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Best Crypto Credit & Debit Cards in the UK

UK crypto holders can also enjoy near-zero transaction fees, handsome cashback rewards and swift settlement for payment without having to transfer their crypto funds. This guide explores the ins and outs of the best Bitcoin credit and debit cards available to customers in the UK.
Best Crypto Credit Card UK
Best Crypto Credit Card UK

Crypto debit cards are gaining mainstream adoption due to the convenience and ease they provide. A crypto debit card solves the issue of using the cryptocurrency you hold to pay for goods and services.

It can sometimes be challenging to identify the best crypto debit and credit cards that meet your needs. To help you make a perfect choice, we have highlighted some of the best crypto card providers available in the UK in 2024.

Best Crypto Debit and Credit Cards in the UK in March 2024

  1. eToro Visa Card – Overall Best Crypto Card with Low Fees
  2. OKX – Crypto Exchange to Potentially Launch a Card
  3. Bybit – Master Card in UK
  4. Nexo – Best Bitcoin Credit Card UK with Zero Fees
  5. – Best Crypto Card For Cashback Rewards
  6. TenX Cards – Best UK Crypto Credit and Debit Card Mix
  7. Coinbase Card – Overall Best Crypto Debit card UK:
  8. Wirex VISA Card – Best Bitcoin Debit Card for Low Fees
  9. BitPay Card – Top Crypto Debit Card for Instant Reloads

First you’ll need to own cryptocurrency before applying for your crypto debit card – we recommend using the eToro exchange. They also provide a debit card, streamlining the application process.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

Best Crypto Credit Cards in the UK Reviewed

1. eToro Visa Debit Card UK – Overall Best Crypto Card for Low Fees

eToro’s Visa Debit Card is our number one pick in our best debit cards due to several reasons.

The platform offers free deposits as well as highly competitive currency exchange rates. Directly tied to the eToro Money account, eToro Visa debit cards are exclusively meant for eToro Club members.


The card is also tied to the eToro Money account, enabling users to spend their money globally. It is available on smartphones allowing for on-the-go access to the users’ accounts.

eToro Visa debit cards also come with no account fees and low account pricing. Users can manage their eToro Money account transactions on their app while also enabling instant withdrawals from the eToro trading platform into the account.

The debit card, which also operates like a traditional bank account, enables sending and receiving funds with the eToro Money account. With eToro supporting cryptocurrencies, you can convert your digital assets to fiat and fund your debit card for online transactions with low fees.


  • Zero setup fees
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • Manage all transactions from your mobile
  • Withdraw, transfer, and spend
  • Send and receive funds from your eToro Money account
  • Free international Visa debit card


  • Exclusive to only eToro Club members

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Your capital is at risk. Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

2. OKX – Crypto Exchange To Potentially Launch a Card

OKX exchange is among the top exchanges preferred by crypto investors in the UK, but it does not have its own dedicated card. However, it supports the use of external payment cards for funding and withdrawals. 

Users can link their debit or credit cards from supported card issuers to their OKX accounts to facilitate transactions. The supported card issuers may vary depending on the region and the user’s jurisdiction. These include Visa, MasterCard and ApplePay credit cards.

By enabling card integration, OKX offers users a convenient and accessible method to add funds to their trading accounts or withdraw their earnings. 

While the exchange hasn’t issued its own card yet, it has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing the accessibility of cryptocurrencies for investors. Given its progressive approach, it is reasonable to anticipate that OKX may introduce its own card in the future, further enhancing convenience and expanding the range of financial services available to its users.


  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies available
  • Copy Trader function to follow successful traders
  • Accepts multiple payment methods


  • Relatively higher fees compared to some competitors
  • Potential for liquidity issues with less popular cryptocurrencies

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Your capital is at risk. Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

3. Bybit – Master Card Card UK

Bybit has introduced the Bybit Card, a virtual crypto debit card in partnership with Mastercard. This innovative card offers seamless and fast access to your crypto funds, providing you with convenient spending options wherever and whenever you require them. 

With the Bybit Card, you can seamlessly off-ramp your crypto and integrate it into your daily life, maximizing its utility. It enables you to utilize your earnings from Bybit’s range of trading products for instant shopping payments.

