your entire investment on Bitcoin, therefore, Ethereum should be the next in line for your crypto investment. Ethereum has been one of the best performing digital currencies in recent times. It has recently witnessed its all-time high of $4,850 in 2021.

Considering its promising future, it comes out as the best alternative to Bitcoin and may overtake BTC one day in what traders call ‘the flippening‘.

Almost every investor who bought Bitcoin or Ethereum has minted profits whereas many altcoin projects have failed and been abandoned. Therefore, it would be a smart move if you keep the majority stakes of these currencies in your portfolio, let’s say, 40% each.

For the remaining ones (20%), you can go for majors like Cardano, or invest in some newer small marketcap coins like SOL or CRV, which can give you a high return on investment (ROI) in a bull run.

Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022 for short-term

If you are planning to make a short-term investment in cryptos, you should target those coins whose prices get increased whenever they are in the headlines. One could invest in Shiba Inu the price of which pumped significantly when it got listed on a recognized crypto exchange.

The popularity of crypto gaming has also led Axie Infinity to come into the eyes of investors. Axie Infinity provides opportunities to its users to earn tokens by showcasing their gaming skills. As crypto gaming is becoming popular among all gaming enthusiasts, this crypto is bound to display positive growth in upcoming years.

Further, one could also watch out for Floki Inu, which is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is dubbed as the next Shiba Inu by all dog-themed meme coin lovers. Floki Inu is also in the area of play-to-earn gaming through its flagship product called Valhalla. This meme coin has managed to pull on steady growth since its inception.

Considering the new blend of the crypto market and gaming industry, Floki Inu comes out as a good alternative to other altcoins in terms of short-term investment.

How to build a good crypto investment portfolio?

How to assess an investment portfolio in cryptocurrency? This question is common among all beginners. You must understand that it is important to have a diversified portfolio whenever you are dealing with volatile assets.

If one allocates its entire money on a single digital currency, then one stands a chance of losing its entire amount in the case that currency crashes. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you pour reasonable money into different stocks so that you could minimize the risk of losing your complete investment.

As a beginner, you could learn the art of developing a good crypto portfolio by learning from the experts through eToro’s copy portfolio feature. This feature allows users to replicate the portfolio allocation of a professional investor.

How many cryptos do you need to invest in?

Having too few cryptocurrencies or too many cryptocurrencies in your wallet can be risky. An ideal blend of having volatile and stable coins in your wallet guarantees you good profit in the long run. Many investors open accounts on several crypto exchanges and brokers to access different altcoins.

Though there is no set in stone way to build a crypto portfolio, as an example you might consider having a 40% share of Bitcoin and Ethereum in your portfolio, with the other 20% invested either in small marketcap altcoins and speculative new meme coins.

How long would you need to hold your investment?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and unpredictable. One can’t set any time limit for a specific set of investments as the duration of every investment is dependent upon factors like the nature of crypto, market factors, trade-related news, etc.

However, in case of cryptocurrency price crashes, one must understand that bear markets can last for 2-3 years. Having said that, the duration of crypto investment can only be decided after proper research and analysis.

How much you would need to invest?

Don’t put all your eggs in one based and invest your entire net worth in cryptocurrencies, especially volatile and unpredictable altcoins. Even if you’re bullish on crypto as a long-term investment, you should keep some capital aside to buy the dips.

To be on the safer side, some investors put 20-30% of their savings into these digital currencies and also diversify into other assets. Alongside crypto, eToro offers stocks, forex, commodities, and ETFs.

In case you have excess or less disposable income, then that figure can be adjusted accordingly. However, don’t pour too much money into cryptocurrency as that would bring unnecessary risk to you, and don’t invest too little (say $50) expecting to become a millionaire.

If you are willing to take on more risk open accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges to split up your funds and keep some of your funds in Bitcoin, which has never had a 90% or higher price correction, as many altcoins have.

For example the bear market from $20,000 to $3,000 was an 85% drawdown and took three years to recover. Some altcoins lost 95-99% of their value and never recovered (Ethereum was one that did).

How to store your crypto investment in a secure wallet?

Cryptocurrencies are generally like computer codes. They can’t be saved in a physical location, unlike traditional fiat currencies. That is why we need crypto wallets which are hardware or software that allows storing or trading of cryptocurrencies by interacting with blockchains.