Additionally, the Bybit Card features a Loyalty Rewards Program that brings forth exclusive advantages including distinctive offers and exceptional experiences provided by partner brands.

The card is designed to be easy and affordable to maintain. The virtual version comes with a three-year validity and automatic renewal. There are no annual or dormancy fees, and no fees for card issuance or account closure for the virtual card. The applicable charges include a 0.5% foreign exchange fee and a 0.9% crypto conversion fee on top of the spot rate.


  • Over 100 cryptocurrencies available to trade
  • Low trading fees
  • Educational resources for beginners


  • Not available in the US
  • Certain payment methods not supported

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Your capital is at risk. Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

4. Nexo – Best Bitcoin Credit Card UK with Zero Fees

Nexo is our second pick for the best Bitcoin credit card UK. We chose Nexo for the zero fees users enjoy when using their crypto credit cards.

Nexo offers zero monthly, annual, and foreign exchange (FX) fees, enabling users to make payments without the burden of card charges. This crypto credit card UK platform offers customers a 2% cashback on all their transactions payable in Bitcoin or its utility token NEXO.


Nexo supports 18 cryptocurrencies, with BTC assuming the prime spot. The Nexo card is also accepted at over 40 million merchants worldwide, and you can choose to receive your rewards in either BTC or NEXO.

The crypto credit card UK provider operates principally as a crypto loan issuance company and is regulated by some top global bodies, including the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC), US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and several others.


  • Zero fees
  • Low minimum deposit of only $50
  • User-friendly
  • Rewards payable in BTC or NEXO
  • Accepted by over 40 million merchants worldwide
  • A healthy stock of supported digital assets
  • Heavily regulated by top global bodies


  • Has only 2% standard cashback reward

5. – Best Crypto Card For Cashback Rewards is a popular exchange with a strong position in the rapidly growing crypto space. The Bitcoin credit card UK provider is one of the top crypto exchanges by market cap and number 9, with over $1.8 billion in daily trading volume. also offers a crypto Visa card which is accepted in all Visa-supported merchants. The crypto cards are separated into several categories starting with the Midnight Blue category, which costs $0 and pays a paltry 1% in cashback. Cashback card

This goes all the way to Obsidian which is the platinum package for cards with a minimum deposit of $400,000 to be staked in CRO tokens.

The platform offers a handsome 8% cashback alongside a set of rebate offers for all purchases made on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Airbnb, Expedia, as well as a private jet partnership.

Free ATM withdrawals are also on offer and largely depend on the category a user falls into. As per fees, this is pegged at 0.5% for FX fees after a threshold, with zero monthly fees. The firm is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).


  • Zero monthly fees
  • Separate card offerings for unique users
  • Handsome cashback policy
  • Amazing perks for users
  • Reputable crypto exchange


  • Charges 0.5% FX fees after spending limit


Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

6. TenX Cards – Best UK Crypto Credit and Debit Card Mix

TenX operates a platform that facilitates the seamless conversion of any digital asset to fiat currency and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The card operates on two proprietary tokens, one named PAY and the other TENX.

TenX does not offer cashback rewards and is only focused on enabling easy crypto use in daily transactional activities. The PayPal startup incubation program participant is ideal for users who are only looking for a means to spend their crypto holdings.


TenX has various fees; the physical cards cost $15/15 GBP, while you have to pay 5 GBP for the virtual option. You will also pay an ATM fee of 3 GBP. The card supports four crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and PAY.


  • Ideal for users looking to spend their cryptocurrencies
  • Accepted in all Visa-supported merchant outlets
  • Enable seamless crypto conversion to fiat
  • Offers two utility tokens


  • Multiple fees
  • Only supports four crypto assets

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

7. Coinbase Card – Most Popular Crypto Debit card UK:

The Coinbase card is a Visa debit card that allows users to spend any digital asset stored in their Coinbase portfolio, including crypto assets and GBP. The card grants users a reward for every purchase made.

Although the company was founded in 2012 by former Airbnb software engineer Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase card was first issued in October 2020. It was developed by Apto Payments, formerly known as Shift payments.

The Coinbase card is issued by MetaBank, a traditional bank and member of the FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa USA. The crypto debit card UK is used to facilitate payment of daily bills and purchases using available cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase card was voted the overall best crypto debit card in the UK because compared to other debit cards, which require users to load funds onto the card before having access to spending them, this particular debit card eliminates the need for a middleman by granting its holders access to the funds held in their Coinbase account.

This is made possible through its app that only needs to be synchronised with your account on Coinbase and is updated with the cryptocurrencies available for spending.

Although the card charges no annual fees, users pay an issuance fee of GBP 4.95. For domestic cash withdrawals of no more than GBP 200 per month, there are no charges applied. However, for withdrawals above GBP 200 per month, a 1% value of the withdrawal amount per transaction is charged.

International cash withdrawals of over GBP 200 or the equivalent in other currencies attract a 2% value of the withdrawal amount per transaction.

For domestic POS transactions, users are charged a 0.20% value of the withdrawal amount. POS transactions require 0.20% for customers in Europe, and international POS transactions attract a 3% value of the withdrawal amount.

To liquidate crypto assets, 2.49% of the transaction is charged and GBP 20 is the staple for chargeback processing fees. The card is limited to GBP 10,000 per day, GBP 20,000 per month and GBP 100,000 per year.


  • Robust security
  • No annual fee
  • 4% in rewards for avid users


  • £20 to process chargeback rewards

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8. Wirex VISA Card – Best Bitcoin Debit Card for Low Fees

The Wirex company is a Bitcoin wallet and exchange and brokerage service provider whose VISA Card is a multi-currency travel card that automatically converts local currency at the point of sale using live over-the-counter rates.

The card grants its users access to spend 49 crypto and fiat currencies. Wirex company, founded in 2014 by Pavel Matveev, issued its virtual VISA debit card in 2016.

Wirex is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, opening the opportunity to reach broader markets for Electronic Money (E-Money) transactions via its virtual cards.

Wirex VISA card is considered the best Bitcoin debit card for low fees because it grants users access to a considerable wide range of cryptocurrencies with high limits on the card and no maintenance fees. The card allows its users to pay internationally without any hidden charges and offers the opportunity to earn rewards with every in-store and online purchase made with the card.

The Wirex VISA card is free as it does not charge its users for maintenance, issuance, delivery or replacement. To top up on the debit card, users are charged a 1% value of the amount deposited but are not charged when making top-ups to fiat currency accounts.

For transactions, users are charged with over-the-counter rates and a commission for crypto exchange services; however, fiat exchange services are free. Internal transfers (transfers between wirex users) are free, but blockchain fees apply to external crypto transfers.

Wirex VISA cards do not have limits placed on fiat exchange, but the limit varies depending on the currency from which the conversion is performed for crypto exchanges.

The card allows its users to make crypto transfers of up to 7400 per transaction and 37,000 per day. Users can also make up to 750 ATM withdrawals per day.


  • Heavily discounted fees
  • High transaction limits
  • Easy account funding


  • Not accepted globally
  • Limited number of supported cryptocurrencies

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

9. BitPay Card – Excellent Crypto Debit Card with Low Fees

BitPay is a Bitcoin payment provider that offers Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processing services for merchants. The debit card from the provider allows its users to fund and spend cryptocurrencies with no conversion fees.

The company was founded in May 2011 by Tony Gallipi and issued its first debit card in June 2020. The firm is regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

The BitPay Card is considered one of the best crypto credit and debit card because it offers instant reloads to its users, does not charge conversion fees, and the exchange rates it offers are quite competitive. The card offers a high daily deposit and maximum spending limits of up to GBP 7400.

The BitPay card charges no transaction fees for using the card in the US; however, users are charged a 3% fee to cover the cost of currency conversion.

To use the card within and outside the US for ATM withdrawals, a GBP 1.8 fee is required. BitPay charges a 1% processing fee for merchants. An issuance fee of £7.5 is required for new users to get the card and a 3% fee for foreign transactions.


  • Easy reload with no conversion fees
  • High daily deposit and spending limits
  • Low ATM withdrawal fees


  • Cardholder fee after 90 days of inactivity
  • 7.5% Issuance fee

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.

What is a Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card?

A Bitcoin debit or credit card works in the same way as conventional credit and debit cards. You can make purchases using the cards; however, these activities are completed with virtual currencies.