One needs to have dedicated crypto wallets for storing these virtual currencies. Though there are a lot of platforms available in the market which provides storage services for crypto, however, we have compiled a list of some best crypto wallets that are secured and trusted by many investors.

eToro Money Wallet

The eToro money wallet is very convenient to install as it is available on both Android and iOS devices. It allows storing of over 120 cryptocurrencies and is inbuilt with a feature that offers conversion functionality.

The digital wallet is a highly secured on-chain private key service, which makes sure that users do not lose their backup phrase. Further, the Guernsey Financial Sector Commission (GFSC) regulates this wallet, and it is provided by eToroX Limited, a limited liability company incorporated in Gibraltar.

Its easy and simple-to-use interface makes it the best choice among all crypto enthusiasts. A conversion fee of 1% is charged on the eToro wallet, and the amount of minimum transaction on this wallet comes out at $125. So far, this is the best wallet that provides well-secured storage services to your digital assets.

Open eToro Wallet

Your capital is at risk

Coinbase Exchange Wallet

The reputable crypto exchange, Coinbase, also has a separate crypto wallet. The best part of this wallet is that users do not need to have an account on Coinbase to utilize this wallet. However, it allows the transfer of money to your Coinbase account quickly.

You can store over 500 different cryptocurrencies on this wallet along with many different NFTs. Further, this wallet ensures the high security of your information and funds through biometric authentication and optional cloud backups.

Open Coinbase Wallet

Your capital is at risk

Binance Exchange Wallet

Binance crypto wallet allows you to store your digital currencies and provides you with an opportunity to earn rewards through staking.

This wallet is available in form of a mobile app and is used by about 10 million people around the world.

With its easy interface, you can easily buy, send trade, or exchange, hundreds of cryptocurrencies with this wallet.

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Your capital is at risk

Responsible investing

You have to be careful whenever you are dealing with cryptocurrencies due to the unpredictability of this market. If you are making your first-time investment, then it becomes more important to carry due diligence because you stand a big chance of losing tremendous money in case you make an irresponsible investment.

You have to do the necessary research, monitor market conditions, and then take your call regarding where you have to invest your money.

Further, you have to limit your exposure. A smart investor will never stake too much of his capital into virtual currencies. Therefore, it is advisable to distribute your investment in different currencies and have a balanced division between stable assets and volatile currencies.

You can refer to eToro, which offers all beginners and investors a variety of insights and expert comments on topics such as how much to invest in cryptocurrencies and when to buy, hold, or sell it strategically.

Also read our guide to responsible investing for the warning signs of developing a gambling addiction when investing in cryptocurrency.

Security and risks of crypto investing

The first and foremost risk associated with cryptocurrency is its volatility. Unanticipated changes in the market could lead to a huge change in its price. It should not be forgotten that it is common for cryptocurrencies to lose their value in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Another risk associated with cryptocurrencies is that they are not regulated by any government, central bank, or monetary authority. Further, they are at risk of getting banned in countries by the government due to a lack of regulation by any competent authority.

Trading on cryptocurrencies is also susceptible to technical glitches, hacking, error, and any other human mistake. Since the market is not regulated, there stands a possibility of scams, corruption, etc. For instance, hackers stole more than $450 million amount of cryptocurrencies from Mt Gox in 2011, though steps are being taken to repay all those people who have lost their money during that scandal.

Similarly, crypto trading carries the additional risks of hard forks or discontinuation. Whenever hard forks happen, significant price variation is observed on the price charts. For a beginner, it becomes more important to avoid pump and dump groups, obvious Ponzi schemes, leverage trading as a beginner is more vulnerable to frauds or scams in crypto trading.

Considering all these risks, it is essential to deal with a secured crypto exchange and have a high security-proof wallet. All these essentials are found in the eToro platform, which offers a wallet with a secured private key and free recovery service, and while crypto itself may not be regulated, that exchange is regulated by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC.

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68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
The price and value of any investment in digital asset products can fluctuate.
As with any asset, the values of digital currencies may fluctuate significantly.
The traded price of digital tokens can fluctuate greatly within a short period of time.
The value of digital currencies can go up or down frequently.
Market prices for digital tokens can be volatile and highly unpredictable.
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