Bitcoin debit and credit cards (sometimes called crypto cards) have boomed in the past year following on the back of stellar performances from Bitcoin and a slew of altcoins.

This has seen many integrations with popular payment processing companies like Visa and MasterCard, now making it possible for millions of crypto users to enjoy more flexibility in their payment choice.

Bitcoin credit card

Bitcoin debit and credit cards come with many amazing advantages. For instance, if you are a traveller, you may find it unpleasant to exchange your local currency for another currency in a visiting country due to the high exchange rate.

However, Bitcoin debit/credit card UK help address this issue since you can use Bitcoin or other cryptos to purchase or pay for any service without worrying about excessive rates.

Another advantage of Bitcoin debit and credit card UK is the cashback rewards most crypto cards now offer. Anytime you transact with your crypto debit/credit card, you get a return in whatever designated virtual asset the crypto card issuer acknowledges. This can be as high as 8 to 10%, which has seen these new forms of payment gain traction.

Crypto cards now enable broader financial inclusion among those who do not have access to proper financial services. This is because cryptocurrencies, at their core, are decentralised, meaning you can access these virtual assets without requiring a traditional bank account. Also, some cards offer virtual crypto cards making it even more convenient to pay for services without requiring a physical card.

How Does a Bitcoin or Crypto Debit Card Work?

Crypto debit cards require users to preload their crypto card with a requisite amount of crypto. In some cases, it could mean connecting your card to the best Bitcoin wallets or exchange. The funds in the wallet would be deducted every time they engage in a crypto-related transaction and automatically converted to fiat currencies like GBP within minutes. This will be credited to the merchant’s account.

Crypto credit cards are also used in settling transactions however, you do not need to preload your card. Much like a regular credit card, you can borrow from your credit card issuer and settle your transaction with a promise to pay back in the future.

How Does a Crypto Credit Card Work?

Allows customers to spend the value of their cryptocurrency without having to withdraw the funds or preload their cards. The customer only needs to deposit their cryptocurrency as collateral to the issuer. Once this is done, a credit line is opened that allows the customer to make payments in most currencies.

Much like your traditional credit card, crypto credit card UK enables you to pay for goods and services. However, you can pay with either fiat or cryptocurrencies and earn cashback rewards every time you use your card.

When you swipe your crypto credit card to pay for services or select it as a payment option, the transaction will be automatically processed. You get rewarded either in Bitcoin or another type of crypto.

The Advantages of a Bitcoin Credit Card for UK Citizens

How to buy Bitcoin UK might be a well known process, but very few know how to use their crypto to pay for goods and services. Despite the volatility issues surrounding the nascent space, bitcoin credit cards are currently the rave in the crypto space. A Visa report stated that over $1 billion in crypto transactions was processed by the payment network in Q1 202, following the crypto boom that heralded the year’s opening months.

This means crypto cards are gradually gaining steam, which could be due to the several benefits they offer above the regular debit and credit cards.


Bitcoin credit cards do not require a credit check. Usually, a regular credit card issuer will run some background checks on your credit history to see if you have the right credit score to qualify for the rewards card. This does not apply to crypto cards, as you can get issued a Bitcoin credit card when you apply for one.

Another is the juicy rewards for making purchases on your Bitcoin credit card. This is a principal reason why people are now trying their hands with these new-generation credit cards. For instance, some crypto cards like Nexo offer 2% on all purchases. takes this as high as 8% in CRO rewards for Obsidian cardholders coupled with a 100% rebate on Netflix and Spotify fees.

Although not unlike the conventional credit card system, Bitcoin credit cards have largely opened up the world of finance to many financially-underserved communities. Anyone can easily get a virtual or physical card without needing a bank account.

How to Choose The Right Crypto Credit and Debit Card For You

Choosing the right crypto credit and debit card to suit your needs can be overwhelming due to the several options available.

This is why we have discussed below are some key factors you should consider when picking a crypto credit and debit card issuer to work with:


Top on your list would be the fees you will have to pay. We recommend using a crypto debit card that offers reasonably low fees because this gives you a chance to extend your purchasing power. One that performs well in this department is Nexo crypto card with zero monthly, annual and foreign exchange (FX) fees.

Reward structure

If you are in for the cashback rewards, you should pay close attention to the reward structure of the issuer. Several crypto cards offer huge discounts or rewards for using their cards to boost adoption and user engagement. This is payable in Bitcoin or some other crypto picked by the issuer. offers a great pick for users, who can get as much as 8% cashback in CRO (its utility token) rewards. However, this comes with a snag as you need to be an Obsidian cardholder. Nexo offers 2% coupled with wider coverage of over 40 million merchants and free virtual cards.

Available withdrawal fees

Turning crypto to physical cash conveniently should also feature in your list. We recommend looking out for crypto credit/debit card issuers that offer free withdrawals on ATMs or a small percentage fee for making withdrawals. and Nexo come to mind in this aspect. However, offers up to $1000 (about 742.37 GBP) monthly for Obsidian users. On the other hand, Nexo offers five free withdrawals per month alongside a variable withdrawal fee structure.

Minimum deposit

Every crypto credit/debit card comes with the minimum amount you can fund your account with. If you are just beginning to explore the idea of a crypto card, we recommend selecting one with a low minimum deposit margin. is almost out of touch for many, given its high-price peg for some of the juiciest deals on offer. You will need to stake about 297,175.11 GBP ($400,000) to enjoy as much as 8% in cashback rewards. The least value is $0, and this only attracts a 1% reward.

Nexo requires only about 37.144 GBP ( $50) to unlock the standard 2% in cash rewards alongside all other perks.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The number of supported cryptocurrencies should also find a place in your list. Some merchants may not support a particular crypto asset, while others might. A crypto card UK that supports more digital assets implies a greater spending power for investors that hold more than Bitcoin in their portfolio. supports BTC, ADA, ETH, DOGE, and 13 others, while Nexo supports 18 cryptocurrencies in total, giving you more payment flexibility and purchasing power.

The Future of Bitcoin and Crypto Credit and Debit Cards

When Bitcoin initially launched in 2009, many critics said BTC would fold in no time. However, the premier digital asset has become a global phenomenon and engendered a whole new generation of financial tools.

Price-wise, Bitcoin has surged over 9,000,000% in value after launching for a paltry $0.08 in 2009. It has continued to trend upwards, with more institutional investors adding BTC to their balance sheet. Retail investors have also kept faith in the benchmark crypto.

With a whopping 43.1% share of the over $2.5 trillion crypto market, Bitcoin does not seem like it will be going away anytime soon.

This shows that the use of crypto credit/debit cards will continue to grow as the crypto market expands.


Bitcoin is the top dog in the crypto space, and this is largely due to the hard-cap limit of only 21 million Bitcoins to be ever mined. Bitcoin has been on a strong bullish uptrend for much of this year despite a few hiccups, keeping track of its deflationary tendencies. With so much investment flowing into the crypto space, more uptrends are anticipated.

Crypto credit/debit cards would generally become mainstream, meaning more people would explore the idea of paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

If you want the best crypto card UK to use, we recommend the Nexo card due to its low entry bar and more customer-centric services.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. Invest at your own risk.


Can I Get a Bitcoin Credit or Debit Card if I Have Bad Credit?

Bitcoin credit or debit cards do not operate under the same parameters as traditional banking institutions. This means anyone anywhere can access crypto-related services without relying on the bank. As a result, you can request a Bitcoin credit or debit card even if you have a bad credit score.

Are There Hidden Fees Associated With Bitcoin Debit/Credit Cards?

Like every financial transaction, there are fees you will have to pay. However, all of the crypto card issuers we have reviewed do not come with hidden fees. The best on our list is Nexo which does not charge you monthly, annual or even FX fees for your cards.

What’s the Most Important Quality of a Bitcoin Credit/Debit Card?

This depends on the specific user. For some, it could be the fees, while others may be more interested in the potential rewards in the form of crypto they get for using their cards. As with all things, you have to decide what you want before committing funds.

Are Bitcoin Debit/Credit Cards Legal?

Bitcoin debit/credit cards are completely legal and are accessible in every jurisdiction supported by the payment processing company. Nexo crypto card is accepted by over 40 million merchants making it an ideal solution for purchases.